I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 151

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

All-Powerful One

[Master Uranus, should we use Avalon fortress’ main weapons in order to annihilate those monsters?]

A single servant suggested to Demon Lord Uranus.

[No…… Those are Oracle Beasts. This fortress’ weapons won’t be able to defeat them.]


[Do not worry.] saying that Uranus put his hand forward. His hand then suddenly transformed in a cannon made of flesh.

Light began gathering at the cannon’s muzzle and the atmosphere shook.

[Dragon Blast!!]


With every step the scorching Giant took the ground beneath him turned into magma. The ground Demon forces could do nothing but run away.

With every swing of his axe the ground exploded and everything around it was blown away.

It was a situation where the Demons couldn’t do anything. It was then that a flash of light, coming from far away, collided with the Giant. That light managed to pierce through the Giant’s sturdy body.


A huge hole appeared on the Giant’s body, and from it particles of light were leaking.

The Giant let out a miserable roar and with a roaring sound he fell to his knees. An impact ran through the ground and in the midst of the curtain of dust Titan disappeared into the light.


The flying flaming Dragon was using its scorching breath in order to lay waste to the ground Demon forces, and the flying forces it took down with fire balls.

No one could stop its advance. Then a sudden flash of light pierced its body and the Dragon let out a cry of pain.

Flames rose up from the Dragon’s body and its abdomen was torn open.

In the midst of its final death throes, the Dragon fell to the ground. The Demons who saw that had no idea what had just happened. They were just glad about the fact that the Dragon was killed.

Shiva turned into particles of light and left this world.


Uranus took care of two Oracle Beasts like it was nothing. Even so he felt nothing.

He then put up both his hands and transformed them into two huge cannons.

[Dragon Blast!!]

An enormous amount of light was shot off from both muzzles. The light headed towards the sea and there it collided with the enormous bug.

Vishnu was undaunted despite a hole having just now been opened in its body. However, the light didn’t stop there and slowly began moving horizontally, bisecting Vishnu’s body.

Vishnu couldn’t even let out a roar of pain.

The bug gradually turned into particles of light and disappeared. However, the Killer Bees that had been born from Vishnu’s body remained and continued attacking the Demon’s battleships.

Uranus reverted the cannons back, and then raised his hand.

[Supreme Thunder!]

Over a hundred million thunder strikes fell from the sky and landed on the Killer Bees.

The thunder strikes moved as they pleased and attacked not only the Killer Bees but also the battleships that were supposed to be their allies.

While Uranus had his attention focused towards the southeast, from another direction a single Dragon was making its way towards him. It was quite far away but even so Hydra still gathered light in its three mouths.

In order to respond to the attack Uranus also formed an enormous cannon.

Hydra fired off its destructive light and Uranus also shot off his Dragon Blast. The two rays of light collided in mid-air and began pushing at each other.

[It seems like I really can’t take care of Hydra easily……]

The flesh of Uranus’ back began twisting and turning, transforming into another two cannons. His flesh then twisted even more creating even two more cannons.

The five canons all aimed at Hydra.

The five lights flew towards the Black Dragon. The combined light of the five canons overwhelmed Hydra and swallowed its attack.

The light pierced through Hydra’s Absolute Defense and annihilated it.

Uranus returned his body to its original state and then began looking for a new prey, when he set his eyes on the cluster of flames. The Phoenix was heading towards him in a straight line.

Uranus put up his hand with a bored expression.

It transformed into a cannon and Uranus shot off a Dragon Blast. The light pierced through the bird of flames and continued far off into the distance.

[Well then, I should have taken care of the stronger ones with this.]

Just as Uranus let out a sigh of relief, from below him he saw something charging at him with crazy speed.

It was a red cluster that was moving in a zigzag motion towards him.

It looked just like a red lightning…


‘The flying castle… That should be Avalon. Light shot off from it numerous times just now. That bastard should definitely be there.’

I flew up with even greater speed.

[Hyahahaha! I’ve wanted to see you Uranus!!]

When I came to the top of the fortress, Uranus was waiting there just as I had guessed.

[Blood Slash!!]

I swung down the blood swords that I held in both hands and fired off two arcs of blood. The attack that was able to split a huge battleship in one slash, couldn’t pierce through the bastard’s barrier no matter how many times I used it.

I got close to the Demon Lord and swung at him at point blank range.

My two swords then collided with his sword. Red sparks flew and the air shook due to the impact. I was within an arm’s reach of him as I glared at the bastard.

[It’s been a while Uranus… Have you been well?]

[Fufu…… Agaliarept, I never thought that I’d get to meet you again. Did you enjoy your time in the Dungeon?]

[Yea!  It was the best!!]

I repelled Uranus’ sword and slashed him.

‘I won’t lose to anyone if it’s a battle of strength!’

Uranus took a step back and removed my sword.

My sword had dug from his shoulder up until his abdomen.

As I was looking at the blood making its way out of Uranus’ body, his sword was suddenly stuck in my face.


Uranus hadn’t suffered a single wound. 

‘This is…’

[Agaliarept, did you have a pleasant dream?]

[You turned back time… What a sly fellow.]

I took out the sword that was stuck in my face and transformed into red a fog, disappearing into the air.

[Slashing attacks don’t work on me, you should know that.]

[Now that you mention it. However, you can’t harm me as well. What do you plan to do my old friend.]

[You’ll find out!]

I moved behind Uranus and pierced his body with my hand, while at the same time casting Fire Magic. Blood began pouring down from the hole in his abdomen, while the flames burned his body.

[I’ll attack you as many times as it takes until you fall down!!]

Originally, the attacks just now should have caused tremendous damage, but Uranus who was supposed to be standing before me wasn’t there. It was then that I suddenly heard a voice behind me.

[A useless effort. Even if you raise the power of your Fire Magic using a Unique Skill it is still useless in the end.]

Turning back, I saw that Uranus was holding his hand up. Before his hand flaming sparks appeared and in the next moment everything before me was swallowed by flames.


The flames burned everything in a radius of several hundred meters. It was powerful enough to even burn my red fog. However…

Using the scattered red fog, I restored my body.

[How unfortunate. It seems like fire doesn’t work on me.]

[I see… You stole Hyperion’s ability, didn’t you? In that case fire really won’t have an effect on you, guess I’ll remember that.]

‘If I attack him normally it probably won’t have an effect on him at all… In that case.’

Several tornado-like water pillars suddenly appeared above the place where the two of us were standing. I had managed to control and bring a mass of seawater here without Uranus noticing.

[If this isn’t Ocean Current Manipulation. So you killed Oceanus and stole his ability as well huh… Do you want to kill me that badly?]

[I spend these past couple hundred years just thinking about how I was going to kill your sorry ass! I’ll kill you no matter what it takes!!]

The water tornadoes got even bigger, completely closing off any way of escape. And in that moment I brought down the mass of water on top of Uranus.

The water swallowed Uranus and transformed into a spherical prison.

Furthermore, I didn’t stop there and cast Flame Emperor’s Favor to make the water inside the prison come to a boil. I was holding the flames back so as not to destroy the prison and with the help of the flames and the water I was able to trap the bastard inside.

‘Flame Emperor’s Favor renders Fire Magic useless while Ocean Current Manipulation renders Water Magic useless. And he can’t probably rewind time for a long time. If I can hold him trapped in there even if he does rewind time he will still suffer damage and won’t get out unscathed.’

[Uranus! Die inside the water!!]

[It’s useless.]


I heard a voice right behind me. Turning around I saw Uranus floating in mid-air, completely unharmed. 

‘How did he escape?’

[Now that I think about it I haven’t shown it to the other Demons, but me and Cronus can use teleportation. There’s no point in trapping me.]

[You bastard…]

Uranus pointed his right hand’s index finger at me. A dark light flashed and a huge hole was opened up in my thigh.

[This is Dark Magic…]

My body that was made from the red fog slowly started to be scraped off.

[Fufu… It will take some time but I should be able to whittle down your particles. On the other hand, you have no way of harming me. Well then, what will you do?]

[You bastard…]


[Leo Garcia]

The battleships that had swallowed the sky were falling one by one, and the enemy ground forces were facing the Crimson Ape and the Metal Lion.

We were currently carrying the wounded and trying to make our way to the transport aircraft.

It was then that a single man fell from the sky. 



After falling to the ground Gojo ran towards us.

“Leo, are you okay?”

“I’m fine. But the others…”

I was lost for words. Most of my companions had died and we had even let Gojo’s students die. I couldn’t help Wan and Freya as well.

I told all of that to Gojo. I was frustrated at my own powerlessness…

“I see…”

Gojo looked at his hands.

“The way I am now I might be able to save them.”

“What? What do you mean?!”


I looked at my hands and appraised myself.

Before coming here, I had used a single Class Slate. It was a Class that I had wanted to max out but due to not having the necessary amount of Class Slates I hadn’t been able to do it.

And now, due to the Oracle Beasts defeating a large number of enemies I had gained a lot of exp. Looking at the window before me it was just as I had expected.

Priest Lv 99

[Class Skills]

Healing Rank SSS Title: “Heaven’s Healing Hand”

‘The way I’m now I should be able to do it.’

I gathered magic power in my right hand. The transparent crystal that was situated on the right glove of Hades’ Ten Fingers shattered.

“Grand Healing Magic”

White magic power began surging forth from my right hand and silk like fibres began spreading to the ground. After a bit of time passed they had connected themselves to all of the dead or wounded people.


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  1. FYI, Asclepius, also know as the god of medicine and health is the son of apollo and the patron god of doctor. It was said that zeus killed him in fear of human learning the art of resurrection, he’s also known by his rod of asclepius that has become a common symbol in medicine field. As opposed to Caduceus (staff of hermes), the one that hermes used and have two snakes on it.

    You may have known Asclepius through popular culture, such as fgo or novel like Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus novel

    Anyway, thanks for the translation

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