I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 156

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

A True Cheat

I used Wind Magic in order to clear away the curtain of dust that formed.

The air twisted forming into a tornado which sucked in the dust and began moving it downwards, returning it back to the earth.

A new, even deeper hole had now formed at the crater which the Demon Lord originally created. Cracks had appeared in the ground. A part of the edge of the hole collapsed and fell into the newly opened crack.

From within the hole the Demon Lord, who was back to his original height, flew out.

His clothes and armor were seemingly left unscathed. 

‘I guess that isn’t armor, but rather a part of the Demon Lord’s body.

That’s probably why it’s unscathed despite all the damage that he took.’ On the other hand, the clothes that I was wearing were tattered.

The Demon Lord looked towards me with murderous intent as he bit his lower lip. On the outside it didn’t seem like he had suffered any damage, but I knew that he was quite exhausted.

I watched his land on the ground without making any noise after which I followed him and landed on the ground as well.

[You bastard… Who in the world are you? There’s no way for a human to have such power.]

“I’m just a normal human. I did get help from Rhazes in order to defeat you though.”


“Don’t you remember him? He’s the Alchemist that tried to defeat you alongside Aias.”

[I remember now… The man who ran inside the Dimensional Maze… So he’s been hiding like a rat just in order to find a way to beat me.]

“Still you will end up falling to those humans that you so much despise.”

I pointed my sword at the Demon Lord and kicked the ground, flying towards him in a straight line. In response the Demon Lord raised his arms and began to gather Magic Power.


The spell formed numerous blades of wind which assaulted me. The blades cut up my body but I continued forwards without paying any heed to them.

My arms, legs, cheeks were all cut up by the wind. However, I had no intention of stopping my attack. After all this would probably turn out to be the last attack.

I passed through the storm of wind blades and appeared right before the Demon Lord, thrusting my sword at his chest. He tried to block it with his hand, but the sword pierced through the hand and into the heart.


Dark Magic Power was flowing through my blade so the places that were touched by it began to disappear. The Demon Lord spit out a handful of light-black blood and the blood drained from his face.

“This sword is Aias’ sword. The strongest hero that died by your hands!”

[S-Stop it…]

The sword began letting out a black light and rang as it cut through the Demon Lord’s body.

“Dimensional Slash!!”

The slash left behind black particles and Demon Lord turned into square pieces of meat. I then used another Dimensional Slash so that he wouldn’t be able to recover himself ever again.

The pieces of meat flew in the surrounding while being carried by the wind.

“It’s over…”

The golden energy that was covering my body grew dim and eventually faded.

Using Kamuy must have put a lot of stress on my body because when its effect wore off a huge wave of exhaustion rushed over me. My bones creaked, my legs and arms went numb and my heart felt like it was about to burst out of my chest.

I stuck my sword in the ground and while supporting myself on it I fell to my knees.

My breathing was heavy and it looked like it would take a bit of time for it to normalize. It was then that I felt a reaction from Hostility Detection.

I felt a slight wave of Magic Power and when I raised my head to look I saw that the pieces of meat had begun to move. 

‘And even though I made it so that he wouldn’t be able to use Ultra Recovery…’

I tried to somehow stand myself up, but my body didn’t budge at all.

With a sidelong glance I watched as the pieces of meat rose with dust alongside them and formed a person. When the dust settled down a golden armor that was boasting its authority and a long black hair could be seen. The Demon Lord had returned to his original state.

[My my, that disgusting spell finally reached its limit… I didn’t think that it would last that long.]

While he was saying that the Demon Lord had already disappeared.

Before I could notice him he was already standing next to me with a smile on his face. He abruptly pulled out his sword and without saying anything he swung it horizontally.

I somehow managed to pull out my sword from the ground and block, but I was thrown back alongside my sword. I rotated a number of times and then fell, hitting the ground hard.

“Ar… gh…”

[It seems like you’re no match for me without that spell.]

I also used Ultra Recovery in order to recover my body. 

‘Kamuy’s backlash should disappear soon. I must find a way to buy myself some time…’

“… Why? Why did you come to this world? With your strength you should have been able reign over your original world as well.”

Hearing my words, the Demon Lord laughed as he got closer to me.

“Was it to just invade this world? Or so that you could enlarge your territory?”

[Fufufu… I have no interest in such things. There is a justified reason for us to invade this world.]

“A justified reason?”

The numbness in my hands and legs disappeared. However, even if I could move my body I wasn’t sure if my current power would work…

[You see there’s this fortune-teller in the world under my control. According to his words, the star that we live on will soon be hit by an asteroid and will be destroyed. And unfortunately that divination is bound to come true. We had no choice.]

“So you took everyone from your world and tried to escape?”

[Took everyone? Don’t be stupid. It’s obvious that I only took those that would prove to be useful.] said the Demon Lord with an expression that implied that was the natural thing for one to do.

“So… You mean to say that you left behind everyone else? Aren’t you that world’s ruler?!”

[It’s precisely because I’m the King that I made that choice. There’s no way for a human like you, who doesn’t know what it’s like to stand above the others, to understand.]

“What will happen to the people you left behind?”

[No one will be bothered no matter how many of those worthless creatures die. The only important ones are myself and those I deem useful.]

“Couldn’t you just destroy that asteroid with your power?”

[It’s not just any asteroid. It’s called Star Eater. It’s a monster of space that goes around and devours any and all stars. No one can stop it.] said the Demon Lord with somewhat of a philosophic tone, but even so I still got extremely angry for some reason.

“What decision! You’re just running away! You don’t have the right to call yourself king!”

[That’s not something you, who are weaker than me, has the right to say!]

Both of our eyes were burning with rage as we watched one another. I swung my sword upwards while the Demon Lord brought his sword downwards.

Sparks flew as the swords clashed and a loud impact spread around the area.


I was still losing in power even though I had swung my sword with full force. I was pushed back by the Demon Lord’s sword and had no choice but to retreat.

However, I somewhat felt that his attack was weaker than his previous one.

[I’m almost all out of MP but that should be the case for you as well. I’ll thoroughly exterminate you.]


‘… What did he just say? He is almost all out of MP…?’ 

I was shocked. It seemed like the Demon Lord thought that I also had no MP left.

“It can’t be…”

It was then that I remembered Rhazes’ words.

*[In order for you to defeat the Demon Lord, you will need a total of 12 summoned monsters.  On top of that, each of those monsters must be A rank or higher.]*

*[That’s right, it’s here.  The strongest monster, the one that will be necessary to defeat the Demon Lord is right here, in this Dimensional Maze…]*

*[Almost all of the skills that I gave you are imitations of the Demon’s skill, however there are also some original ones mixed in there so be sure to use them well.]*

Rhazes did everything for this day.

‘And the original skill that he mentioned is…’

“You… don’t have the Infinite Magic Power skill, do you?”

At my words the Demon Lord frowned.

[Infinite Magic Power… There’s no way something like that exists!]

I finally understood. The reason why Rhazes said that I would need 12 monsters. The reason he said that Agaliarept was needed. I understood all of it.

I poured out all of my magic power outside my body.


The magic power was clearly visible. It looked like a vapour that was rising towards the air.

[What the?! Why do you have much Magic Power left!]

“You used way too much Magic Power. Rewinding time and Dragon Blast consume a large amount of Magic Power. You shouldn’t be able to use powerful spells anymore.”

Rhazes had worked his whole life in order to create this chance for me.

“Unique Skill Activate! Black Iron Eclipsing Garment!!”

A black metal enveloped my whole body. My arms, chest, hip, legs were all covered in a black armor. Finally the black metal surrounded a part of my head and face, forming a black helmet.

And great swords appeared out of thin air. The great swords were standing by while pointing their tips downwards. There were three on my back, one next to each of my shoulders for a total of five swords that floated around and finally attached themselves to the armor.

War God’s Aura!!”

Upon shouting that the surging Magic Power transformed into a golden colored Aura. The War God’s Aura could freely change its shape and at one time it looked like raging flames, while another like a crazed dragon.

I took Excalibur that was being coated by the War God Aura and pointed it towards the horizon behind me.

“Phoenix! Come!!”

A single spark, that was until now drifting in the air, suddenly burst forth with flames, and from within the flames Phoenix appeared. The bird coated in Divine Flame let out a high pitched cry and directly flew towards Excalibur.

When it collided with Excalibur, Phoenix disappeared as if melting itself into the sword, turning into a Divine Flame that was sucked in by the sword.

[W-What did you turn into?!]

“Let’s finish this, Demon Lord.”

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    1. Well if the Nasuverse is anything to go by, you could syphon off the magical energy of other universes or the energy that flows between universes to get an effectively infinite amount of magical energy.

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