Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 5 – Chapter 14

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Editor: Pierrot

A Certain Female Beastkin Soldier (2/3)

Halt was able to showcase that his power was enough to defeat the Unbeatable Target, so he became this country’s guest, and a lot of unreasonable things were allowed.

He requested that the beastkin enter with him into the royal capital, so the checkpoint supervisor guided them into the capital.

At this time, the entry into the royal capital was being regulated, and even the beastmen of this country were strictly restricted from entering the city, but since he managed to knock the Unbeatable Target down, he was no longer subjected to such limitations.

By the way, during emergencies, there would be no inspections done for those fleeing the capital.

I started cleaning after the destroyed target.

Of course, I couldn’t move the target on my own, so I tidied up the debris that was blasted away around the it.

Suddenly, the imposing figure of that guy passed through my mind.

Fluid movements, overwhelming destructive power, everything was majestic. He was really cool.

I remembered all his every move because I had been staring hard enough to bore a hole in him to make sure that he did not use magic and he was not cheating.

We beastkin were naturally drawn to strong people, so I couldn’t help but glorify him as I recalled how he took down the Unbeatable Target, but… 

There’s no helping it if I fell in love with him since he showed an overwhelming power that could be considered the pinnacle of martial arts right before my eyes.

I am a beastkin, after all.

If possible, I wanted to meet him again.

I started to think that way.

 ── *** ──

The next day, I was off duty, so I went to visit Sally. I wanted to tell her about how Halt knocked the Unbeatable Target down right before my eyes.

It might seem insensitive to tell such things to her who could not fight anymore; however, beastkin did not have any qualms being taken under someone else’s protection when they could no longer fight.

If beastkin were strong, they would fight to protect the weak, and when they became weak, they would be under the protection of the strong to survive.

This was how our race thrived.

That’s why, it would still be exciting to hear the story about finding a very strong person anytime.

I thought that it would be good if Sally would regain her desire to live once she heard about Halt’s story, and so, I entered her hospital room.

Halt was in Sally’s room.


I just stood there, transfixed and dumbfounded.

I was wishfully thinking that it would be good to meet him again, but unexpectedly, that desire was granted soon after.

Today, Halt became more splendid in my eyes compared to yesterday.

Was this the so-called overwriting the memory?

“You were the one who guided us outside the royal capital yesterday. Thank you for yesterday. Ah, by the way, I broke the target yesterday… Was it alright?”

“Y, yes! There is no problem. Thank you very much for your concern!”

Halt talked to me. Moreover, he remembered me. I was over the moon.

But what was Halt doing in Sally’s room?

“Alright, I’ll remove your dressing.”

“Yes, meow.”

Halt started to remove the bandage on Sally’s arm. The warlock took Sally’s right arm and both legs. I hadn’t seen the current state of her wounds.

The bandage on her arm was completely removed.

“H, how terrible…” I unconsciously muttered.

Sally’s hand and feet seemed like they were forcefully wrenched off from the stumps, and they were in disarray. 

The wounds were already closed by the physicians of this kingdom, but even though the bleeding was stopped, it was not a sight you could look at directly.

Sally’s blood drained from her face when she saw her feet and arm for an instant, and she turned away soon after.

In the midst of that, Halt said, “Hm, if it’s to this extent, then I can do something about this. Your internal organs seemed to be intact, too.”

He touched Sally’s wound on her right arm without flinching and said so.

“A, am I really gonna heal, meow?”

“It’s okay, trust me.”

Eh, w, what do you mean?

Will Sally’s hand and feet really heal?

I didn’t understand what Halt wanted to do.


As if to answer my question, Halt cast Heal on the stump of Sally’s right hand that was lost.

Heal was the lowest level of magic in the medical field. There were also combat-type beastkin who could use it; it was a really easy magic spell.

To say alternatively, it was on a level of healing small scratches.

It should be on that level.

Lots of fiber-like threads extended from the base of Sally’s lost hand. Then, the fibers started to grow as they became intricately intertwined.

After around 10 seconds, the lump of fiber began to form the shape of a hand.

No matter how you look at it, it was Sally’s previous arm.

There was no trace of the joining point.

“Ah, Aah, Aaaaaaaaaah!”

Sally started to cry as she clutched her right arm. She couldn’t utter any words.

It was only natural.

The arm that was supposedly lost had healed, though supposedly there was nothing she could do about it. I could only stand there in mute amazement while gawking at Halt’s miraculous Heal.

It was Heal, you know!?

The lowest level of magic!? 

How on earth he was able to do it— even I could only guess. The only thing I understood was that Halt healed the arm of my friend—that’s what.

“How is it? Can you move it?” Halt anxiously asked Sally.

“I, I can move it, meow,” Sally said spiritedly.

Sally usually never let men see her weakness.

Yet now, that woman’s tears were overflowing, and her snot was also running as she tried to move her hand.

Her lost hand was regenerated—that was already close to a miracle in this country that didn’t lack medical practitioners.

However, Halt’s miracles didn’t end here.

“That’s good. Alright, next, let’s do both your feet.”

 ── *** ──

Thanks to Halt, my friend was revived to perfect good health.

“Thank you very much, meow!”

“Thank you very much for helping my friend.”

Sally and I expressed our gratitude to Halt. Sally stood on her own two feet beside me. 

Halt not only gave my friend the will to live, but he even granted her the body that could fight again.

“You may not be used to it at first, so don’t force yourself. Alright, I’ll go treat the others, then.”

After saying that, Halt left Sally’s hospital room.


Sally hugged me.

“Sally, I’m so happy for you.”

“Yeap, yeap, thank you, meow!”

Afterward, Sally told me about Halt.

Apparently, Halt defeated the warlock who attacked this country, and he broke the king’s curse. Together with all his comrades, they healed the soldiers of the army.

I was shocked when I heard that the soldiers who died yesterday were also revived.

Sally had already received intel about Halt’s miracles from the higher-ups earlier, so she obediently received treatment from Halt.

Wait, being the only one shocked upon hearing Halt’s story didn’t seem fair. That’s why I also told Sally about how Halt knocked the Unbeatable Target right before my eyes without using magic.

Sally was also flabbergasted.

Fufufu, with this, we’re even.

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