I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 152

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

A Hundred Million Corpses

The silk-like magical power spread around the area, reaching even the border of the battlefield far away. It healed the wounded and gave birth to the ones that had lost their lives.

A soldier that had lost his life slowly began to open his eyes.

Without knowing what was happening that soldier looked around him. The thing that had happened to him was happening all over the battlefield.


[Switzerland・Geneva・United Nations Headquarters]

“Urgent news! Commander Matthew! We got news that the ones that died in battle are being brought back to life one after the other.”

“WHAT?! What do you mean?”

“We don’t know. The people there don’t know as well!”

Afterwards there were reports from numerous places that people were being brought back to life.

Over 100,000 people had died since the beginning. It was hard for Matthew to believe that most of those people had now been brought back to life.

“What in the world is going on?”


‘Seems like it went well.’ 

At first I had thought that it would bring back to life the enemies as well, but in the end only our allies were brought back.

Light particles also gathered around Leo’s left arm and restored it to what it was before. The wounds on the person that was helping Leo walk were also instantly healed.

“Gojo, did your magic do this?”

“Yea, it seems like everyone’s starting to open their eyes. Let’s go!”

Alongside Leo I went to the place where everyone else was. There Wan, Freya, Noah, Emily, Luke and the others had already woken up and all had curious expressions.


Leo rushed out with joy, hugging our companions that had just gotten up. After Leo spoke with everyone he pointed at me.

Afterwards everyone ran to me with expressions filled with joy.


“Mr. Gojo!!”

Wan rushed a little faster than the others and threw her fist at me.

“Gojo, you’re late! You should have come earlier!!”

“I know, I’m sorry Wan.”

Noah and Emily also came to me and hugged me while shedding tears. I returned their hug with my own and apologized for being late.

“Gojo! Did you heal everyone?! There should have been a lot of casualties…” said Luke with a bit of excitement in his voice.

“It’s a spell that I can only use once, but it seems like it worked.”

“Gojo what are you planning to do now?”

At Leo’s question everyone fell silent.

“Their boss should be around here somewhere. I’ll just go give him a beating. You should all retreat from this place as fast as possible.”

“So there really is someone controlling them… We got it. We’ll leave the rest to you. You’ve got this Gojo!”

“Mr. Gojo! Come back by all means okay?”

“Gojo I won’t forgive you if you die!”

“Make sure to come back Gojo.”

After giving my promise to Noah, Wan and Freya I parted with everyone. While watching the backs of my friends I prayed for their safe escape.

And then I turned my sight to the sky.

Several kilometres away I could see a castle floating in the sky. There were also two powerful presences coming from it. 

‘One of them should be Agaliarept. There’s also someone who’s able to keep up with him. I’m sure.’

“You’re there, aren’t you, Demon Lord.”


A fierce battle was taking place in the skies above the flying fortress.

Uranus repelled Agaliarept’s slashes while Agaliarept dodged Uranus’s Dark Magic attacks.

[What’s wrong! There’s no point if you can’t hit me!!]

[What a tough fellow you are.]

Uranus stopped time. He got close to Agaliarept that was frozen in mid-air, however Uranus couldn’t use spells while time was stopped.

After Uranus got really close to Agaliarept he produced a cannon made of flesh. And then he resumed time.

[Dragon Blast!!]

The light shot at Agaliarept, however just as it touched his body, Agaliarept managed to dodge by a hair’s breadth. Even Uranus showed admiration for his reflexes.

[That was dangerous!!!]

[…You really deserve to be called a genius… What a waste. With your power you could have become my right hand man… I guess your character was just too bad.]

[Who would want to be your right hand. I should have been the one to be called a Demon Lord!]

Hearing that Uranus showed a daring smile.

In the next instant a tear formed in the space and a muzzle appeared from inside it. Agaliarept immediately tried to dodge but…


Agaliarept’s shoulder was hit by the Dragon Blast.

[Damn it! Using cheap tricks.]

The tear in space wasn’t just one, there were countless of them. Uranus had stretched out numerous tentacles from his back, with each tentacle entering a different tear and turning in either a hand or a cannon.

[I can freely control space as well. Can you dodge a simultaneous attack from all directions I wonder?]

Just as Uranus had said Dark Magic and Dragon Blast were fired from a number of places and shaved at Agaliarept’s body.

[… I have no choice. I’ll have to use my trump card as well!]

Agaliarept put his hands forward and aligned his fingertips, pointing them at Uranus. From his fingertips black sparks flew and a highly concentrated black sphere appeared.

It was a Pseudo Black Hole that had enormous energy.

The black sphere tried to swallow everything in the surroundings and even managed to swallow the Dragon Blast and the Dark Magic. The sphere then became larger and tried to even swallow the Demon Lord.


Uranus stopped time, however the gravitational pull still continued trying to suck him in.

Even Uranus, who was able to move in the frozen time, couldn’t evade the energies that exist since the start like gravity.

[I have no choice.]

He transformed the flesh on his back and produced four cannons. He also transformed both of his hands into an enormous cannon.

He then resumed time and fired at a Dragon Blast at the Pseudo Black Hole. A light that was even more powerful than the one that had been fired at Hydra swallowed the Black Hole.

Uranus was glad that he had been able to somehow get rid of that sphere when…

[I waited for this!]

Agaliarept’s sword strike easily passed through Uranus’s defense and cut off his left arm.

A large amount of blood dripped down. It didn’t seem like this reality would be going anywhere this time around.

[Dragon Blast and rewinding time must put quite a burden on your body. I was right to think that you wouldn’t be able to use them in succession.]

[Are you that happy that you were able to wound me?]

Uranus’ body quite regenerated itself. The blood stopped leaking and his chopped off left arm was returned to normal.

[No matter what you do the final result won’t change.]

[Stop your babbling!]

Uranus and Agaliarept’s battle grew even fiercer. Each time their swords clashed it would create roaring noises that reached far away and shook the air.

Uranus’ sword was covered in Dark Magic as it shaved off Agaliarept’s red fog, yet he wasn’t able to cause a fatal wound.

In the midst of that battle a sudden change occurred.

Light particles slowly began leaking from Agaliarept’s body.

[Ah? What is this?! It just started getting fun!]

[That’s… You, it can’t be. Were you summoned?]

Looking at the lost for words Agaliarept, Uranus let out a smile.

[Hahaha, now this is a masterpiece. To think the immortal demon would choose death only so that he could go outside… You sure have fallen Agaliarept.]

[Shut up you bastard! As long as I’m able to kill it will be worth it.]

[Even though you went through all of that you still couldn’t win against me. Those light particles mean that your summon limit is coming to an end. It’s over.]

[… How unfortunate. I wasn’t able to kill you with my own hands.]

[That’s an impossible dream. If I find and kill the one who tamed you, you’ll disappear. Goodbye Agaliarept.]

[How truly unfortunate… After all, you’ll die today. Hyahahaha. How can I not be sad at the fact that I won’t get to fight you again.]

[… What are you saying?]

[Don’t you get it? Today you’ll be killed by the guy who tamed me.]

After Agaliarept said that he disappeared into the light and rose to the sky.

[… How… truly… unfortunate…]

Uranus gazed at Agaliarept as he completely disappeared.

[To think that he would make excuses until the very end… You really did fall Agaliarept…]

After giving a look to the sky Uranus turned his gaze to the ground. There were still a number of Oracle Beasts that were rampaging around.

Uranus gathered Light and Lighting in his right hand and cast Combination Magic.

[Gáe Bulg!!]

The cluster made of plasma split into countless lights and fell to the ground. A single light pierced Ravana’s body and two other lights fell on Spriggan and Gigas.

All of them flew back as if they had been hit by an explosion and disappeared.

The other light shot towards two other beasts but…


The Crimson Ape and the Metal Lion dodged the lights by a hair’s breadth and headed for Avalon in a straight line.

[So they were able to dodge it… It doesn’t matter.]

said Uranus and began to produce a piece of flesh from his back. The piece of flesh produced by his back grew even bigger and when it was about to overflow it actually began to float and headed for the ground beneath the flying castle.

The flesh fell to the ground and as if it was flowing like a wave it rapidly increased in size and began to spread in the area as if trying to erode it.

The flesh was crawling on the ground like it was some sort of amoeba-like creature.

And it was also then that the flesh recognized the two beats coming toward it as its enemies.

[I can absorb the dead bodies of humans and Demons inside my body. When they get absorbed by me the dead bodies turn into mindless puppets.]

The tsunami-like cluster of flesh assaulted the two beasts.

The two beasts tried attacking the cluster of flesh that was surrounding them from all sides and not giving them a chance to escape, but their attacks had no effect.

The flesh then enveloped the two beasts, crushing them to death.

Uranus looked pleased as he witnessed the sight of the beasts turning into particles of light after having to face the overwhelming amount of flesh, before which they were hopeless.

[I have over a hundred million corpses stored inside my body. Now that those corpses are running wild no one will be able to stop them.]

The flesh continued spreading and after taking in the bodies of the dead Demon soldiers, it grew even bigger.

[You can only blame yourselves. I planned on letting most of the humans live, but if you are going to try and oppose me this much I might as well wipe out all of you. Once unleashed, the hundred million corpses won’t stop until they have killed their enemies.]

Uranus knew that if he were to release his corpses it wouldn’t take even a week before all of this star’s creatures were wiped out.

A single man stood before the fast moving cluster of flesh that was devouring everything.

With just a single glance Uranus understood who that man was.

[So it’s him… The one who defeated Agaliarept.]

There was quite the distance between the two of them, but Gojo also managed to see Uranus.

“So that’s the Demon Lord…”

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