I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Final Chapter

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

The Place He Aims For

TL/N: Hey everyone! It sure has been a long ride. To be honest, with this being my first novel I never thought that I’d actually translate it until the end, or that there would even be people willing to read it. Despite that I was greatly surprised to have all of my expectations shattered and actually found myself with quite the unexpected number of readers, for which I am eternally grateful. I love each and every one of you that stuck around with us until the end, and I just want to say thank you to the people who decided to support our endeavor in this. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and I hope to see you again <3

[Antarctica・Dimensional Maze]

Within one of the Dungeon’s floors there was a Bistro table with a tea cup placed on top of it. Apart from the table there was also an antique chair placed right next to it.

The tea cup was filled with black tea and Rhazes could be seen sipping on the tea as he was comfortably sitting on the chair.

Because he had already lost his real body all of this was just a hologram that helped him remember the past.

But even so he was satisfied. That was because the plan that he had come up with had succeeded. In front of him there was a floating monitor which was showing an image of the outside world.

It was showing Gojo, who had just activated his skills, and the Demon Lord Uranus.

‘The Black Iron Eclipsing Garment, War God’s Aura and the Divine Flame are skills that I prepared just to defeat the Demon Lord. One cannot win against the Demon Lord if he fights him normally. That’s precisely why the only plan I could come up with was to drain his MP dry, but the bastard has an almost limitless amount of MP. The only way to exceed his MP was to actually have a limitless amount of it. And that is how I came up with Infinite Magic Power… I made the right decision to entrust it to him. I wonder how many years have passed since me and Aias fought alongside one another… I did everything I could…’

[Now it’s all up to you Gojo…]


We slashed at one another violently with our sword. When my sword grazed the Demon Lord’s cheek the flames that were embedded into the sword burst forth and spread around his face, burning his skin.

[ARGH! What in the world is this flame?!]

He hurriedly tried to extinguish it but that wasn’t an easy thing to do. 

‘It seems like the Divine Flame really does work against the Demon Lord.’

The Demon Lord somehow managed to extinguish the flames by almost shaving off his own skin and then slashed at me. However, my black armor was coated in the War Aura so it easily repelled the attack.

It was apparent that with his current strength the Demon Lord couldn’t break through my armor.


He was recklessly swinging his sword at me. His strength was on par with Agaliarept, but his swordsmanship was leagues behind Aias.

I received his attack with my sword and then gathered the War Aura in my leg. I then kicked up at his chin. The Demon Lord dodged at the last second, but the blade formed from War Aura cut him starting from his chest and reaching all up to his chin.

The Demon Lord saw his dripping blood and made a shocked expression.

[What in the world is this Aura?!]

I put out my left arm and the War Aura that was surrounding it stretched out, just as if my own hand was stretching out, and grabbed the right foot of the Demon Lord who was several meters away.

I pulled with all my strength and he lost his balance, after which I dragged him right in front of me.


I raised my sword and brought it down at the Demon Lord who was now in front of me.

“Dimensional Slash!”

He desperately struggled and somehow released the grip of the War Aura, but even so his right leg had already turned to pieces. Afterwards the pieces of flesh were burned by the Divine Flame and turned to ash.


He somehow managed to extinguish the flames around his wound and proceeded to restore his leg with Ultra Regeneration. However, using Ultra Regeneration should have consumed a huge amount of MP as well.

The five swords that were attached to my shoulders and back then flew up into the air.

They pointed their tips at the Demon Lord and shot towards him at light speed. He was about to stop the sword with his own, however on top of being way too fast, my swords were also pretty powerful so as a last ditch effort he stopped time and tried to run.

As long as time is frozen the light swords and the Divine Flame wouldn’t have any effect.

However, stopping time was also a double-edged sword.

He wouldn’t be able to use it for long due to its MP consumption. And just as I had expected after dodging the light swords an expression of anguish showed on his face and he resumed time just after a couple of seconds.

To which the light swords once again shot forth and I slashed at him with the sword coated in Divine Flame. It was clear that he was nearing his limit.

“I finally understand. No matter how strong you may be, in the end you are alone. That is why you’ll never be able to win against me!”

[What if I’m alone… With your power you will gradually fall into loneliness as well. You’re no different from me.]

“I’m not alone!”

Before going to the Dimensional Maze I taught Leo, Wan, Freya and the others a lot of things. However, it wasn’t just a one sided process.

In return they taught me various things as well. They taught me swordsmanship and Martial Arts alongside many other things…

My sword began to shine with light. As if flowing through the air my sword changed its trajectory, passing through the sword that the Demon Lord put up in order to defend himself, and headed even further down.


A flash of light passed through the Demon Lord’s legs, cutting them off.


Due to the Divine Flames burning the newly opened wounds he wasn’t able to restore his legs easily. The Demon Lord then used his sword covered in Dark Magic to cut off the part of his legs that was burning with the Divine Flame.

He restored his legs and stood up, but he was already within the reach of my attack.

The moment when I attacked the Demon Lord, the words that Wan had told me during our training session popped into my mind.


“Gojo, I’ll show you my trump card.”

“Your trump card?”

“It’s a technique from the Xing Yi Quan martial arts that I practice. It can be classified as a basic technique, but despite that it is quite essential. Receive it with your body!”


My left fist buried itself into the Demon Lord’s side. The impact from my fist went through the Demon Lord’s armor as well as his muscles and directly caused damage to his internal organs.

“Xing Yi Quan Roaring Fist!!”


The Demon Lord spit out a mouthful of blood and stumbled backwards. I then pointed my sword at his neck and took a step forward.

I remembered the skill that Leo had taught me.


“Gojo, amongst the Four Sword Skills that I know, this is the strongest one. I’ll show it to you as a thank you for the things that you taught me.”

Leo’s sword began to radiate with heat and turned bright red. The wind that was surrounding his sword suddenly changed into flames.

“Do your best to dodge this! ANEMOI!”



The sword pierced through the Demon Lord’s neck and flames surged forth from the blade. His neck was burned and without even being able to scream out the Demon Lord struggled with pain. In that moment the five great swords of light shot at him.

The great sword proceeded to cut up his shoulders, arms and legs with light speed.

He was in a state that he could no longer recover from. In order to finish this I used the great sword of light to strike at my own sword a number of times.

I intentionally stored up impact within the sword until I reached the limit.

I then brought the sword down.

“Let’s finish this.”

[… Wa-waid… Sto-!]

The blade of the sword stretched out into an infinitely long blade of Divine Flames.


The Demon Lord’s body was bisected starting from his head. The raging flames then proceeded to burn his body until there was nothing left.

I just stood and watched as the last of his flesh turned to ash and then disappeared into nothingness.


A number of remaining scout drones from China headed to the place where the battle was held.

The wide grassland that had once stretched out in Mongolia was now gone, and an enormous crater had taken its place.

A single drone then captured a shadow in the distance.

The shadow was standing near a bottomless hole in the middle of the deep crater.

From the looks of it looked like a person. That person was wearing tattered clothes and held a sword. Only the sight of that person could be seen.

The sight of Gojo Masakado looking up at the sky was broadcasted to the whole world. Everyone who saw it understood that humanity had won.

It wasn’t hard to picture the sight of the people around the world expressing their joy.


――Two months later――

[Prime Minister Tada Toshiki]

“Gojo really did go huh.”

“Yes, we somehow wanted to stop him using the power of the government but…”

“If he said he’d go then there’s no one that can stop him. Still it is a bit unfortunate.”

[Gifu Airbase]

(Sakamoto) “It seems like Gojo went just as he planned.”

(Shimizu) “Well it’s just like him to do that…”

(Sakamoto) “And here I thought that you’d try harder to stop him.”

(Shimizu) “He’s not the type of person that’d listen after all. That aside, it was a real pain to try and console the crying Sakuragi.”

(Sakamoto) “Hahaha, well it’s not like we won’t see him again. It will probably get quiet for some time, but we’ll definitely meet him again.”

[China・Suzaku’s Headquarters]

(Ryu) “Was it really okay? For you not to go with him that is.”

(Wan) “If I went I’d probably only be a hindrance… Still, I’ll be ready whenever he decides to ask for help.”

(Ryu) “I guess you’re right.”

(Wan) “At any rate the sky is blue today. It is a perfect day to depart on a journey.”

[Switzerland・Bern・The Sanctuary Knights’ Headquarters]

(Freya) “I heard that he had worried a lot on whether to go or not.”

(Leo) “That’s right, he doesn’t have any obligation to save them. But I guess he can’t just leave them like that.”

(Carlo) “I was against it though.”

(Leo) “In the end that’s his choice. We can only pray that everything will go well.”

[France・St. Victor Monastery]

(Noah) “I got news from Mr. Gojo. He’s apparently going to Antarctica today.”

(Arthur) “I was surprised when I first heard about it, but since its Mr. Gojo then he’ll definitely succeed. I believe in him.”

(Noah) “I believe in him as well. After all, there’s nothing that Mr. Gojo can’t do.”

(Sara) “but didn’t you cry a lot Emily? It seemed to have been a huge shock for you when you first found out.”

(Emily) “… I-I d-did not…”

(Sara) “Hmmm?  I can’t seem to believe that.”

(Emily) “…………”

(Noah) “Just let it be. Let’s just all pray that Mr. Gojo comes back safely.”

[Antarctica・Dimensional Maze]

[You sure are a strange man. Are you really going?]

“I am. I can’t just turn a blind eye to it.”

[You probably already know this but with my MP I can only open the door a limited number of times. If I open it this time it will probably be hard to bring you back.]

“I know, I’ve prepared myself.”

[In that case I have nothing left to say. I’ll pray that you succeed.]

A door of light opened appeared before me. I slowly stepped towards it and disappeared inside the light. I felt my body melting and my consciousness being sent far away.

‘The Demon Lord said that he only brought a small part of the residents and left everyone else behind. The people that he left behind also have their own lives and families, their lives don’t differ that much from ours. We ended up fighting against the people that the Demon Lord brought over, but even so I still want to somehow help the ones that he left behind. I still have no idea on how I’m going to do that, but that’s why I want to go and meet them.’

My consciousness began to return to me and the surroundings became clear.

It seemed like I was lying face down. The pale color of the surrounding flowers entered my sight as I slightly opened my eyes. It seemed like my body was completely fine. I slowly began to stand up.

The wind that brushed past my cheeks was no different from that of my world.

However, the things that were reflected into my eyes were completely different.

A number of planets that looked similar to the Moon were shining in the sky and flocks of unfamiliar birds were soaring through the sky.

A grassland was stretching before me, and a bit farther a thick forest could be seen.

I used Clairvoyance to peek inside the forest and within it I saw all kinds of creatures different from humans: Goblin, Orcs and other similar creatures were all living inside the forest.

Using Clairvoyance, I passed over a mountain in the distance and then reached a town where people lived.

The town was surrounded by a huge wall and in the middle of it there was a fine castle. The people living in the town were wearing traditional clothes and moved about the streets either by foot or by carriages.

It looked just like Medieval Europe.

I once again felt like I had really come to a different world.

“I’m finally here…”

The End

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