I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 155

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro


My fist buried itself into the Demon Lord’s face.

Seeing his flying figure, I was ascertained that my attacks were working.

Due to the sun still being up I could harness the effect of the Hero Class’ [Class Skill] Light’s Guide which further increased my power alongside Kamuy, allowing me to overpower the Demon Lord.

‘I’m going to finish till before the effect ends.’

I raised my sword high up. Due to clashing swords with the Demon Lord a couple of times by now, quite the considerable amount of energy had been gathered within my sword.

The sword began to emit light and I swung it down without any hesitation.


The sword was covered in light and the blade protruded outward slashing down on the Demon Lord. The blade of light passed through the body just as if it was passing through butter.

The Demon Lord’s body was divided in two and a tremendous amount of blood flowed out. If it was any normal creature it would have died from this.

But, the Demon Lord used both of his hands to press his head together. Afterwards his body quickly healed back. 

‘So he really does have Ultra Recovery. He won’t be that easy to take down.’ 

I rose my sword once more in order to try and slash, but just as I did that light attacked me from all sides.

I was nearly able to dodge but the attack still managed to graze my skin, gouging it out.

“Dragon Blast huh…”

Looking around the surroundings I saw tears in space from which a number of muzzles could be seen. 

‘To think he can control space to this extent…’

I was a bit impressed by it, but now wasn’t the time to think about such things.

I continued dodging the Dragon Blasts as they intersected with one another. Normally this would be quite a tough battle, but now…

I opened a door to the space region in front of me. 

‘The Demon Lord should be using this space region as well.’ 

Thinking that I entered the space region and looked around. 

‘Just as I thought.’

Countless tentacles were coming out of a single tear and were then using numerous other tears, situated in different places, to make their way outside.

After entering the space region, I quickly covered the distance with the tear, where the tentacles were coming into the space region, and cut them off.

After opening up the tear that the tentacles were using to enter I was welcomed with the Demon Lord’s surprised face.

I jumped out of the space region and slashed at the Demon Lord that was still trying to recover his balance.

He somehow managed to dodge my sword and then immediately opened a door into the space region, in order to try and escape by using teleportation. However, I opened up another door and entered the space region as well. I began chasing after the Demon Lord and as I caught up to him I slashed at him with my sword.

[Urgh!] mumbled out the Demon Lord, and as the blood left his body he opened up a door to the outside and tumbled out through it.

I chased after him, going outside as well, but when I went out I was welcomed by the Demon Lord who had transformed both of his hands into a giant cannon. He fired off a large-area Dragon Blast, covering the surrounding area in light.

I was surprised that he was able to fire off so many Dragon Blasts in quick succession, but I could still easily dodge an attack that was coming right at me.

Using God Speed, I got behind the Demon Lord and slashed at him with my sword covered in Dark Magic.


He let out a low grunt and turned towards me.


His blood got to his head and his whole face went bright red as he stared at me.

“You cannot win.”

[Don’t get cocky you human… You’re not the only one that can raise his power.] said the Demon Lord with a voice filled with anger as a dark air began to gather in the area. The chokingly thick cluster of Magic Particles began to gather around the Demon Lord, changing his body.

The Demon Lord’s body was then enshrouded by something like a dark, semi-transparent, ether body which was made from magic power. [TL/N: Something similar to the Susanoo in Naruto if you are familiar with those.] The ether body continued to be shaped out until it took on the shape of a person’s body.

A Demon ten, no, hundred times the size of the Demon Lord appeared before me.

[This skill is called Deification. I’ll show you a power that only I, the King, can display. A power that easily surpasses those clichéd spells of yours!] said the Demon Lord as he looked down on me.

He swung his fist and alongside the sound of the air splitting, the Demon Lord’s fist flew at me.

I dodged it using teleportation but looking behind me I saw that the earth, more than a hundred meters behind me, had exploded and a curtain of dust had risen in the air.

In terms of strength it could be said to be as strong as Titan’s Giant Axe of Destruction.

[What’s wrong? Is dodging the only thing you can do?]

I flew to the sky and as I got closer to him, with the splitting of the air, yet another fist flew at me. No matter how giant he was there was no way he would reach me from that distance, is what I thought but…

I was hit by a shockwave which sent shivers down my spine. As I hurriedly dodged, the clouds that were in the fist’s way split to the left and right opening a way in the sky. [TL/N: Saitama’s punch against Boros.]

The atmosphere shook. The shock waves from the attack were a testament to its strength.

The Demon Lord looked almost like he had turned into a Giant, but to me it felt like it was just a body made out of Magic Power.

‘Still, due to the Magic Power being that dense it’s basically not that different from a true body.’

I used teleportation to get close to the Demon Lord’s eyes. As soon as he saw me he swung his fist at me but… I didn’t feel any threat coming from him.

“It seems like you’ve gotten stronger but your speed hasn’t changed, rather you’ve gotten sluggish.”

I used teleportation to go right in front of the fist that was coming at me and slashed with my sword, covered in Dark Magic.

“Dimensional Slash!!”

The fist was cut up into square pieces and lost its shape. From the place where the fist was cut not blood, but rather thick Magic Power flew out and melted into the air.

I hopped on top of the right hand that I had just cut and began to repeatedly use Dimensional Slash as I climbed up to the Demon Lord’s shoulder. I cut up the arm as I was running, covering the sky with square pieces of meat.

The Demon Lord immediately tried to stop me with his left arm, but he was just too slow.

Around the time I reached the nape of his neck I poured Magic Power into my sword. The Aura that was around the sword mingled with the Magic Power creating a golden flame.


My sword ran from his face all the way up until his neck. As the slash dug deep into the ether body the flames began to spread on the inside.

I also used my sword to repel the Demon Lord’s left arm that had just now made its way to me.

I raised my sword in order to slash at him again, while he was still suffering from the flames but… A!

Suddenly the Demon Lord’s body began to emit light. That light then instantly grew stronger and wouldn’t even allow me to get closer.

“This is bad!”

I instinctively opened a door to the space region and hid inside.

I thought that it would be dangerous if I were to open an exit that was still close to the body. I used teleportation to get several hundred kilometres away. The place where I had just been was now enveloped in a bright light, bright enough as to even prevent one from opening their eyes.

After waiting for the light to die off I used teleportation to go back.

When I did so I was shocked by the scene I saw before me.

“This is…”

The ground in an area several tens of kilometres wide was scraped off and a giant crater had been formed.

And the Demon Lord was floating in the middle of that crater. 

‘Did he explode his Magic Power?  I haven’t seen something as powerful as this before, it’s probably as strong as a hydrogen bomb…’

Looking closely, I saw that the right hand that I had just now cut up was back to normal. 

‘I guess he can restore his ether body as long as he has the necessary MP.’


[Leo Garcia]

“Hm? The image disappeared!”

Arthur nervously shook his phone as the image of Gojo that everyone had been watching just now suddenly disappeared. We managed to witness the enemy turning into a Giant and also see him beginning to shine with light afterwards, but

we didn’t know what happened afterwards. We just believed that Gojo would be fine.

“Mr. Leo, can we not watch it anymore?” asked Noah with a worried tone.

“The drones in the area were probably destroyed. As long as new drones make their way there a new image should appear.”

I also wanted to witness the end of this battle. No matter what I might turn out to be.


As he saw me the edges of the Demon Lord’s mouth curved upwards.

Lightning was coiling about both of his hands like snakes and as he raised his right hand the lightning took on the form of a spear and set me as its target.

[Gáe Bulg!!]

The powerful thunder spear flew at me. The most surprising thing about it was its size. 

‘Did the power of his spells rise alongside his size?’

I used teleportation in order to dodge between the barrage of thunder spears.

Each of which had strength equal to that of my Thunder. As I continued dodging the Demon Lord suddenly appeared before me.


‘He can teleport using that body?’

[If I can’t keep up with you normally then I’ll just use spells to keep up with you.]

The Demon Lord aimed both of his palms at me and a flame covered the whole area.


I wasn’t able to open a door to the space region on time so I ended up taking the flames, that were hot enough to even burn down the atmosphere. I had Barrier deployed, but the flames were just too strong.

The scorching heat covered Mongolia’s sky deep red. I was swallowed by the flames.


I used Sodom on the insolent human. The magic I could use after turning into this form was all in a completely different league. 

‘It definitely hit him, he shouldn’t be able to get out unscathed.’

The sky was covered in flames and dust and no trace of the human could be found.

However, after a bit of time passed I could hear something coming from up above me. I didn’t know what was making that sound, but it was clear that it was coming from above the flames.

Without letting down my guard I prepared to receive the human’s attack.

[Come at me however you like!]

My eyes went wide open as I saw the thing that appeared after making a hole in the curtain of flames and dust. It was a giant golden ball.

The ball that suddenly appeared was heading towards me with tremendous speed. I wondered for an instant whether I should dodge it or not, but that instant cost me my time to escape.

Looking closely, I could see the human flying alongside the ball. 


“Eat this! Meteor Impact!!”

[This is bad!] 

Thinking that I tried to stop time but before I could notice it the human was already standing in front of me. After all he could freely move in frozen time as well.

The human slashed my face with his sword and time once again began flowing.

I tried striking out with my right fist but the ball shattered my fist into pieces and without showing any signs of slowing down it collided with my body. 

‘This… It’s a ball made from Orichalcum…’

My body was crushed beneath the falling ball and I was pinned onto the ground.

Everything before my eyes turned dark and I could feel the impact spread in the area. The falling energy of this ball was probably enough to change the terrain.

… That day, that moment, a large-scale earthquake shook several countries alongside the Asia continent. The rising dust formed a mushroom cloud that could even be seen from far away.

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