Becoming a Sniper Who Enjoys Playing Games

A Story About an Old Man Who Is a Company Slave Becoming a Sniper Who Enjoys Playing Games of PKing and PKed Chapter 14

Translator: IceCherry

Editor: Firebi

The Sniper Warns Himself


When I return to my starting point after dying, I exhale heavily.

The scene when I was killed is imprinted on my eyes. 

In other words, I’m in a state of shock. 

I was naive…

Somewhere in my mind, I thought I was the hunter. 

It’s a game with PK.

There are those who hunt, and of course there are those who are hunted.

I didn’t think of the obvious.

I was too lenient about that. 

Shaking my head lightly, I sit down on a bench in the fountain square.

Because it’s a game, I’m not physically exhausted, but somehow I feel more relaxed sitting there.

It’s a mood thing. 

The shock of being killed is startling, but it’s also a warning.

As a novice sniper who has just entered the world of PKing, I’m too confident.

That was a good lesson for me. 

Well… Now that I’ve calmed down, let’s check my item section. 

I operate the panel in midair to bring up the item window. 

Let’s see…


I don’t have any of my precious movement speed potions anymore.

I must have dropped them.

By now, my treasured potions must be in the item section of that PK boy. 

But well, I’m glad I didn’t drop the +2 hit ring. I’m not sure about the rarity of the item, but I think it’s a fairly rare item. 

The first two people I killed definitely didn’t drop anything, no more items. 

Too bad…

Well, I close my eyes. I rethink the battle with the PK boy. 

There was no doubt in the way he moved to kill me. He must be a player used to PKing regularly. He’s definitely a better player than me. 

I think back to that battle, but no matter how I simulate it in my head, I can’t see a way to win.

Once again, the weaknesses of the sniper are highlighted. 

In other words, if you’re in close combat, you stand almost no chance no matter who your opponent is.

If they close the distance, you’re vulnerable.

That’s what snipers are for. 

So what is the sniper’s fighting style?

In short, as I’ve been trying to do from the start, they just one-hit kill opponents from a distance.

There is no other way to win.

This is what I need to think through thoroughly. 

With that in mind, I decide to allocate my remaining additional skill points.

There are only two skills to which I have allocated points so far. 


[Range: 15]

[Power: 0]

[Hit: 3 (+2)] 


[Charge Shot: 0]

[Rapid fire: 0]

I might want to put the [Hit] skill on hold for now.

I don’t miss headshots anymore, even against moderately moving opponents, and I haven’t dealt with fast-moving targets like horned rabbits from the start.

I still want to extend the range, but I’d also like to get more power.

At the very least, I want to be able to kill the big bear on Bear Mountain in one shot.

After all, shooting two headshots each time is bothersome. 

So how do I increase my power? 

First of all, there is no active [Rapid fire] skill.

This is a skill that allows you to fire two normal attacks in a row (3 or 4 if you give a lot of points), instead of reducing the power of one shot.

However, I don’t need continuous fire as I’m aiming for a one-kill shot from a great distance.

Perhaps this [Rapid-fire] skill is a sniper last resort for party play. 

How about [Charge Shot]?

This is a skill that increases the power of the next normal attack by charging it for a few seconds.

It looks good, but I can’t move while charging.

This might be a problem for me.

This is a great skill if I want to shoot a large dragon, for example, but not if I want to charge a shot on the spot.

In other words, this skill is not suitable for PKing. 

That would be this one.

The [Power] of passive skills.

The rate of increase isn’t as high as that of active skills, but the more points I give, the more steadily the attack power will increase.

The best part is that it’s passive, so it’s great because you have it on all the time instead of having to turn it on manually.

It’s perfect for me, since I like to be hassle-free. 

So this is what I do when I allocate the extra points. 

[Range: 15]

[Power: 3]

[Hit: 3 (+2)] 

Yeah, this is good.

Let’s increase the [Power] and [Range] from now on.

My goal is to kill a big bear with one shot.

And even if I miss a headshot against a player, I should be able to kill them with a torso shot.

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  1. I get that the story’s setting is a VR game. But the protagonist is actively thinking of how to PK people seemed a bit . . . . scary? Tbh, he sounded a little serial killer-ish, or I’m just overthinking it.

    Definitely overthinking it.

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