When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 61

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I won’t

Kong Wuying looks at Kongbao lying in the bed, transparent and weak like a little white flower, and says to the doctor: “Say, how much money did he give you?”

The imperial doctor’s face twitches. “… what?”

Kong Wuying is expressionless. “What rubbish.” He actually got upset just now…

The doctor immediately straightens up in shock. “I have never seen anything more vicious than this poison! Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand! The poison is incredibly painful! Even if they’re cured, some may have chronic pain for the rest of their lives. I don’t know how many families have fallen apart because of this!”

Then the doctor pauses, realising he is yelling at the king. “Ah, this old man got dizzy all of a sudden. Your Majesty, forgive me.”

“You can go,” Kong Wuying orders. Don’t stay here and get in the way.

“Yes!” The imperial doctor is overjoyed to see he’s managed to get out of it. However, after taking two steps, he turns back. “If possible, ask the little brother’s family to come… detoxify him.”

In the face of morality, a life is more important.

Kong Wuying pats Kongbao’s pale face, indifferently saying, “They’re gone, he’s an orphan. No family.”

Then there is no way. The doctor shakes with a sigh and leaves.

After the doctor leaves, Kong Wuying slaps Kongbao lazily. “Don’t pretend, get up. I use this every time. I’m tired of you.”

The abruptly awakened Kongbao coughs twice and says weakly: “Master… what did you say…?”

“No more pretending, get up.”

Kongbao manages to force out, “It’s… not pretend, I was really… poisoned. I was going to… I was going to die. I didn’t notice… it was an old man… he gave… cough… it hurts, please… help.”

“So instead of killing you straight up, he poisoned you? Is he an idiot?”

In the end, under Kong Wuying’s stare, Kongbao honestly admits, “It was me, I drank it myself.”

“I was wrong, you are the idiot.”

Kongbao: “…” He reluctantly huffs. “I’m afraid if I wait any longer, you will be abducted by that woman!”

The master who is always indifferent to anyone actually looked at the woman with such a gaze, even because the woman ignored him! It hurts to think about!

On hearing that, Kong Wuying is silent for a while. “You misunderstood, I didn’t like her. However, she was born looking a bit like my mother.”

What! Kongbao is startled and almost jumps out of bed. Like his mother? That’s even worse. I thought the master was just caught in a momentary fascination, but… like a mother. How many men have an Oedipus complex in their hearts, just like the godsons!

Kong Wuying taps Kongbao on the forehead. “What’s that look on your face?”

“Ah, nothing…”

With a headache, Kong Wuying frowns. “I don’t mean anything like that towards my mother. This monarch is a normal person! Besides, even if there is no blood relationship, I will never like a woman like my mother!”

The curious baby blinks. “Why?”

Kong Wuying’s eyes flutters. “You’re still young, you probably don’t know. At that time, my mother was recognized… all over the country, as a charming and ingenious… bitch.”

Kongbao: “…”

Kong Wuying says, “She was beautiful since she was a child, but in the end she married my dad, but she started to become dissatisfied. The key is her… my dad was always mediocre among the princes of Yeying. The reason why he could defeat his brothers to get the throne was because my mother had… sent all my dad’s brothers out. My dad got angry and killed all his brothers. The most incredible thing is that she felt that my dad was so heroic, so the two got better again.”

Kongbao reaches out to the master’s face in distress. With such a pair of parents, the master must have had a hard time. As soon as his claws reach halfway, his hand is slapped.

Kongbao nods like a chicken pecking rice, his beautiful black eyes tinged with water vapor. “Master, I was wrong, I really knew it wrong. I’d never dare to be confused again.”

Kong Wuying tsks. “If you know, stop lying on my bed.” 

Kongbao swallows carefully “Master… I’m really poisoned.”

Kong Wuying: “…”

“There is only one such antidote.”

Kong Wuying: “…”

“Master, I really know that I’m wrong. I won’t dare again next time. But, this time… just help me. I’m still young and I don’t want to die.”

Kong Wuying: “…” 

Kong Wuying wants to slap Kongbao to death faster than the poison can take him. With this IQ, dare to call himself a divine-level soul puppet? It’s a shame to the soul puppets everywhere!

After thinking about it, Kong Wuying rubs his head with some distress. “Forget it, I won’t scold you since you’re about to die anyway.”

The stupid soul puppet even did not know how to write an epitaph before he kills himself.

“M-master… save me!” Kongbao begs.

No, the master is not such a cruel person to his own soul puppet? Isn’t the master saying that if Kongbao is willing to pay for himself, there will be good news? Faced with the threat of death, Kongbao is really frightened.

Monarch Kong Wuying sneers. “How does this involve me? I’m not your relative!”

“You are! Of course!” Kongbao says sharply. “The so-called close relative does not refer to blood relationship, because our soul bond is close enough. I checked, there was also a soul puppet who had been with his master… and it was successfully detoxified. Master, I beg you, just once, just once. “

Kong Wuying is indifferent. “Even if you are telling the truth, I can’t do that kind of thing. Make yourself comfortable, you’ll be missed.”

Kongbao finally starts crying. Mainly because he didn’t expect to be so coldly dropped by the master. His tears fell down and the pillow grew faintly darker from the tears. 

Crying silently, has its own moving beauty.

Kong Wuying licks his lips and feels that Kongbao is truly pitiful. So he knocks on the system. “Is there an antidote?”

The system cheerfully and contentedly says, “Of course, who am I? I am an all-encompassing, omnipotent system. How can this little poison stump me? Of course, there are sixteen kinds of antidotes in my system library.”

“That would be great.” Kong Wuying breathes a sigh of relief. “Take it out.”

“Sorry, your level is insufficient. We have not yet unlocked this series of pill prescriptions, please be patient and upgrade according to tasks. After the upgrade, you can unlock more prescriptions!” the sweet voice of the system says. 

Kong Wuying: “… Are you trying to die?”

“It’s not like this, host!” The voice of the system quickly changes from that overtly-sweet croon to a meek wobble. “You listen to me explain, I don’t want to. But these are all set, I can’t violate Standard Operating Procedure. Even if you kill me, you can’t get it if you don’t have the prescription unlocked!” Fearing being killed by the host, the system quickly explains.

Kong Wuying looks down at Kongbao who is crying. It really is… really annoying.

Kong Wuying shouts, “Okay, don’t cry!”

Kongbao stops crying and looks at him stupidly. Kong Wuying reaches out to help Kongbao wipe his tears. Kong Wuying grits his teeth and begins to take off Kongbao’s clothes. 

Kongbao instantly goes from hell to heaven! He knows the master still loves him! So happy! Kongbao happily helps take off clothes.

Kong Wuying bites his lip. “You wait a moment.” Then he leaves the bedroom.

Kongbao, who has been stripped and is ready for everything: “Wait…” Where is master going? Are you taking off your pants so far away?

Kong Wuying goes to the emperor’s study and starts rummaging through the boxes.

The system looks puzzled. “Master, what are you looking for? Is there a pill recipe here? It’s not possible to find something so specific.” If the antidote is easy to find, what’s the significance of the system’s existence?!

“No, I’m looking for a book. I’ll study it first.”

The system doesn’t understand it at first, but after a sudden brain wave, it responds, “Host are you looking for that kind of book?” System looks in disbelief. “This still needs learning?”

Kong Wuying frowns. “First time for everything requires learning.”

T/N: Hope you’re enjoying the story~ My question is why would the emperor’s study have porn in it hmmmmmm.

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