I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 153

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Hades’ Ten Fingers

Everyone around the world witnessed the image of the monster enveloping the area. Everyone’s anxiety grew as the monster continued to endlessly expand in size.

And then…

“Leo, look!”

Hearing Freya’s words Leo turned around and looked outside of the transportation aircraft’s window. There he was a brownish, unpleasant thing, wriggling on the ground.

He couldn’t even figure out if it was a living being or not, but Leo still felt that it was a dangerous existence.

“What in the world is that…”

It wasn’t just Leo, everyone inside the transportation aircraft was enveloped by a sense of crisis upon catching a glance of the thing outside. But at the same time they also felt relief.

That was because Gojo Masakado was standing before it.


[It appears that I won’t even get my turn against him.]

The flesh coming out from Uranus’ back stopped its movements. With a snap the connection between the mass of flesh and Uranus’ back was broken off.

It meant that the mass of flesh that was moving about the ground could now move at will.

[Be swallowed by the hundred million corpses.]

The mass of flesh that was under his eyes had now spread to over tens of kilometres. It had already freed itself from Uranus’ control so now it would move freely and look for corpses so that it could expand itself.

It was the strongest monster that couldn’t be stopped by anyone…


‘That unpleasant thing seems to be moving towards me…’ 

If one were to look closely at the crawling mass of flesh, he would be able to see people’s hands, faces and other body parts.

‘So it’s something like a mishmash of dead body parts?’

I couldn’t just leave it alone so I began to gather magic power in my right hand.

When the mountain of corpses approached me, it spread all at once as if it was opening its mouth to try and swallow me.

The yellow crystal on Hades’ Ten Fingers then broke and a powerful lightning began to gather in my right hand, which lightning then took the form of a huge spear.

“So this is the Grand Lightning Magic.”

I pulled back the lightning spear and then threw it with everything I had.

“Thunder!!” [TL/N: Just a quick clarification. The original name of the spell here is called Keraunos. In Japanese it has its own name and it symbolizes the thunder that the Cyclopes gave Zeus when he saved them. However, when I looked around in English there was no mention of such a name, it was simply stated that the Cyclopes only gave Zeus thunder. That is why I decided to go with thunder.]

When the spear of lightning collided with the mountain of corpses, it pierced through it in an instant leaving behind a tunnel like hole.

A fearsome lightning broke all over the area and when the mass of flesh touched the lightning it was torn to pieces and turned into ash.

After passing through the mass of flesh the spear continued forward in a straight line towards the floating castle.

The spear easily broke through the castle’s barrier and pierced through it, disappearing far off into the distance. A crackling plasma remained in the pierced castle and after the remaining lightning flashed on and off a couple of times a change occurred in the castle.

The castle exploded from all sides and with the rise of a black smoke the floating castle began to lose its altitude.


[What? What happened…]

Uranus was standing on top of Avalon’s walls, completely oblivious to what had just happened.

This castle’s barrier shouldn’t have been broken through that easily… On top of that for the castle to lose its functions and fall to the ground was unbelievable.

Uranus knew that the human had fired off a Lightning Magic.

However, he hadn’t paid it much attention. That was because he thought that a human’s magic wouldn’t amount to much.

Yet, Uranus couldn’t hide his surprise for the human’s lightning attack, which had easily managed to pierce Avalon’s barrier, that Uranus couldn’t break through even with his most powerful lightning attack Gáe Bulg.

The spell just now was one that Uranus hadn’t seen before.

Uranus could only float in mid-air and watch the descending Avalon.

Anger rose along those unbelievable thoughts. It had been a couple of hundred years since Uranus had last felt anger.

When he turned to look around at the human a powerful light fell from the sky.

Looking up Uranus saw an enormous fireball. That fireball was several tens of times bigger than Inferno and looked like a small sun that was heading towards the ground.

When it got closer to the flesh it evaporated everything with its scorching heat and continued to sink itself into the ground.

The super-hot heat wave spread around in the form of a circle and burned down all of the flesh in the area. An enormous hole was opened up in the ground. It was so deep that one couldn’t even see the bottom.

With this attack most of the flesh in a wide area was wiped out, but a large amount of flesh was still left to continue to erode the ground.

The Fire Magic that had been fired off just now was another one that Uranus hadn’t seen before. The man before him was using powerful magic that Uranus hadn’t even seen before… It was then that Uranus remembered Agaliarept’s words.

Today you’ll be killed by the guy who tamed me.

[So that wasn’t just a bluff…]


The red crystal on the right hand glove shattered. The spell that I had used just now was the Grand Fire Magic: Prominence.

Its power exceeded my expectations.

However, there was still quite a bit of flesh left. It was going around the enormous hole and making its way towards me.

‘It seems like it automatically attacks anything that it has perceived as its enemy.’

I looked at the mountain of flesh heading for me with frightening speed and began to gather magic power in my left glove. The blue crystal shattered and the temperature of the area suddenly dropped.

“Grand Water Magic”

The flesh spread out in an attempt to swallow me.


The large amount of flesh that was trying to swallow me suddenly stopped all at once. With me as the centre, everything within an area with a radius of one kilometre was completely frozen. There were no signs of movement anywhere.

But even so, the flesh that was outside of that area still continued to come at me. It seemed like it had no end. 

‘So you won’t stop until I get rid of you completely…’

I once again gathered magic power in my left hand. The pale blue crystal on my left glove shattered and a strong wind broke out.

The clouds in the sky spread like donuts and a tremendous mass of air fell down.

“Grand Wind Magic Quetzalcoatl!!”

When the tremendous mass of air hit the ground it exploded creating a shock wave which tore to pieces and blew off everything.

The mountain of flesh that had been frozen was turned into pieces and the still moving flesh was also shredded as well.

Just like a violent, condensed typhoon that had gone out of control it was attacking the mountain of corpses.  When the wind calmed down only a flat ground was left.

“Did I do it?”

I thought that I had taken care of all of it, but the blown off pieces of flesh began to gather and once more combine together. And from far away another mountain of flesh was making its way here.

‘It seems like it’s taking in the dead Demons’ corpses in order to expand infinitely. I seem to have underestimated it.’ 

It was evident that this monster was strongest out of all of the monsters that I had seen.

I probably wouldn’t have been able to stop it without the help of Hades’ Ten Fingers. 

‘In order for me to destroy it completely I need to make sure that not even a single part of it is left…’

While looking at the mountain of corpses that was heading down towards me like an avalanche, I gathered magic power into the orange crystal on my right glove.

When the crystal shattered an earthquake occurred and earth began to swell.

“Grand Earth Magic Ginnungagap!!”

With a rumbling the ground opened and from the crack eight rock dragons made their way to the surface. Each one of the dragons was as big as Titan.

The rock dragons fixed their gazes on the mountain of corpses.

As if falling down from high up in the air the dragons attacked the enemy that was crawling on the ground. Each of the dragons’ mouths had many layers of jaws with numerous fangs inside of them.

When the dragons bit at the mountain of corpses the impact caused the earth and sand to soar and a smoke screen surrounded the area. The corpses were being ground under the powerful pressure from the dragons’ jaws.

When the dragons moved the ground shook.

The mountain of corpses bundled up and attacked the dragons. They each bit at each other creating hellish pictures akin to Ouroboros.

When the raging rock dragons disappeared, pieces of flesh were left scattered in the area.

A large amount of the flesh had disappeared, but the remaining pieces were still making their way to each other, trying to unite.

In order to finish off the remaining pieces, I put out my right hand and gathered magic in the black crystal on my right glove.

A black sphere appeared before me and it gradually grew bigger.

The sphere looked similar to Emily’s Black Sun grew, becoming enormous. It then began to slowly drag in the small stones in the area.

“Grand Dark Magic Dark Filament!!”

The black sphere created an unbelievable gravitation pull that sucked in everything. When it rose to the sky, it began to slowly tear off the corpses from the ground, sucking them inside of itself.

The mountain of corpses struggled desperately, but it couldn’t compete against the powerful gravitational pull. And like that most of it disappeared within the darkness.


Uranus was dumbfounded. That was because he thought that the magic the man before unleashed in quite succession, might have been magic used in legends.

Even Uranus couldn’t stop the flesh once it had been released.

Yet, now there was only 1/100 of that flesh left. If any more of it was lost, no matter how capable it was of increasing itself it would be hard for it to maintain its strength.

With those thoughts in mind Uranus was about to use teleportation in order to stand in front of that man. However, in that moment he felt shivers run down his spine.

When he looked he saw the man had raised his hand. tens of thousands of swords of light had appeared and were about to assault the remaining pieces of flesh.

When countless swords of light pierced the pieces of flesh, the pieces of flesh disappeared as if being purified.

Afterwards the swords of light began to accurately wipe out the remaining pieces of flesh. The remaining piece of flesh slipped through the swords and tried to assault the man. However, the swords of light turned into pieces of light and gathered into the man’s hand, forming a sword.

When the man swung that sword the light from it moved in a whip-like manner and tore the remaining piece of flesh.

The pieces of light continued to be purified one by one until the last one of them purified.

Uranus just looked at the sight dumbfounded.

It was then that the man’s whip-like light assaulted Uranus. Uranus immediately activated his magic barrier, but the whip easily broke through the barrier and the small light made it way towards Uranus.


Uranus used teleportation to land on the ground but as soon as he did so the man swung his sword and they both glared at each other.

“Did you enjoy the show?”

[… Humans shouldn’t get cocky!]

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