The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – Chapter 38

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 Katariona Finally Confesses to her Family

The time has finally come for me to confess to my family the story of my past life. I was so nervous I woke up early in the morning. So, now I’m making sweets in the kitchen. 

“Since you’ve woken up this early in the morning, what are you thinking, making some sweets I’ve never seen before?”

“It’s a Hinoshima confection called dango.”

“I’ve boiled the adzuki beans with sugar according to the recipe, Milady.”

Yesterday, I had asked Tojurou-san to translate the dango recipe from the Hinoshima Confectionary book into our language. I’m currently making dangos according to the recipe.

The ingredients -rice, and adzuki beans- were made using creation magic as I looked at the book about plants from the east that Chris had given me yesterday.

I had asked Marie to make Anko using the adzuki beans, while I crushed the rice into a fine powder. We’ll be using this to make the dough for the dumplings. 

“Thank you, Marie. Could you cool the adzuki beans for me?”


While watching Marie use wind magic to cool the adzuki beans, I realized how convenient it is to have the wind attribute.

“Leon, can you mix the flour with the rice flour, kneading it together while adding a little bit of water?”


Leon in his human boy form dexterously added water with one hand while kneading the dough with the other. 

“It’s ready.”

The dough seems to have been kneaded smoothly without any lumps left.

“Can you roll out the dough into about this size?” 

I asked trying to make one as an example. 

“Aren’t you going to use the whole thing?”

“We’re going to be rolling them into small balls and then sticking them onto skewers.”

After she finished cooling the adzuki beans, Marie joined us as we rolled up the dough into small balls. In the meantime, I started boiling some water in a pot.

“When the water comes to a boil, put in the dough rolls. When they float to the surface, you can remove them from the pot.”

I am in charge of putting the dough rolls into the boiling water. Leon is in charge of scooping up the balls as they float to the surface. And, Marie will be in charge of skewering the finished dango balls for the final touches. In this assembly line we set up, we continued to make dangos. 

“Put the cooled Anko on top of the dangos and we’re done.”

The finished dangos looked exactly like the illustration shown in the recipe. The three of us tasted them one at a time. 

“I can’t describe this texture of crushed adzuki beans. It’s sweet and delicious!” 

“The dango balls are very chewy and have a nice texture.”

“This is a Hinoshima confection? I’ve never tasted anything like this!”

She said, slapping Leon’s hand away, which was reaching out for another.

“The rest will be used for the tea confections during my confession, so don’t take any more.”

“Mu. It’s okay to have just one more.”

I hope Tojurou-san likes it…….

“Rio, are you nervous?”

“Well… I am nervous. I don’t know if they’ll believe me.”

“I’ll support you until you manage to convince them.”

Marie said, squeezing my hand gently. 

“Thank you, Marie. I appreciate it.”

“I’ll be with you.”

Back to his little beast form, Leon popped onto my shoulder. His fluffy fur on my cheek feels so comfortable.

“By the way, Leon. Why do you want Chris and Tojurou-san to be there too?”

“Because the more allies you have, the better.”

“Aside from Her Royal Highness, haven’t you just met Tojurou-sama? Are you sure it’ll be alright?”

Leon nodded strongly.

“The Tooujuuin family and the Marquis de Grandeur have a very close relationship.”

Eh? Is that so? Come to think of it, Tojurou-san also mentioned that Brother and I had a Hinoshimaguni second name.

I guess Leon will explain the details to me later when he confesses. The first thing I need to do is to convince my family.

Christ arrived at the townhouse in the morning and was then escorted to the parlor.

“You said you wanted to tell me something, Rio. Is it about the thing you told us you would tell us about someday?”

In the parlor, my father, mother, brother, Marie, Chris, and Tojurou-san had gathered. 

“That’s correct, Father. Will you all listen too?”

“Of course, but why is Tojurou here, too?”

Tojurou-san stood quietly, leaning against the wall. He had shaved off his bushy beard and looked like a young man of 18-years of age. His face is quite neat.

“I didn’t want to go, either. But, I was told that you’d let me eat dangos.”

“You act like someone who has no restraint.”

“If you weren’t a princess, I’d have blown you away.”

For the time being, I’m using honorifics. It’s the wrong honorific, but it’s…….

(*Guys, I promise this is what she said, not me) 

“I’ll start talking now.”

“Hold up, Rio. The children of the Toojuuin family can use ‘barrier magic’. Put a barrier around this room.”

Leon just spoke in front of the family!

“Did Leon just speak?”

Mother cried out in surprise. That’s only natural. Up till now, he’s only ever mewled in front of the family. 

“It’s not as advanced as ‘barrier magic’, but I can create a barrier.”

What’s barrier magic? Is that another lost magic?

“Oi, I bought you here-pinpororin.”

The God of Time jumped out of empty space with another person. It was the head butler who landed on the ground with a ‘plop’.

“No……. I was just surprised- pinpororin.”

It’s spreading! The God of Time’s favorite phrase is contagious!

“Head Butler?”


Marie and I, surprised, said at the same time. 

“What is this……?”

Just as my father, who was confused, was about to open his mouth to ask, Leon took on the form of a lion, controlling everyone.

“Calm down. I’ll explain things one by one. Little boy, set up the barrier.”

“Before that, we’re joining in too!”

Flare-sama! Daaku-sama and Toruka-sama, too, came out of the God of Time’s space. The next person to appear was……eh! It’s the God of Wind that I met once, along with Laura-san.

“Yo, isn’t this Lyle!” 

(*I thought he was the prim, proper type….) 

“What? Is Hiksohirou here, too?”

Do the God of Wind and Tojurou-san know each other? Also, the God of Wind is called Lyle-sama, huh. 

I appraised Tojurou-san with the bracelet I got from Flare-sama. The result was:

Magic Attribute: 

  • Wind 
  • Barrier magic (?) 


  •  Foodie


  • Genus of the God of Wind

There’s a question mark next to barrier magic. I’m not sure what to make of that. Also, he’s a family member of the Wind God’s genus? Does that mean I have the title of “Genus of the God of the Forest”, too? 

“Who in the world are you people?”

Mother asked, feeling confused. My bewildered brother was also confused with his mouth hanging open.

“Little boy, that’s enough. Set the barrier.”

“Yes, sir.”

He took out a piece of paper with strange characters written on them and threw them into the air, chanting, “Formation of Magic Boundaries! Wind Barrier!”

(*The actual translation says something along the lines of fix sorcery technique boundaries. Wind barrier. I’m not really sure what one part meant, but that’s as close as I could get.)

“Wind Barrier!? This is the first time I’m seeing this in person!”

Chris had a shocked expression on her face. It seems like she knew about it.

“I guess I should introduce myself first. I am Leon, the God of the Forest. I’m one of the guardian deities of this land.”

“I am Flare, the Goddess of Light! And this is my brother, Daaku, the God of Darkness!”

Daaku-sama moved toward Marie. Marie is his favorite.

“I am Toruka, God of Water-zozozo”

Water turtle… Toruka-sama walked toward Marie.

“…… I am Laura, Goddess of Fire.”

Laura……so Larua was a goddess. Leon said that there was a wandering god in the human world, but for it to be Laura-sama. When I appraised her before, the result was 

“Magic Attribute:

  •  Fire 


  • Clothing”

Could it be that she was disguising herself because she was living as a human?

“I am Lyle, God of the Wind. Hikoshirou there is a part of my genus, my family member. So, you can rest assured.”

I turned to Tojurou-san, who was leaning against the wall, and he shrugged. 

“As Lyle pointed out. Lyle approached me and asked me if I wanted to be his family member. I suggested various names like Pochi and Koro because he asked me to give him a name. But, he didn’t like any of those, so I went with Lyle. What a bother.”

I don’t think he would’ve liked those names. It seems like a name you’d give to your pet. 

“I am the God of Time- pinpororin.”

Are all the gods here? Eh? What about the God of Earth?

“Oh my gosh! So, gods really do exist. Fluffy-kun is a god, too! I’ll call you Fluffy God from now on.”

She’s saying the same stuff that she did when she first met Leon.

Chris was excited and messing around. She wasn’t scared of a god. Should I say, that’s to be expected of a princess?

“…….you don’t have to address me like that. You can continue using Leon as you always have.”

“Fluffy God…… sounds cute, though.”

A fluffy god. For short, you can call him Fluffy God. Not bad. 

“You can call me whatever you want, Rio.”

At first, I asked him if there was a better way to call him. He responded saying he didn’t know. But, does he actually like it? 

“With all due respect, gods. Why did you manifest yourselves before us?”

Father asks, terrified. Humans seem to be taken aback by the manifestation of the gods, of course with a few exceptions. 

“Let’s speak in order, starting with Rio’s story.”

Prompted by Leon, I nodded. Taking a deep breath, I began to tell the story of my previous life. 

TL: Ooh~ hope you guys enjoy today’s chapter! I wonder how her family will react~



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