When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 60

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Kongbao poisoned

Princess Ru Yao gently salutes with a cupped fist and she bows slightly. “Your Majesty.”

Kong Wuying looks at the face that had gradually blurred in his memory. His heart is complicated, and an inexplicable taste is brewing in his chest.

He looks at Princess Ru Yao quietly, and she feels that he has a substantial expression. Princess Ru Yao’s face appears to have just a touch of pink, with coquettishness, brighter than this great spring.

After a while, Kong Wuying says dryly, “Oh, it’s a coincidence.”


Maids: “…”

What a coincidence. Didn’t you come to look for the princess? The emperor of the Daqing Empire is like wood. EQ is really low. No wonder he is though, after all these Daqing women are so strong… presumably a beauty like our princess, he should have seen it for the first time only today.

As soon as they think this, another beauty appears before them.

Great beauty…

The facial features are almost perfect, his face is cold, his temperament as cold as frost, his eyes and hair color are the deepest black, but the entire face is as bright as the moon. He can turn heads and stun people into silence. Even though he’s wearing a simple attendant suit, he looks proud and noble. 

The two maids are stunned. There are really big beauties who can match their princess! 

As soon as he appears, Kongbao walks briskly to Kong Wuying with an ice-breaking smile on his face. “Your Majesty, there is an urgent document.” 

Hurry up and leave! Don’t stay with this nasty woman.

Unexpectedly, Kong Wuying seems as if he hadn’t heard Kongbao, but says to Princess Ru Yao: “Let’s go together.”

Kongbao’s face is all green with envy. “Your Majesty, there is an urgent document! A drought in Luozhou, the regent Xuan Wang is anxious to find you.” In order to take away his master, he really dares to say anything.

The empathetic Princess Ru Yao quickly persuades, “Your Majesty will go first, the business matters are most important. Ru Ru will accompany His Majesty for a walk after.”

Kong Wuying blinks and says perfunctory, “Drought, so what? Let them dry for a while.”

Princess Ru Yao: “…”

Kongbao’s face is dark. 

The two maids heard this and their faces twisted. What kind of person is this emperor! 

Kong Wuying insists, and Princess Ru Yao can’t refuse again without looking impolite, so she has to walk with him to enjoy the flowers. The handsome man and the pretty woman are a perfect couple walking around together. 

Kongbao is left alone in the palace garden, burning with the fire of a small sun. 

(Jealousy can make a person go mad…)

Seeing that the Emperor Daqing likes her so much, Princess Ru Yao is also proud of herself. Looking at the emperor, her eyes are bright. “What kind of flower does Your Majesty like the most?”

Kong Wuying says nothing.

Princess Ru Yao is a little embarrassed, but she still understands. “Every flower has its own unique beauty in the heavens and the earth. I love plum blossoms, but I was born in the ice and snow. It’s even more flawless. Its pride and posture are unique in the world. Your Majesty, what do you think about plum blossoms?”

Kong Wuying still kept silent, just walking alongside her.

Ru Yao’s face twitches a bit. Even if he was fascinated by her beauty, he should say something so Ru Yao isn’t just talking to a piece of wood. Although she is a little bit upset, Ru Yao still maintains a gentle and elegant posture, and smiles lightly. “Is your Majesty unwell today? You don’t like to talk much.”

Kong Wuying frowns impatiently. “Can you walk without talking?”

Princess Ru Yao: “…!”

Is this Emperor Daqing… a little tilted in the head? 

Since then it is silent. Of course it’s speechless, no one is allowed to talk! 

Until two people finish walking around the garden. Only when Kong Wuying stops, he says lightly to Princess Ru Yao, “I’ll go first if it’s all right, but I’m very happy with today.”

Princess Ru Yao: “…”

She is very unhappy. But finally she can get rid of this speechless emperor, so she has a perfect smile on her face. “I am also very happy and hope to meet with Your Majesty next time.”

She never wants to come back!

Kong Wuying takes a few steps forward and turns back to Princess Ru Yao again. “I’ll give you a suggestion; don’t laugh like that next time. You can scare people like that!”

Princess Ru Yao sighs inwardly. 

Kong Wuying returns to the dormitory, to find Kongbao gone. But he didn’t care much. Kongbao has had such a bad temper recently. Kongbao always runs away when he’s unhappy, but he comes back a few days after.

So eat, drink and sleep as usual and revise the paperwork. However, it said that since the last time, a large number of writings were sent back to Kong Wuying. 

The ministers figured out what the emperor apparently wanted, went back to work overtime and made some corrections, and then the next day they were so proud that they were holding the revised writings to see Kong Wuying.

However, eunuch in charge of sending the writings into the palace looked at the stacks and threw them back, saying blankly, “It’s too long, unqualified!”

What? What is the reason for being too long? 

One minister smartly stuffed a bit of cash to the eunuch. “What kind of thing does His Majesty want?”

The eunuch accepted the bribe, and his face improved a little. He quietly reveals the secret: “No more than two pages.”

Everyone takes a harsh blow. How to write no more than two pages!?

A minister says, “This is an urgent official document. I can’t write any less.”

The eunuch shakes his head. “No, two pages or nothing.”

So everyone sighs and rubs their wrists, ready to go back to the drawing board. However, they have been used to writing official texts for so many years, and they always go beyond with attention to detail.

So delete, change, and delete some more. Among them is the old man who wrote the leave note. The illness has almost reached its peak, and the leave note has not been written yet.

At last, his daughter-in-law couldn’t see it anymore, so she volunteered: “I’ll do it.”

The daughter-in-law is the wife of a farmer, who has not read any books, but just learnt braille with Mr. Feng, and she wrote it with a stroke of three, five and two.

At a glance, Mr. Feng only has a few words on the page. Sick and want to take three days off.

This is too short. Can this work?

It turns out that this works. That’s it for Master Feng’s leave request. After reading this, the other ministers are speechless.

With the rise of this official document reform movement, Kong Wuying has been busy with political affairs these days and has never seen the Princess Ru Yao of Nanhai once.

Anyway, she’s just like his mother, but she isn’t actually his mother. 

On the sixth day, things change a bit. Kongbao is back. Or more precisely, he crawled back. His silver hair is messy, his face pale as paper, and his whole body is covered in a cold sweat. 

He’s so weak that he doesn’t look like Kongbao at all. When he stumbles into the room and calls his master, Kong Wuying almost doesn’t recognize the soul puppet.

Kong Wuying steps forward quickly, observing Kongbao’s abnormal condition, and can’t help frowning. “What’s wrong with you?”

Kongbao falls into Kong Wuying’s arms. He is so close to death but he doesn’t forget to touch master. Seeing Kong Wuying, Kongbao shows an extremely ethereal and extremely beautiful smile. “It’s good to see the master again…”

Kongbao raises his arm, as if trying to touch Kong Wuying’s face, and unexpectedly the other man doesn’t lean away. However, with Kongbao’s arm extended halfway, it falls back weakly.

“Master…” Kongbao says weakly. “I’m sorry… I’m afraid I can’t help you… keep you. In the future, you have to… take care of yourself. Stay away from… godsons. Make… a new soul puppet to take care of you.”

Kong Wuying: “What the fuck are you doing?”

“I’m okay, I’m just tired…” Kongbao gasps and asks gently. “Master, can you kiss me again?”

Before he can respond, Kongbao’s eyes slide shut and he goes completely limp. Shocked, Kong Wuying summons the doctor.

In front of the bed, the imperial doctor pets his beard and sighs. “Oh.”

Kong Wuying looks at him. “What is it?”

The doctor sighs again. “This pulse, too… ah.”

Patience completely used up, Kong Wuying calls out, “Come here and drag this man out to hang slaughter, bring back one that can talk properly!”

The imperial doctor is immediately stunned. “Your Majesty, don’t be in a hurry! This little brother is poisoned. If my guess is correct, it should be the lotus seed of the lotus valley. It’s strong, and death is instantaneous. For this little brother to survive to this day, he must have been dosed a while ago and is fighting it off.”

“Get to the point, how do I fix it?”

“This poison is… a relative of the poisoned person needs to be here to ‘associate’ and… to detoxify. It’s just a loss of consciousness right now! But the morality is…”

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