Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 5 – Chapter 20

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Third Battle Round and Quarterfinal

I went down the stage and headed towards the elephant beastkin after being declared as the winner.

The team of medics were already gathered around the elephant beastkin.

“See, the humerus, clavicle until the second – no, the fourth rib had been pulverized.”

“It had looked like he was lightly hit earlier, though.”

“Rather than that, it’s unbelievable that this guy sustained injuries.”

The white-robed physicians were conducting first-aid treatment, apparently. 

Beastkin didn’t get serious injuries since their wounds heal fast, and their defense power was high, in the first place.

Some beastkin were seriously injured in some cases, but they often passed away soon after.

Due to that, this country’s medical care practices were lagging behind

Healing magic practitioners were few.

That’s why many beastkin were on the verge of death when the warlock attacked.

“Are you okay? Sorry, I overdid it.”

“Ugh, uhh..N, no need to worry. If you used that other sword, I’d be long dead.”

The elephant beastkin said that, but his complexion was bad, so it made me feel responsible.


I activated the recovery magic on the elephant beastkin.

Layering 1,000 Heal should be enough to mend those broken bones.

“W, whoa!”

The elephant beastkin who was supposed to be carried away stood up from the stretcher.


“He, he recovered? Heal, is it?”

“So this is… the recovery magic of the other countries, huh.”

The physicians were dumbfounded.

I didn’t have the right to heal all the wounded in this tournament, but I thought I should at least heal the guys I injured.

Afterward, the elephant beastkin kept on thanking me, but since it was my fault for that overkill in the first place I felt worse so I rushed off, as if fleeing that place.

The second match of the third battle round started.

The battle card was Imperial Beast Guard vs Imperial Beast Guard.

One of them was the imperial beastkin guard who guided us to the Shrine of Martial Arts. Their battle was breath-stoppingly intense since both of them were part of the highest echelon of fighters in this country.

The venue was also in an uproar.

Our imperial beastkin guard guide won. He’d be my opponent in the next match.

For the third match of the third battle round, the deer beastkin who was at the capital checkpoint would fight against an imperial beast guard.

That deer beastkin was the only herbivore who managed to enter the main battle; moreover, he apparently defeated another imperial beast guard during the second battle round.

I didn’t watch, so no idea how he did it, but he was the only beastkin who kept on winning despite not being part of the seed group.

The battle started.

Got the reason why the deer beastkin was strong.

He was using magic.

And his activation speed was quite fast.

He’s probably a beastkin with a magician line of occupation.

With body strengthening magic and an almost perfect magic suit, he upped his physical ability and overpowered the imperial beast guard.

If Ryuushin won in his next match, he would face the deer beastkin.

Well, Ryuushan fought with a wolf imperial beast guard in his next match.

This wolf beastkin had the fastest attacks among the imperial beast guards – unfortunately, he didn’t stand a chance against Ryuushin, who mastered the partial dragonization.

Ryuushin perfectly dodged all of the imperial beast guard’s attacks.

The imperial beast guard was stupefied, and Ryuushin took advantage of that moment and did a leg sweep. He then aimed at the face of the fallen imperial beast guard and swung his fist down.

Ryuushin’s fist stopped a hair’s breadth away from the imperial beast guard’s face. And so, the imperial beast guard acknowledged that he lost.

Third battle round, fifth match.

Merdie overwhelmingly won against the imperial beast guard.

Her opponent was not weak.

However, Merdie had the upper hand when she transformed her magic suit into an armor of flames and coupled it with high-level martial arts.

I only showed the flame armour to Merdie once.

She already flawlessly reproduced it.

As usual, I was impressed at Merdie’s battle sense.

The sixth and seventh matches of the third battle round were all battles between imperial beast guards.

The panther beastkin who cut the Unbeatable Target at the preliminaries fought with Leo, Merdie’s dad during the eight match of the third battle round. 

Leo won.

He stopped the panther’s sword which cleaved the Unbeatable Target with, unexpectedly, his bare arm.

The panther was dumbfounded that he didn’t cut through his skin. He was blasted off the arena with Leo’s intense punch.

The final eight of the Martial God’s Warrior Tournament was decided.

For the quarterfinals –

Me vs Imperial Beast Guard

Deer Beastkin vs Ryuushin

Merdie vs Imperial Beast Guard

Imperial Beast Guard vs Leo

Like that.

First off, I blasted the imperial beast guard by punching him with my fist tempered by the magic suit.

Next, Ryuushin thrusted his dragon claw at the deer beastkin before he managed to activate his spell.

Merdie and Leo won by crushing the imperial beast guards they fought against with.

Alright, time for the real deal.

The imperial beast guards were strong in their own right, but it was not worth mentioning compared to these remaining guys.

Ryuushin probably never showed me his complete power yet, and Merdie had that formidable battle sense.

I can’t let my guard down when I fight with them.

I shouldn’t be complacent just because I easily defeated the warlock who gave grief to Leo during their fight.

I actually had some misgivings when I felt the battle aura wrapping Leo.

If my conjecture was correct, then he –

Anyway, after two more wins and Merdie’s – no, my touch-all-I-can reward for all the paw pads of the cat beastkin in this country was waiting.

Smirk, smirk.

Alrighty, kill! 

– Oops, wrong.

I was too excited so I accidentally let my bloodlust show.

Ryuushin shuddered, and he forcefully spun round to look at me.

Merdie shivered and was on the verge of tears as she stared at me.

Sorry, sorry.

I wouldn’t kill my precious comrades, of course. 

I’ll make allowances… alright?


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