Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 5 – Chapter 17

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Sage vs. Cat Beastkin Soldier

The first battle round ended completely.

Everyone around me was part of the second battle round, so there was nothing worth mentioning.

The battle for the second round commenced now.

First, it was my battle with the cat beastkin.

At first, I tried to think of ways on how I could adapt to the situation, but after watching the first round, I realized there was no need for that.

Besides, going easy on a beastkin opponent was apparently tantamount to an insult, so I decided to go all out.

I climbed the stage first.

Sally, the cat beastkin, followed.

Maybe it was because she crushed the bear beastkin during the first battle round, but when Sally appeared, the entire venue was filled with loud cheers.

Of course, a pretty girl being strong would make them more excited, right…

I was a bit troubled.

“Ahm, will it be alright if I use all my power?”

Sally looked extremely apologetic as she asked me that.

She probably felt bad for attacking me with all she got when I was the one who healed her partially missing body.

However, there were also beastkin who bet their lives in this Martial God’s Warrior Tournament, so they did not want to leave any regrets.

That’s why…

“Yeah, it’s fine to use all your power. If you manage to hit me just once, then I’ll make you my subordinate.”

I blurted out those things.

Even if Sally wanted to use her full power, my words had been quite provocative.

I had that ‘oops’ feeling.

I was unwittingly hyped up, probably because this tournament would determine the strongest person in this country.

I felt regret that I got carried away.

But Sally…

“Thank you so much, meow! I, Sally, will put all my body and soul into fighting, meow!”

That’s what she said.

I was relieved that Sally didn’t get offended. Her cheeks seemed red, though.

Alright, it would be embarrassing if I lost after saying such big words, so let’s do our best.

The match between Sally and I began.

Sally was awaiting my move.

That’s a bad move.

I’m a Sage, so Sally should have drawn nearer right at the start of the battle, and she should’ve attacked me without giving me any time to activate my magic.

However, Sally knew I defeated the warlock, but she didn’t know I was a Sage, so she must be on guard.

If she won’t come at me without warning, then it’s my turn.

“Fire Lance!”


Sally was shaken.

The whole venue was also in an uproar.

That was because I conjured a flaming knight.

Even if the prohibition against magic was lifted, nobody used magic aside from body-strengthening magic in the first round of battle.

Alright, how long would you last against this guy?

I made the flaming knight attack Sally.

Sally was shaken, but she soon came back to her senses when she saw the flaming knight charging with great speed toward her.

She managed to dodge the flaming knight by a hair’s breadth.

Afterward, just like how she did it with the bear beastkin, she turned around toward the flaming knight’s flank with lightning speed, then she tried to punch its unguarded part.

However, the flaming knight was a product of magic.

There was no way its attack would end just by sticking out a spear.

A second spear popped out from the flaming knight’s flank, and it flew toward Sally as she tried to punch the flaming knight.


Right before it hit her, Sally forcefully twisted her body, so she managed to dodge the attack.

Wow, she could avoid this?

I honestly thought she would be done for.

Sally continued avoiding the flaming knight that gave grief to the warlock who attacked Ryuushin.

I noticed something as I observed Sally.

Sally seemed like she could predict what kind of attack the flaming knight would use a split second before it did it using whatever method it was. If not, then she probably wouldn’t be able to continue evading the flaming knight’s attacks to this extent.

Maybe she also got some skill like extreme intuition, just like my brother, Leon.

Hmm, we won’t have any progress with this.

Sorry, but I thought it’s time to end this.

Sally was doing her best in dealing with the flaming knight, so she completely let her guard down against me.

That’s why I was able to prepare slowly.

I released mana from my entire body, and then I lumped them in the surrounding air.

I then wrapped it on me as a magical suit.

Alright, I have no more use for you (flaming knight).

I extinguished the flaming knight.

Sally was shocked at the sudden disappearance of her opponent, and then she looked at me as if she just remembered my existence, and her expression was filled with hopelessness.

She noticed the colossal mana wrapping my entire body.

She wasn’t able to predict this future, so she must have realized she couldn’t escape.

“Sorry, do your best again next time.”

After saying that, I pushed my fist out.

It was the attack I used to blast the Unbeatable Target.

But I didn’t just punch as usual.

I imagined pushing a huge wall of consolidated mana.

This time, the wall had a height of 5 meters and a width of 10 meters, so Sally didn’t have anywhere to escape.

The wall pushed Sally, and she was neatly blown off.

However, she was a cat beastkin.

Even though she was blown away, she twisted mid-air back to her position and firmly landed on her feet… outside the arena.

In order to win in the Martial God’s Warrior Tournament, you either had to make your opponent admit defeat or force them out of the arena.

In other words, it was my victory.


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