Becoming a Sniper Who Enjoys Playing Games

A Story About an Old Man Who Is a Company Slave Becoming a Sniper Who Enjoys Playing Games of PKing and PKed Chapter 15

Translator: IceCherry

Editor: Firebi

The Sniper and Gatekeeper NPC

I’m in a better mood when I head back to town.

Today, after my usual hunting at Bear Mountain, I went to the forest area to PK, and it turned out good. 

Not that I got many kills.

But I’m happy since I tried a new attempt to snipe from above the trees and got a decent result. 

Unlike the ground, it’s difficult to lie on your stomach in the trees, and there’s no shortage of places to set up a sniper rifle.

It was a good experience fighting in a place like that.

Of course, the kind of battle I’m talking about is sniping at the opponent from a very long distance.

I’m passing through the beginner’s area field and approaching the town’s gate.

Town of Beginnings, I’m back! This sniper is back! 


My HP gauge drops down to zero. 

Huh? Eh? 

I’m dead. 


My vision goes dark and I find myself in the mining area.

Ah, I see…. 

Apparently, I was killed by the gatekeeper NPC, the old bearded man. 

So, if your PK number is more than a certain number, you’ll be attacked by the gatekeepers.

And if you get killed by the gatekeeper, you’ll be sent to a mining area, instead of the starting point. 

[You have been captured by the town’s soldiers. You must perform forced labor.] 

Did I get caught?

No, he slashed me with a longsword, right?

That’s probably a strong blow to even the toughest player’s defenses. 

But forced labor?

Not only am I not able to buy items from the NPC stores, but I’m also attacked by soldiers in the town.

I guess the penalty for PK is a bit heavier than I thought… 

First, I check my items section.

Besides the clothes, I’m only given a pickaxe.

It seems that I really have no choice but to work. 

[Please deliver ten pieces of copper ore to the guards.] 

I see, so they want me to mine.

If I collect ten of them, I can get out. 

I have no choice but to hold my pickaxe and smash it against the ore in front of me. 

*Hits hard* 

I don’t get anything. 

*Hits hard*

*Hits hard*

*Hits hard* 

After many attempts, I finally get one copper ore in the item section. 

This is so troublesome…

There is a life skill called [Mining], but of course I haven’t assigned any skill points to it.

Even copper ore, which is not rare or anything, takes a lot of time and effort to mine. 

*Hits hard*

*Hits hard*

*Hits hard* 


Ugh, I can’t do this!

It’s almost like torture for me.

With penalties like this, it’s no wonder PKing is out of fashion. 

Moreover, this will be troublesome later.

That’s because the spawn point of this game after you revive is outside the town.

There is a place like a fountain near the town gate, and that’s where I come back. 

In other words, I can’t use the trick of getting killed by a monster on purpose and then returning to the town without seeing the gatekeeper.

This game is well thought out. 

*Hits hard*

*Hits hard*

*Hits hard* 



*Hits hard*

*Hits hard*

*Hits hard* 



I’ll never forgive him, that bearded gatekeeper…!

When I get out of here, you’ll definitely get it. 


In the end, it took me more than an hour to dig up 10 copper ores.

Unlike smartphone games, there is no system that allows you to leave the game in auto attendance mode, so I just turned my anger into motivation and got through it. 

When I leave the mine, all my equipment comes back to my item section. 

Well now.

It’s time for revenge. 

I stand on a hill that overlooks the gates of the Town of Beginnings. 

From here, I can clearly see the old gatekeeper NPC standing guard at the gate. 

It’s far enough away.

Even the long sword he was proud of can’t reach this far. 

I lie down on my stomach and set my sniper rifle on the ground.

A passing player looks at me as if he’s seeing something strange, but I don’t care.

I’m here now to take revenge. 

I look through the scope.

I aim at the gatekeeper NPC’s head where he’s standing. 

Go to hell, bearded man!

You‘ll regret the gravity of your crime for offending this sniper. 


Hmm? Huh?

That bearded man doesn’t move an inch. 

I wonder why it seems that the gatekeeper’s HP gauge doesn’t seem to be decreasing by even a millimeter…?

Oh, The bearded man is looking at me.

He looks angry. 


He rushes towards me angrily, looking like going to sprint 100 meters in three seconds.

I hurriedly carry the rifle and try to run away, but there’s no way I can make it in time. 

Why are you holding a battle ax that can crush rocks!?

Weren’t you using a longsword before?

Does your weapon change depending on your anger level? 

Wait, talk to me then I will understand.

Violence is not good.



[You’ve been captured by the town’s soldiers.]

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  1. Oh my goodness. I was wheezing. Breathe in, breathe out… Anyways, thanks for the translation!! It’s such a treat! I do hope he gets out of that situation. It’s definitely not like MCs I’ve read that can somehow get out of situations with sheer luck or some experimentation or some unique power.

  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    …somehow I really wanted to punch the GM of this game in the face for no reason.

    1. I think you have been immersed in the MC’s perspective, a little too deep. If you think about it, this is an okay penalty for random PK and attacking on NPC. Can’t have a player go opening fire on every single character and getting off scot free for it. It feel like the MC is planning to become …. the public’s #1 enemy or something.

      1. It can’t be helped, I always read novels from the first perspective. Reading in a third perspective doesn’t suit me.

        1. I think that’s normal. It’s easier to see and sympathize with a character when you see and feel everything through their perspective.

          But first perspective always contain biases. So it’s hard to consider the narrator’s reliability and it’s also easy to hate any character or people for a variety of random reasons based on guts.

          Advice: Try to keep a little skepticism with you when you read in 1st view. You can root for the anti-hero/anti-villain as much as you like. But BE SKEPTICAL and you can stay Neutral. Chaotic Neutral is the best.

          Old Man MC must be full of repressed rage deep inside.

  3. Somehow i think the mc is a little too lacking in common sense of games, as if hes grown up without ever playing video games ever. While this seems like its part of the back story, its freakin annoying how stupid he is from a gamer pov

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