Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 5 – Chapter 18

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Comrade Solicitation

“Are you okay, were you injured?

I was already declared as the winner, so got off the stage and went to Sally.

By the way, the venue was in a huge uproar.

Even though I used magic, they were all praising me, probably because I overwhelmingly defeated Sally, who had been performing well during the first battle round.

The magic detection crystal balls installed in the venue did not react, so they probably did not recognize the technique I used to blast Sally as magic.

“My body is alright, meow. However, I couldn’t even get close to Halt-sama, much less attack you with even just one hit.”

Sally felt really dejected.

You could easily get the beastkins’ mood based on their ears and tails.

“Well, five of those flaming knights can defeat a warlock, that’s the amount of magic it had. So no need to be discouraged.”

“I, is that so, meow.”

“Rather than that, it was great that you constantly avoided all the attacks. I think that was really difficult, though… Maybe you possess extreme intuition?”

“No, what I have is the intuition enhancement skill, meow. Unlike the rare skill of extreme intuition that was constant, I had to activate and shut the skill intentionally, meow.”

Apparently, she was overwhelmed with terror when the warlock attacked her, so she didn’t manage to activate the skill.

“So that’s how it is. By the way, it is still far off, but would you like to join when I created a clan?”

A group called ‘clan’ existed in this world.

It was a travelling small group of few adventurers gathered together with a common purpose.

There were also instances when parties gathered and claimed themselves as a clan.

While those self-proclaimed clans existed, there were also official clans that were recognized by the country.

Clans recognized by the country receive regular commissions that pay quite well, so there was no need to worry about jobs.

My family grew, so I thought I should consider how I would provide for them, and after researching, I concluded that operating a clan recognized by the country would be the best route.

Besides, since I came to another world, of course I’d want to have my own clan.

Aim for it! The world’s strongest clan!! Sally seemed like she’d become stronger from hereon, and she did say she wanted to be subordinate. This was a bit different from being a subordinate, but I thought it would be good if I invited her to the clan.

“Eh! I, is that alright!?”

Oh, seems like she’s quite interested. 

“Yeah. It would probably take me a few years more before I can make a clan, but I want Sally to become our comrades someday.”

“I’ll be, meow, I will be, meow! I’ll temper myself more, and I’ll do my best so I could be your fighting strength, meow. That’s why I wanted to join Halt-sama’s clan, meow!!”

Great! I secured one member candidate for my clan!  In this world, it was normal to scout soldiers and adventurers from other companies.

As for the armies and guilds they were taken from, they could not provide attractive enough conditions so they could only give up.

However if you did something too outrageous, you would receive a warning from the union of the country and guilds, or else, they would retaliate, so precautions should be done against overdoing it.

I planned to look for people who had the fighting potential in this Martial God’s Warrior Tournament, and among them, I wanted to look for a few beastkin who would probably agree to become our comrades.

“Then please hold on to this.”

I handed a small stone to Sally.

“What is this, meow?”

“It’s a magical stone with a magic circle of communication stored in it. When I created the clan, I’ll contact you through this. Don’t lose it, okay.”

“I will treasure it and carry it on me at all times!”

After saying that, Sally carefully placed the stone inside her chest.

After that, Sally, the loser, went up the grandstand, and I remained beside the arena so I could watch the match that would determine my next opponent.

The next match was a battle between a wild boar beastkin and an elephant beastkin.

The wild boar beastkin tackled his opponent with great speed the moment the battle started.

Undaunted, the elephant beastkin caught the wild boar beastkin firmly, then he lightly thew his body outside off the grounds. 

It was settled in less than ten-odd seconds.

It did not mean the wild boar beastkin was weak.

He also overwhelmingly defeated the monkey beastkin during the first round.

The elephant beastkin was way too powerful.

However, I should be more cautious of his defense power.

It was not just a normal elevated defense power.

After arriving at a standard level of defense power, they would gain an ‘anti-magic skin’, a magic nullifying skill.

That elephant beastkin possessed that skill, there was no doubt about it.

Even the flaming knights probably wouldn’t be able to attack him effectively. 

It would cancel the magic attack at the moment of contact, so the prospect of direct attacks using the magical suit was also dim

That’s why –

“Is it your turn next?”

I gripped the hilt of Hakoku which I carried on my back.

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