The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – Chapter 36

Translator: Jpkuroneko-chan

Editor: Jpkuroneko-chan

Katariona Meets the Sword Saint of the Wind

Author note (paraphrased by translator with the addition of my own notes to comment): This chapter introduces the Sword Saint of the Wind. Hinoshima and Hinoshimaguni are a country. The author uses them interchangeably. It’s not a typo. I, however, (the TL) will typically use Hinoshima when referring to the country (can’t guarantee it’ll be consistent) and Hinoshimaguni when referring to the language.

“The kids in this country have no manners.” 

Oh dear! This guy is a little bigoted, isn’t he? But, I don’t want to give a bad impression to my brother’s master. 

“My apologies. I’m Katariona Yulia Grandeur. My brother is indebted to you.”

I hastily gave a curtsy and apologized. 

“Grandeur? Brother? Ah, you’re Yuri’s younger sister. And what about those girls over there?” 

I look over at Chris and Marie. 

“I’m… Chris… Chris Paulford. It’s an honor to meet the Sword Saint of the Wind.”

Paulford isn’t that my uncle’s family name? I guess it can’t be helped since she’s currently going incognito. 

“I am Marie. I am Lady Katariona’s personal maid.”

He nods. Seemingly in a better mood now that we’ve introduced ourselves and apologized. 

“I am Hikoshirouda Toujuuin.”

“Toujuuin? What a peculiar name.”

“In my country, the family name comes first. My name is Hikoshirou.”

It’s hard to pronounce. So, in my past life, I used to call him Tojurou.



Chris and Marie found it difficult to pronounce his name and had their heads tilted to the side in confusion. 

“…… just Tojurou is fine. It seems that my name is difficult to pronounce for people in this country.”

Ah, I give up.

“Um, Toujuro-sama, were you looking for something here?” 

“Oh, yes. I was looking to see if there were any books on the confections and sweets from my homeland.”

By any chance, is it that thing? There’s a sweet that’s made by kneading wheat flour (technically it’s a different kind of flour, but we don’t have it available here), which is then rolled up into a ball, and topped with some kind of bean paste. I think it was called “Dango.”

“Was it a sweet called Dango?”

“That’s it! Dango. Do you know how to make them?”

I’ve got an idea. I’ll have him read us a book in exchange for some Dango. The books on this shelf are written in the language from Tojurou-sama’s country, which I can’t read. I’m not sure why they’re written in another country’s language instead of ours, but considering the country’s situation at the time, it might’ve been to prevent the books from leaking out to other countries. 

“Yes. However, the dangos might taste different from the ones from Tojurou-sama’s country……” 

Tojurou-sama’s face crumpled. 

“No matter! Just make me some dangos.” 

Chris poked and prodded me and gave me an earful. 

“Hey, Rio! Is it gonna be okay? Do you really know how to make those dangos and stuff?”

“Yes, leave it to me. In return… “

I whispered a secret to Chris. 

“I see. That’s a good idea.”

As for making the dangos, I remember seeing Tojurou-sama struggling to make something akin to dangos in my previous life.  I remember hearing him mutter, “I wish I had some rice and adzuki beans.” As for these, ‘rice’ is a type of grain, while ‘azuki’ is a bean. And, among the plant seeds Chris had given me were rice and adzuki beans. Flare’s bracelet was so versatile that it could even appraise plants. 

“What are you sneakily whispering about to each other?”

I grinned at Tojurou-sama, who eyed me suspiciously with a raised eyebrow. 

“I have a favor to ask in return.” 

“I didn’t say I’d take it for free. What do you want?”

Thinking I was going to ask him for money, he had started rummaging through his pockets. 

“I need you to find a book that has the words ‘History of the Kingdom of Findalia’ or ‘The Marquis de Grandeur’ in the title. If you find it, I’d like you to read its contents as well. …… how about it?”

Tojurou-san, who had been rummaging around for a while, smiled and patted me on the head. 

“Oh? Something like that is but a small price to pay in comparison.” 

Tojurou-san carefully looked through the shelves, searching for the book I asked for. 

In the meantime, Chris, Marie, and I sat at a table in the closed stacks section. 

“Tojurou’s clothes are quite strange, aren’t they?”

“It seems that he’s wearing traditional clothes from his country.”

Hinoshimaguni’s national costume was unusual. It was simply a long garment that reached above the ankles and was tied with a sash to keep it in place. On top of the long dress, they wore a kind of jacket.

“Rio seems to know Tojurou very well.”

I cringed. Aside from Marie, Chris doesn’t know that I’ve gone back in time. 

“Tojurou-sama is my brother’s master. My brother has told me about him.” 

I came up with a quick lie. Sorry, Chris. I promise to tell you sometime that I’ve gone back in time. 

“Is that so? Rio’s brother’s master is the legendary Tojurou, the Sword Saint of the Wind.”

He became a legend from a swordsmanship tournament 2 years ago. Tojuro-san, who joined the tournament, using a single-edged sword (called a katakana) along with wind magic, defeated all the challengers, snatching victory. The rumor spread, and he was nicknamed “The Sword Saint of the Wind.” The Magic Academy and the Knights Order got wind of the rumor and invited him to join their respective institutions, regardless that he was from another country. In the end, he refused saying that he didn’t like being tied down. 

“Yulia and Marie are both polite, but this young lady, Chris, right? To address me in such a way. You have some nerve to address me, an elder of yours, in such a way.”

Tojurou-san is carrying some books with him under his arm. Did he find some books that matched my request?

“You may call me Chris-sama.”

“Young miss Chris, who are you?”

“The princess.”

She’s right. She certainly is, but……  Tojurou-san’s temples are twitching. 

“Please don’t be offended, Tojurou-sama. Chris is the daughter of a key figure in this country.” 

I’m not lying. It’s His Majesty the King…

“Paulford, he’s the prime minister of this country, correct? Did that old man have a daughter?”

He was surprisingly well-informed. Speaking of which, I’ve been wondering, but why does he address me by my second (could be considered middle) name? 

“Um, why do you call me by my second name? My brother, too,…”

“Yuri and Yulia are both names from Hinoshima, right? Isn’t it because some of your ancestors were from Hinoshima?” 

Is that so? I thought that our second name’s were indeed unusual, but…

“Our family doesn’t have any records from our ancestors dating from 200 years ago. I’ve come to the Royal Library in order to find out about that.”

“Is that so? There’s a book here titled, “The Lords of Grandeur’s Path.””

That’s it! Good job Sword Saint of the Wind! 

“Is there a record from 200 years ago? The Marquis of the time was named Marion.” 


We sat down at the table, while Tojurou-san flipped through the books.

“Oh! There is. Marion Lillier Grandeur, was it?” 

“That’s right. Please read that for me.” 

This might tell me more about Marion. 

“Marion Lillier Grandeur. She was 22 years old when she died. She died really young. Only 4 years older than me.” 

“Only 4 years older?”

“Little miss Chris, shut up. She has all the magic attributes!? That’s awesome!” 

All the magic attributes!? It’s impossible to possess them all without having a tremendous amount of magical power. Marion’s magical power must’ve been enormous.

Currently, the Director of the Magic Academy possesses the highest number of magic attributes, with a total of four. Come to think of it, Marie also has three attributes, so she’s pretty amazing. I glanced at Marie, and she smiled back at me.

“She must’ve been very loved by the gods. Marion, Rio’s ancestor, is…”

“……Sounds like it.”

“Let’s continue reading some more.”

To summarize what Tojurou-san read aloud, it was this: 

At the age of 18, Marion succeeded the former Marquis as the new Marquis of Grandeur. She was a good lord who was trusted by the people and loved by everyone. However, it seems that the neighboring countries of the Kingdom of Findalia took notice of Marion’s enormous magical power and fought many skirmishes over her. 

One day, one of the neighboring countries finally crossed over into the Marquis de Grandeur’s territory. So, Marion transferred her sister, nephew, and the people of the Marquis estate to a nearby village using transference magic. The transported people then sought help from the royal family, and the kingdom’s armies were dispatched and marched to the Grandeur’s territory. But, the castle had disappeared and all that remained was a forest enshrouded in miasma. The army that had stepped in had already retreated. 

“Perhaps, Marion had exhausted all of her magic to transfer all the people, and then perished along with the castle.”

The author is unknown, but perhaps it was written by the lords that came after her. If you try and guess what happened to Marion-san, it’s natural to think that she shared the same fate as the castle. 

At some point, it seems that Chris, Marie and I had all started crying. 

“Oi! Don’t cry! It looks like I was the one who made you guys cry!” 

Tojurou-san was flustered, not knowing what to do.

“That’s because… Marion-san…is… “

“Such a good person… to have died… hick…  “

“As expected……  of Milady’s ancestor……  “

I begged Tojurou-san to wait until I had stopped crying. 

“Could you please teach me the words of Hinoshimaguni?”

I wanted to have a “copy” of the book and read it myself. 

TL: Hope you guys enjoy the chapter~!



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