Becoming a Sniper Who Enjoys Playing Games

A Story About an Old Man Who Is a Company Slave Becoming a Sniper Who Enjoys Playing Games of PKing and PKed Chapter 13

Translator: IceCherry

Editor: Firebi

The Sniper Doing PKs

Today I’m in the grassland area.

It’s a flat land with a lot of grass around chest height. 

Terrains like Bear Mountain, where I can aim from above and below, are very easy for snipers. But I can’t stay in the same area all year round. If I’m not used to different terrain types, I’ll be in trouble later. 

That’s why I’m in the grass.

I bend down and move with my head as low as possible so that it doesn’t stick out of the grass.

A sniper must not be spotted by the enemy before being attacked. 

Let’s see…

Even though this is a grassland, it isn’t all grassy as far as the eye can see.

There are places with lots of grass and places that have relatively little grass.

That’s where I should aim. 

I will hide where there is a lot of grass, then kill the target that’s hunting in a place where there’s less grass.

Of course, the target is a player. 

For other players, it’s easier to fight monsters in areas with less grass because they have better visibility.

The only people who like to hide in grassy areas are snipers. 

I scramble through the tall grass and lay down on the ground.

I lie on my stomach, with only the tip of my sniper rifle peeking through the grass.

Unless you’re a very observant player, you won’t be able to tell that the rifle is aimed at you. 

I wait for a while… 

I spot a player coming in the distance.

It seems to be a party of four.

Three men and one woman. 

The party of four begins hunting the horned rabbit, the monster of this area.

The horned rabbit has a rabbit-like body, but its horns are quite painful and it moves quickly, making it a difficult monster to kill. 

By the way, I’ve never killed a horned rabbit either. Or rather, I’ve never aimed at one. It’s impossible to snipe such small and fast jumping prey. 

Then, let me learn how to defeat the horned rabbit first.

The party of four is led by a magician who uses her ice spell to slow down the horned rabbit. On top of that, the swordsman, who receives a buff of increased speed from the priest, seems to be attacking with two people. 

I see.

When dealing with fast enemies, you should lower their speed and increase your own?

It seems like a simple but effective strategy.

Well, I can’t use it as a solo player. 

The party of four seems to be taking a short break and begin to prepare for a bonfire. Incidentally, there is a bonfire set available at the tool store in town.

If you build a bonfire, you can use your cooking skills to cook in the outdoor areas. 

Anyway, the targets are relaxed.

Now would be the time to kill them.

Of course, I will start from the priest who had recovery skills. 

I focus the scope on the target.

This is a little different from aiming from above.

Since I’m on the ground and aiming for the opponent’s head, I need to aim slightly upwards.

Just a few millimeters of error and the bullet would fly into thin air. 

The opponent is completely unaware.

The center of aim catches the head of the male priest.

I pull the trigger. 


The male priest’s head turns into a particle of light and pops off, and after a second, his body also disappears.

After all, it seems that a headshot can reduce the HP gauge to zero with a single blow. 

The remaining three players look around in shock. 

From the way they quickly look around; maybe they’ve been PKed before.

But I’m hiding in the grass, and they can’t find me. 

Next is the magician, her face creased with fear.

I set my aim on her.

Pull the trigger. 


The magician also disappears as a particle of light. 

All right, I think, let’s get the other two guys, too. But it isn’t so easy.

The two men run away at once, dismayed. 

Not a bad decision. As long as you can’t see the enemy, you can’t hope to counterattack. If so, the best way is to get out of there as quickly as possible.

I won’t chase them.

If I find them, they can easily shoot back at this weak sniper.

Above all, I walk slowly.

I’m not even sure I can keep up.

Hmm… I missed two people, but it’s not a bad result. Anyway let’s check the item section… 


I hear a thud behind me.

I quickly turn around and get to my knees.

What was that, a monster? 

No, no, no!

It’s a player.

A player who has the appearance of a boy. 

He darts through the grass and approaches me straight away.

There’s no hesitation in his movements.

I glance at the boy’s hands.

He’s armed with a dagger in each hand. 

I have a hunch.

He’s a PK player.

Of course, the target must be me. 

What should I do?

There are less than a few seconds left before I meet the enemy. 

Should I escape?

But he’s so fast and I’m so slow.

I don’t think I can outrun him. 

Should I fight?

But my weapon is a sniper rifle.

Unfortunately, I won’t be in a position to attack in the next few seconds. 

Then what should I do?

Suddenly… the boy disappears.

It was as if he had blended into the air. 

My eyes widen….

I don’t get it…

Did he just log out of nowhere?

No, that’s ridiculous… 

I’m so confused that I don’t react to anything.

I don’t even move a finger when a boy wielding a dagger quickly appears in front of me. 


And my body is sliced by both daggers.

My HP gauge instantly drops to zero. 

That’s when I finally understand.

Perhaps there is a skill to make you disappear.

There must be a skill that allows you to make yourself stealthy for a short time. 

While thinking about that, I die of PK for the first time.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Karma is real, eh.

    I still couldn’t believe there’s a complete party ganging up against a mere horned rabbit.
    There’s a limit for a noobs.

    1. Striking your sword at a 50cm target moving fast is harder than you think you know… this is a VR game not the usual RPG game where your attacks hit everything in front of you.

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