When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 59

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Willing to give up

This isn’t working. Kongbao is either going to cry or laugh. “Master…”

Kong Wuying points at the stains on the bed sheets. “Moreover, that smells like straight up milk and is far too much. This master would be dead if that much came out.”

Kongbao: “…”

Okay. Fine.

Kong Wuying looks at the silly Kongbao and waves indifferently. “Hurry up, do you plan to stay in this master’s bed for the rest of the day?”

Kongbao sadly crawls out. He’s looking down so he catches sight of Kong Wuying’s shoes off to the side and his chest suddenly fills with the happiness of domestic bliss. So the idiot says, “Master, let me help you dress.”

Kong Wuying gets goosebumps and flatly refuses. “Impossible! Please stay away from me.”

Abandoned Kongbao: “…”

After having breakfast, Kong Wuying goes to Xuan Wang, the old man is working hard in the morning with the stack of writings that Kong Wuying dumped on him before. Xuan Wang expresses surprise when he sees that Kong Wuying came to take the initiative.

The old man is even more surprised when he hears the proposal. “Zhao’er, you have grown up! You are willing to take the initiative to deal with the paperwork,” the old man rejoices.

(^ er = son/child, etc)

Kong Wuying puts on a patient face even though, every time he sees this man’s face, he really wants to hit him. Who’s the father?!

The old man is very happy to hand over the paper stack to Kong Wuying. “If you have any questions, you can ask me.”

Kong Wuying: “No need.” Will there be something a monarch of a country doesn’t understand?

Half an hour later, the mountain-like memorials from the people disappeared from the table.

The old man is shocked. “How come you are so fast?” That was his workload for three days! He picks up a copy of the passage, turns it around, wondering, “It’s not approved!”

“Ones not approved are over there. It’s rubbish. It doesn’t qualify for my approval.” Kong Wuying points at the pile of sermons at the foot of Xuan Wang.

Xuan Wang looks at the majestic ensembles that are as tall as a mountain at his feet, and looks at the other side. The ‘not regarded as a junk’ pile has two.

This… the gap is a little big.

Xuan Wang opens the piece in his hand, which is accused of being garbage. After reading it, he’s puzzled. “This is fine.”

Kong Wuying says bluntly, “I don’t understand.”

Xuan Wang smiles and thinks this son of his is very cute. “I said just now, if you don’t understand, you can ask me. There must be a learning process. Where do you not understand?”

“The words.”

“…” Xuan Wang opens it and looks at it, confirming that it’s the most common Mingguang text, so he’s worried. “Zhao’er, are you… illiterate?”

That fucking previous emperor is simply too much! Stole the boy and mother away away but didn’t even read a book to Xuan Wang’s son!

Kong Wuying, suspected of being illiterate: “…”

Kong Wuying takes a quick glance at the memorial in the hand of King Xuan. “This memorial takes ten pages, and it writes of how great our country’s national peace and harmony are in Daqing today, and how the people live a rich and happy life. My ruling; how powerful, and effective, how virtuous is my sun shining into the heart of every person like the sun. Said that my wiseness could have been associated with any of the three wise men of ancient times.”

Kong Wuying sighs. “Then it said how lucky and happy the writer was to live in such a country and live under my rule. Then he began to talk about himself. At the age of three, he was a good boy. He was a good young man. He was willing to help others with housework. He loved his brother and kept his promise. He was praised by the neighbours. His father was a soldier with a noble personality. He lived under the preaching of his father since he was a child. Naturally, he is also a noble man who often finds money and helps widows in the village.”

Kong Wuying waves vaguely through the air. “Since he took office, he has been working hard and abiding by this point. Love the people like his children, who rises earlier than the chickens and sleeps later than the dogs. Rising day and night, always thinking of the future of the country and the sorrows of the common people. Every night, people shook their heads and sighed because they were worried that he was not sleeping in effort to help them.”

Kong Wuying stops, a bit tired after saying such a long story. “So. What was he trying to say in such a long-winded manner?”

Xuan Wang takes a closer look and tells Kong Wuying. “The focus is on the back. He says he is unwell and wants to take three days off.”

Kong Wuying is incredulous. “If you ask for leave, ask for leave. What are you talking about?”

Xuan Wang guesses: “Maybe he wants to show his literary talent is good? But since he’s not feeling well, let’s approve it.”

Kong Wuying flatly refuses. “The paperwork is written like this and he wants to ask for leave? No!”

Xuan Wang: “…” Although he doesn’t agree with Ning Zhao’s approach in his heart, his son finally managed to work hard on all this and Xuan Wang couldn’t discourage him.

The world is big but the son is the biggest.

Therefore, Mr Feng, who was sick at home, received such an instruction: the writing was shit! Make it clearer next time! Don’t waste your government’s time!

Mr Feng is a routine writer of these kinds of memorials and suddenly faced such aggression. What is called junk writing garbage? He stayed up all night writing for five hours!

Look at how gorgeous the rhetoric is. According to the classics, it is well-organized, good at using rhetoric, and the emotion is really touching. When you read it, it makes people cry.

In fact, there is no problem, except that Mr. Feng found the wrong professor, so the thesis can only be nothing but a failed grade.

Mr Feng wipes his sweat and looks at the strange and beautiful font on the letter. He secretly speculates that this was approved by His Majesty?

What does this mean, Your Majesty? Suspicious of his leave note? Ugh! It seems that we have to study hard. It is not easy to take a leave this year.

There are many other ministers holding the same thoughts as Mr. Feng. They look at the letters returned to them and secretly resolve to write the pieces more gorgeously, blinding!

However, Kong Wuying finished three day’s work in two hours, and then there was nothing to do.

Xuan Wang touches his beard and smiles happily. “Just as Princess Ru Yao has arrived, as a master of the palace, should your Majesty take the initiative?”

“No,” Kong Wuying refuses.

But rejection is useless. Xuan Wang is far more difficult than the old officials in Yeying. 

Kong Wuying couldn’t bear it anymore after being coaxed and lectured and coaxed again, and finally promised to meet Princess Ru Yao. So reluctantly, he went to the Luoying Garden where Princess Ru Yao was playing.

Xuan Wang secretly smirked. Silly child, father will not harm you.

As the name suggests, the Luoying Garden is full of blooming flowers. The spring in the palace is bright, and the structure is exquisite and the plan is intact. It is indeed a good place to enjoy flowers and ponds.

Kong Wuying walks in without even taking one note on the surroundings. He takes a dozen steps, and he sees three figures not far away watching the flowers.

Kong Wuying heads over and the footsteps immediately alarm the three women.

“Who?” A young girl in a pink-blue dress steps forward immediately, blocking Princess Ru Yao.

Kong Wuying says blankly, “I’m here to meet the princess.”

The maid immediately realizes. “Is it the Emperor Daqing?”

They immediately bow and greet Kong Wuying. As soon as they are done, Princess Ru Yao steps forward.

Kong Wuying glances over and is shocked. Not because she’s beautiful – he is a monarch, not an idiot.

Of course, Her Highness is indeed beautiful, and lives up to the reputation of being the number one beauty in Nanhai. Her eyebrows are tender and affectionate, her eyes are full of autumn colours and warmth, her nose is beautiful, her shoulders and waist are thin, her skin is more delicate and fairer than the most famous Nanhai pearls. 

Compared with her, Kongbao is more refined, but her body is a bit too powerful in terms of aesthetics.

But is this the point now?


The reason why Kong Wuying is shocked is how the princess looked so familiar.

Seems to be…

His mother.

Quest activated!


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