The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – Chapter 39

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Editor: Jpkuroneko-chan

Katariona Is Astonished by Fluffy God’s Proposal

I told them the same story I told Leon and the others the day before yesterday. However, this time, I kept Marianne’s existence a secret from them. She will be born two years later, so I have to save the fun for later. 

Everyone listened quietly as I told them about my past life. By the time I had finished speaking, I looked around and saw everyone weeping, from both the gods and human side. 

Leon and Marie, Flare-sama and Daaku-sama are crying once again, even though they’ve already heard the story before.

“Well… I’m glad you told us about it… It must’ve been hard for you, hasn’t it?”

Father is sobbing with his face all crumpled up. His good looks have been ruined.

“Do you believe me?”

“Of course I believe you! What parent could possibly doubt their own child? That’s why you didn’t like the Crown Prince. I’m sorry, Rio.”

Mother, your makeup is ruined. But even without any makeup, my mother is still beautiful. 

“So I couldn’t protect Rio.”

“Sieg, it’s not your fault alone! I’m also the one to blame. I couldn’t protect you guys at that time!”

“Big brother…… Chris…… that’s not true! You were the only two people to stand up for me. The graduation party venue had been magically restricted, too.”

Someone had done something to block magical usage in the venue of the graduation party. I had tried to activate my own magic to help them, but I couldn’t use any magic. 

“Good grief, for my disciple to be so useless. It looks like from now on I’m going to have to be very strict with you.”

“It’s because my teacher wasn’t a good master. In the previous life, I think it must’ve been because you were just being perfunctory, Hikoshirou.”

Lyle-sama and Tojurou-san were both facing the wall. Their shoulders are shaking, so maybe they’re trying to hide their tears? 

“That’s not right. It’s because Flare cut corners. Didn’t you explain to Rio that magic inhibition doesn’t work on people whom god has directly given magic to? If Rio wasn’t aware of it, of course she can’t repel magic inhibition.”

I didn’t miss Laura-sama’s unexpected words. Magic inhibition isn’t effective against humans who have been given magic directly by god?

“I’m at fault! I’m sorry, Rio!”

It’s true that I was never taught how to repel magical inhibition, even in this life. However, Leon also didn’t teach me, so he’s just as guilty. 

“It’s not FLare-sama’s fault. So, please stop crying.”

I presented my handkerchief to Flare-sama. But, Laura snatched the handkerchief from Flare who was about to receive it.

“What are you doing, Laura!?”

Laura is staring at the embroidery on the handkerchief. 

“Was this embroidery done by Rio? Your skills have improved.”

I had learned embroidery from Laura-sama. My embroidery, which I had no talent whatsoever for, had improved thanks to Laura-sama’s careful and patient teaching.

“Yes. It’s all thanks to Laura-sama.”

“You can just call me Laura like you used to. Just not as a collaborator.”

She said, flashing a charming smile. 

“But…… is it okay, since you’re a god?”

“It’s okay. I want you to call me Laura.”

“Okay. Laura.”

From the background, I could hear Marie and the Head Butler having an awfully suspicious conversation. 

“Marie, you are to go to Baron Campbell’s and poison their daughter. I will take care of poisoning the Crown Prince.”

“Understood. Father.”

“Head Butler! Marie! No!”

Just a moment ago, you guys were crying, but now you have an expression like that of an assassin!?

“If you eliminate the source now while you still can, milady will be able to live in peace in the future.”

“Well, wait. That is why we, the gods, have manifester ourselves.”

Leon stopped me. But, what do you mean?

“Rio, did you appraise CHarlotte”

“Yes. I did. The result was ‘non-attribute’, but for some reason it had a strange symbol next to it.

Drawing(∞)on a piece of paper, I showed it to him. 

“Does Rio also have an appraisal eye?”

“No. It’s thanks to this bracelet that I can appraise.”

I explained to Chris about how I had received it as a gift from Flare-sama. 

“I wish I could appraise. “

“You have the ‘detection’ skill, don’t you?”

Tojurou-san reacted to Leon’s words. 

“What? Princess Chris has the ‘detection’ skill? If that’s the case, you can appraise things by moving the skill from tactile to visual.”

“How do you do that? What kind of technique is that?”

The title has changed from ‘little miss’ to ‘princess’. 

“Since you’ve given me an all-you-can-eat passport, I will specially teach you.”

“Eh! Really? Do you also have an appraisal or detection skill?”

“I have a well-developed palate. It’s called a foodie.”

So, is that why he likes sweets? He seems to have an obsession with food. 

“I’ll continue explaining. That symbol stands for ‘forbidden magic’.” 

“What is ‘forbidden magic’?”

As Leon started talking again, the name of a magic I had never heard of came up. “Forbidden Magic” is a lost magic, and as the name implies, it is forbidden magic. It’s been lost now, so no one has it, but long ago, those who possessed forbidden magic infested this world and transformed the world into what is considered a dark age. It is said that the angry god of creation revoked forbidden magic, and it died out.

“It’s a lost magic, it’s a very troublesome magic that Charlotte possesses. It is inherited by the family who wears it. However, only those with ‘non-attribute’ can inherit it.”

“Does that mean Charlotte’s ancestors had forbidden magic?”

“That’s right. Among the different forms of forbidden magic, the most sinister type of magic is called ‘looting magic’.”

“Looting magic is a magic that can only be used by those who have inherited it. It is said that a person can use it to loot their favorite magic from its original owner and make it their own. If that’s the case, that means Charlotte was originally a ‘non-attribute’ and robbed someone of light magic.”

“But that’s not all. She also has a skill called ‘Demonic Enchantment’. It’s a skill that can only be used on the opposite sex.”

It is a skill that attracts people’s hearts and makes them lose their reason.

“However, listening to what Rio said, it seems that this skill didn’t work on me.”

Certainly, Brother never once looked at Charlotte, unlike the Crown Prince and his friends.

“It might be because the Tojuuin kid gave Sieg a secret technique, or that the Tojuuin family blood flowing in the Granderu family prevented it.”

“Eh! My family and Tojurou-sama are related!”

Leon looked at Tojurou-san. 

“Didn’t you know that?”

“Ahh. I heard from my grandfather that one of my ancestors traveled to this content a long time ago and married a princess of the Grandeur family.”

What!? No way, I found out the connection to Hinoshimaguni! 

“The Tojuuin family is the lord of Hinoshima. It is said to be a family of gods. They have a secret technique to prevent the power of the wicked.”

“So, are you saying Tojurou is the prince of Hionshima? I can’t see it at all.”

Chris rudely commented, pointing at Tojurou-san. 

“My bad. I’m quite free, as I’m the fourth son. And, Princess Chris doesn’t look like a princess either, so the feeling is mutual.”

With that, they both turned their heads away from each other. 

“It would be best  if Charlotte spends her whole life without doing anything as a ‘non-attribute’. However, if she repeats the same thing as the previous life, we, the gods, will not remain silent.”

“Forbidden magic must be eliminated. However, it is forbidden for gods to kill humans.”

Everyone. Just the other day, you guys were ready to kill, weren’t you?

“Therefore, I have a proposal: let’s join forces, as gods and humans, to prevent such a tragedy from happening.”

All eyes were on Leon.

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