The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – Chapter 37

Translator: Jpkuroneko-chan

Editor: Jpkuroneko-chan

Katariona Becomes the Disciple of “The Sword Saint of the Wind”

TL Note: Hehe~ guys I sorta added comments here and there throughout this chapter. If you find them bothersome, I can just add them as a note beforehand next time, but I felt like it’d be best this way. The notes that I’ll leave beforehand will mainly be definitions. 

Nose laugh:

  1. When you let air out of your nose when something isn’t funny enough to actually laugh at.
  2. a laughing technique where all the sound of the person’s laughter comes through the nose. A very subdued demonstration of mirth.

At the royal library, I got “The Lord of Grandeur’s Path” ‘copied’, which records in detail about Marion-san. I also got some other books that describe the history of our kingdom. All of these ‘copies’ were made by automatic writing. 

Then, I met up with my uncle, and we went to a cafe. It seems to be a pretty popular place. Apparently, they’re known for their tarts. 

“I’m glad I got the recipe book for Hinoshima sweets. It was worth the trip to come all the way to the capital.”

I don’t know why, but for some reason, Tojurou-san tagged along with us to go to the cafe.

“I didn’t expect to see you in the capital, Tojurou-dono.”

“It’s been a while, Prime Minister-dono. I’m indebted to you for that time.”

That time? How did my uncle and Tojurou-san get to know each other? 

“Why are you following us?” 

Chris sulked, looking unhappy. She’s stabbing at her apple tart she ordered. Chris, you’re not behaving yourself. 

Speaking of tarts, I chose my favorite, a strawberry tart. My uncle isn’t good with sweets, so he only ordered some tea. 

“I like sweets, too, you know.”

Tojurou-san points his fork at Christ while munching on a delicious fruit tart. Careful!

“Tojurou-san, you’re from Hinoshimaguni, aren’t you? So, how did you manage to get access to the Royal Library?”

“I was given a permanent residency in this country by your Prime Minister-dono here.”

Now he’s pointing his fork at my uncle. That’s dangerous!

The Royal Library is open to any non-citizens who have permanent residency or the right to housing. When the national situation became stable, the library’s rules were revised. 

“Oh, by the way, I heard that you will be Sieg’s teacher. My nephew will be in your care.”

“Oh! Yuri is quite something. And, I’m also going to be Yurie’s teacher.”

Tojurou-san calls me Yurie because, in Hinoshimaguni, they address people by their second name.

“Yurie? Isn’t that Rio’s second name? However, Rio hasn’t had her magical attributes tested yet. Isn’t it too early for her to receive guidance?”

“I’m not going to teach magic. I’m going to teach her the language of Hinoshimaguni.”

Tojurou-san accepted my request to teach me the language. I was offered on the condition that I make him Hinoshima sweets, but…

“I want you to teach me, too.”

“Oh… Chris, that… the Marquis de Grandeur’s territory is very far from here.”

In front of Tojurou-san, my uncle and Chris are acting like a father-child duo.

“My brother also goes out under the guise of an inspection trip, but he never comes back. I want to go out, too. I can go out under the pretext of studying under the orders of the Magic Academy to study with Rio. Please, father~”

Making her eyes water up with puppy eyes, Chris assumed a begging posture. Seeing her like that, my uncle choked up, at a loss for words.

(TL: I added the puppy eyes b/c that’s how I imagined it. However, the author didn’t explicitly say that) 

“…… I’ll think about it.”

Seems like my uncle lost. Chris will be coming to our territory then. Achieving victory, Chris made a small victory pose under the table. (TL:In case you’re wondering, she did a fist pump) 

“The Prime Minister-dono is a parental fool, huh.”

By the way, he’s also my idiot uncle.

(TL: She’s not calling him stupid, she’s just alluding to something along the lines of a daughter-con. )

“Will Tojurou-sama be coming with us to our territory?”

“That’s the plan. I want to train Yuri along the way there. And, most importantly, I get to save money this way.”

Well, I suppose that’s true. If he travels with us, he’d be treated like an aristocrat, and he wouldn’t have to pay for the trip, since we’d do it.

“In addition to training Yuri, starting tomorrow, I’ll teach Yurie the language of Hinoshima. And, have some dangos ready.”

“I’m going to go to the Marquis de Grandeur’s townhouse every day that Rio is in the capital. I also want to learn Hinoshimaguni with Rio.”

“You can’t afford to pay me, though, little miss Chris. Unless, of course, the Prime Minister-dono is willing to pay……”

Tojurou-san said, giving a nose laugh. 

“I’ll give you an all-you-can-eat pass for any bakery or sweets store in the kingdom.”

“I’m in!”

Didn’t he accept a little too easily!? I knew that he had a sweet tooth, but that was easier than I thought. My brother would never, right? He didn’t bribe Tojurou-san with sweets, did he?

Anyway, he’s surprisingly friendly once you talk with him. In my previous life, he was known as an eccentric man. Considering that, perhaps something must have happened prior to his retreat from the royal capital to our territory. 

 They drove us to the townhouse by carriage, where we parted ways with Chris and my uncle, promising to meet again tomorrow.

“See you tomorrow, Rio. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Yes! I’m looking forward to it, too.”

I waved goodbye and got off the carriage. Tojurou-san also followed along and left the carriage. 

“Are you staying at a nearby inn?”

“No. From today onwards, I will be staying here.”

He is my brother’s master, who’s also accompanying us back to our territory. Considering that, it’s not that strange. 

“Is that so? Well, then please come inside.”

I entered the townhouse with Marie and Tojurou-san.

“It’s a big house, isn’t it? Is the mansion in the territory this big, too?”

“No. The territory’s mansion is much larger. Marie, please prepare a room for Tojurou-san.”

“Certainly, milady.”

Tojurou-san curiously looked around the townhouse.

And, Marie bowed and went upstairs.

It seems that Father and Mother haven’t returned yet. I wonder if Brother has, too?

“Tojurou-sama. What kind of trial did you put my brother through?”

“He had to run 10 laps around the royal palace, and do 100 sword swings. After that, he’ll have to rabbit jump his way back to the mansion.”

“Ehhhhhhhhhh! My brother’s going to die!”

My scream echoed through the entrance. Tojurou-san covered his ears. 

“He’s not going to die from that.”

This person is putting his disciples through a tremendous ordeal. The royal palace is an incredibly huge place. Running around the perimeter of it would just be reckless. Let alone 10 laps! And on top of that, swinging and rabbit jumpings are…… I can foresee my brother coming home in tatters. 

“Rio, what are you shouting about? You came back quite late…” 

Leon came down from the 2nd floor, blinked once, and froze mid-sentence.

“Leon, you’re home? I’m home… !” 

I looked next to me and saw a frozen Tojurou-sama who was pointing at Leon. Oh no! Leon just spoke in public!

I hurried back to my room, forcibly dragging Tojurou-sama and Leon, who had frozen, along with me.

“Did that… kitten just talk?”

Tojurou-san was still confused, as Leon made a “Na~n” sound with an unconcerned look.

Waving his hands around in the air, he said, “No, way. You’re not fooling me, right?”

“Um, well you see, in this country, there is a rule that protects white beasts as holy beasts, and some of them can speak human languages. Leon is one of them.”

“Even kittens can speak in this country? That’s amazing.”

With his confusion cleared up, Tojurou-san is now staring at Leon.

“I am not a kitten! I am a holy beast.”

“A holy beast? I sense a kind of divine energy that you seem to be hiding. Are you sure that you aren’t some kind of divine beast?”

So close! He’s really sharp. That reminds me of what Tojurou-san said in my previous life. It seems that not only humans, but non-humans are also clothed in a kind of magical flow. And, it seems that the Hinoshimaguni people can see this flow of magical power.

“Who is this? This human child… how can he sense the spirit of god?”

Leon asked, speaking to me through telekinesis.

“He’s my brother’s master. Wind Swordsman, Saint Tojurou, or otherwise known as The Sword Saint of the Wind, Tojurou-san.”

“Tojurou? Is his family name Toojuuin?”

Leon mentioned Tojurou-san’s family name. 

“Do you know him, Leon?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Oi, little boy. Are you from Hinoshima?”

“I’m not a child. I’m 18 years old. And, kitten knows about Hinoshima?”

Does Leon know about Hinoshimaguni? Well, he’s a god, so he knows a lot about this world.

“I’m not a kitten! Call me Leon. What’s your name?”

“Toojuuin Hikoshirou.”

“So he really is a member of the Toojuuin family.”

Leon muttered in telepathy and turned to me.

“Rio, can you call the princess little girl to come here tomorrow?”

“Chris? Yes, We’ve arranged to meet again tomorrow.”

Is that so? That’s perfect.”

Do you want to talk to Chris about something?

“Wait a minute! Isn’t the young lady Chris the Prime Minister-dono’s daughter?”

Oh, speaking of which, Tojurou-san was here. I realized that I had been talking to Leon normally, and accidentally told him that Chris was the princess. 

“She is Her Royal Highness, Princess Christina, the First Princess of the Kingdom.”

“That young lady is the princess. I thought she had an air of authority about her.”

Tojurou-san didn’t seem surprised at all when he found out that Chris was a princess, he’s a real big shot, isn’t he.

“Tomorrow, tell everyone about your past life, Rio.”

I was surprised by Leon’s sudden words.

Ehh!? I wasn’t planning to tell them till after we got back to the territory! I’m not ready for this!

TL: Hope you guys enjoyed the chapter~! The moment everyone has been waiting for will occur in our next chapter(s)~ so look forward to it!



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