Becoming a Sniper Who Enjoys Playing Games

A Story About an Old Man Who Is a Company Slave Becoming a Sniper Who Enjoys Playing Games of PKing and PKed Chapter 16

Translator: IceCherry

Editor: Firebi

Sniper and Alchemy Store Big Sister NPC

I’ve got more goals. 

1. To be able to kill a big bear with one shot. 

2. Kill that bearded gatekeeper. 

Anyway, how do the PK players get into the town?

The main gate has NPCs guarding it and they will slaughter you.

If that’s the case, there must be a route that doesn’t involve the main gate.

It’s not like we’re going to stay at a campsite forever. 

That’s why I go around the perimeter of the town.

The Town of Beginnings is surrounded by walls, and there are only two gates.

Both of them are guarded by gatekeepers, and at the moment, I can’t enter. 

If so, will I be able to get past the town walls?

I look up.

It’s pretty high. 

There might be a skill like [Climbing] that allows me to climb walls.

Unfortunately, it’s not in my skill tree, so I guess I’ll have to give up getting over the wall. 

As I walk along the town walls, thinking that, I see an NPC.

It’s an NPC with the appearance of a thug. 


I’ll try to talk to him. 

“Hey, you’re a bad guy, huh? Do you want to enter the town?” 


I see. Is that what this is about? 

There’s an NPC in the underworld that allows you to trespass into the town through non-regular routes? 

I want to enter the town, so I select [Yes]. 

“But of course it’s not free. You know that, right?” 

He wants me to pay.

That’s right. 

The price he offered isn’t too high.

However, if I had to pay it every day, I would go broke. 

I should probably pay for it at least once.

I need to experience how to break into the town. 

I operate the panel in the air and pay the thug NPC. 

“Okay, wait a minute.” 

The thug approaches the town wall.

Suddenly, a wooden door appears on the stone wall. 


This is interesting.

It’s like magic. 

“Once you pass, the wooden door will disappear. Be careful.” 


Thank you for the polite warning. 

I open the wooden door.

I walk through the wooden door and find myself in the Town of beginnings.

It’s like a back alley with no traffic, but I’m grateful for that.

If I try to enter the middle of the main road, I will stand out.

When I turn around, the wooden door has disappeared, and there is only a wide town wall. 


I don’t think I saw an NPC like that when I looked around the town the first time.

Maybe the thug NPC only appears if you PK and become a target for soldiers. 


Now, there’s a reason I’m going to the trouble of paying to get back into town.

I wish I could get some items from the NPC store. 

I enter the alchemy store.

The beautiful big sister NPC greets me and says, “Welcome.”

But her expression is flat, so she probably won’t sell me any items.

That’s okay. 

The potions are displayed in a row on a shelf.

When you pick up an item, you’ll be directed to the purchase screen, where you have to pay an NPC to buy it. 

So what if the big sister NPC wasn’t around?

If there’s no one there, is it okay to take the items without permission?

Is my idea an innovative one that no one has tried (or is willing to try) before? 

I take the sniper rifle off my shoulder and point the muzzle at the big sister NPC. 

By the way, the town is a no PKing area, so I can’t attack players.

But what about NPCs? 

The big sister who has the muzzle pointed at her doesn’t react at all.

That’s right, because she’s an NPC. 

It’s a close range. There’s no need to aim perfectly.

I pull the trigger. 


The big sister NPC disappears in a particle of light. 


I was able to attack an NPC. And I beat it!

This game is amazing. 

I was getting excited despite my age. 

There are not many games that can do this.

It’s a well-designed system. 

Now, let’s not forget my original purpose.

It’s to see if I can get the item out. 

I grab the movement speed potion from the shelf. The potion goes straight into my item section.


This is amazing. What a great game!

I’m overcome with excitement for a while.

This game can be very challenging.

There must be a lot of hidden elements in this game.

There are many ways to enjoy the game that you could never find by just following what other players do. 

While I’m thinking that, someone comes into the store.

Hmm? Is it another customer?

Sorry, but the big sister is out of her post now.

She’s in the afterlife. Hahahaha!

It’s an angry soldier wielding a battle axe. 

I’m dead.


Hey this is Storm, i am the one who will be posting the chapter this week. Since Ice cherry will be busy with here exam this week.
Chapter posted – 1/2 for the week.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Bruh… You can’t just kill an NPC like that and hope there’s no karma for it.

    1. Yeah. If the MC plan to become a serial PK-er, he need to build the right network and find a way to stay low and away from the village’s town. Dude might need a safehouse for spawning without getting caught.

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