When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 57

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Conquer Yeying

Kong Wuying touches the pouch on his belt that holds his vials and pills. It seems that there is not enough medicine for this many soldiers.

Kong Wuying doesn’t move and says loudly, “Please take me to see His Royal Highness. I have business I want to talk with him about.”

Kong Er sneers from inside the carriage, hearing this clearly. “Just said he was passing by, now he becomes a businessman. Bring him up, let’s see what tricks he wants to play.”

After a brief moment, Kong Wuying and Kong Er are staring at each other. 

“It’s been a long time, how have you been recently?” Kong Wuying says easily with a warm smile. “Remember me?”

Kong Er’s expression goes dark immediately. Remember? How could he forget? It was because of this man that he was blackmailed by Kong Si and lost a valuable city!

Kong Er grits his teeth and smiles eeriely. “Ning Zhao, you dare to appear in front of me!”

Kong Wuying taps gently on the table. “Your Highness Kong Er, don’t be so excited. This time, I have a business to talk to you about.”

Kong Er scoffs. “I’d have to be brain dead to trust you again.”

Kong Wuying’s eyes start to squint shut with his wide smile as he throws out the carrot to hang. “Are you interested in the body of the monarch?”

Kong Er stiffens.

Hello, brain dead Kong Er.

Kong Er hums. “Last time was my father’s treasure, this time it is my father’s body. Do you think I would believe what you said?”

Of course, if it’s his father’s body, like his brothers, Kong Er wants it. But this does not mean that he has lost his mind… no matter what, he can’t believe this liar!

Kong Wuying blinks. “I’m sorry for the last thing, mainly due to a debt of 100 million. I really can’t afford it. As compensation, this time I am willing to inform you of the whereabouts of the body for free, as long as you… let me go.”

Kong Wuying takes a deep breath. “The real murderer who stole the monarch’s body is His Highness Kong San!”

Kong Er doesn’t believe it at all! “The third child is the most unlikely one! The third child is the one who has the least thought of his father among all the brothers. There’s a wife! And the husband and wife are so loving.”

Kong Wuying, seeing that Kong Er is also adamant and that he’s not alone in thinking this, feels relieved. “Your Highness, do you know that Princess San died unfortunately a while ago?”

“So what? I heard she was murdered by two quack doctors.”

“I’m one of the quack doctors,” Kong Wuying mutters and then raises his voice to continue. “This is actually what happened; Princess San had a concubine and His Highness Kong San discovered it and killed the princess. He even charged me and my companion with that crime falsely and ordered the whole city to hunt us down.” Kong Wuying opens his eyes wide and talks nonsense.

This remark was a bit… It seems that the third child has always been pretending? But also… “How do you know such a secret thing? How did you escape the city guards?”

Kong Wuying says, very seriously, “Because I… was the concubine of Princess San.”

Kong Er: “…”

Kong Wuying clears his throat. “The matter about the monarch’s remains was explained by Princess San. His Highness Kong San killed the princess himself, while I was hidden behind a curtain. As for how I escaped from the hunt, naturally it was a way out left to me by Princess San. Your Highness Kong Er, your achievement over that murderer can count as my revenge for Princess San.”

Kong Er listens, licking his lips involuntarily. “Kong San he… really hid father’s body?”

“It’s here.”

“Here?” Kong Er starts to wonder again. 

This is not a good place.

There is a mysterious smile on Kong Wuying’s face. “Your Highness, you’ll know when you come with me.”

Wait a minute… why do I think this sentence is familiar? Kong Er purses his lips. “Leave. I will decide later.”

Out of caution, after Kong Wuying goes out, Kong Er calls his soul puppet and explains the situation. “Do you think it is credible?”

After listening to this, Yuan Xiu looks like this: “…”

“Hey! What’s wrong?” Kong Er urges dissatisfaction. “So? Do you think the boy’s words are credible? Will it be another trap?”

Yuan Xiu says, “…It makes sense. You can go with confidence and boldness.” 

Master, Yuan Xiu thinks. You already offended the monarch once. You shouldn’t think about ever disobeying him in your life.

Since Yuan Xiu said so, Kong Er also believes that Yuan Xiu was a soul puppet given to him by his father. Although his temperament is strange, the soul puppet would never hurt him.

Three hours later, Kong Wuying and his party arrive at Kong San’s old hideout in the Shuangfeng Desert.

Looking at the hideout, Kong Er saw guards from Kong San’s Ruthless Realm. 

Because when Kong Wuying slipped out, he did so through a different hidden trail. With the strict control of the army around these parts, everyone thought that Kong San was still punishing the quack doctor, so they didn’t check on the hideout.

Kong Wuying asks Kong Er. “So many guards, will your people be okay?”

Kong Er’s face is full of self-confidence. “Rest assured, my people are very skilled at getting the job done.” 

Kong Er quietly makes a gesture to his confidant, and not long after, dozens of murmurs sounded throughout in the venue as the guards are distracted.

Already done.

Kong Er turns his head to Kong Wuying. “You also follow, if this is a lie, I’ll kill you.”

Kong Wuying is not afraid of his threat, and takes the lead to go to the cave where Kong San was. When Kong Wuying opens the stone gate of the cave hideout, he comes face to face with someone just about to leave.

The next second, Kong Wuying yells, “Throw him in!”

Kong Er starts to tense, thinking this man is in cahoots with Kong San. However, with a quick pull, Kong Er is yanked off his feet and dropped into the middle of the room. 

Kong Wuying was not talking to Kong San.

After seeing Kong Er being thrown in, Kong Wuying makes an immediate decision, and orders Kongbao, “Close the door and collapse the cave tunnel!”

Kongbao snorts on the inside. Good vicious stepdaddy, but he likes it! Kongbao does things very well, especially bad things. With a single blow, he pulls Kong Wuying out and collapses the cave tunnel behind them. 

Kong Er’s men saw the distant movement and started on their way over. Kongbao quickly pulls Kong Wuying further and the two people disappeared into the sands.

Leaving the Shuangfeng Desert, Kongbao asks curiously, “How did Kong Er offend you, master?” 

Kong San being beaten like that, he definitely offended master, but why did the good master hang Kong Er in there too? 

Kong Wuying tsks. 

Kongbao: “…” 

Kong Er didn’t do anything bad actually. But Kong Wuying was already upset from Kong San and the second son was thrown to the dogs before he could do anything.

Kong Wuying thinks for a while, then gives up. “Forget it, leave him, go.”

Now it’s too difficult to go back and dig out Kong Er. Anyway, Kong Er isn’t an obedient son either. 

Kongbao becomes happy. He loves the cold and ruthless master most. “Where does master want to go next? This baby will accompany you around Yeying.”

This time, no matter what, Kongbao will never leave the master for more than five minutes.

“No more window shopping around here, let’s go back to Mingguang.” Kong Wuying says coldly.

“Back to Mingguang?” Kongbao almost suspects that he heard it wrong. To master, isn’t Yeying considered his home? Actually wants to return to Mingguang?

Kong Wuying says nothing.

Even the well-known infatuated man with a wife, Kong San, is a terrifying existence. Kong Wuying doesn’t expect other sons, who are bachelorhood single dogs, to be filial children. He will leave before his heart becomes more congested.

(^ single dogs = forever alone lol)

But this … is just the beginning.

Kong Wuying looks around the charming mountains and rivers of Yeying and makes a decision in his heart. He will return to Yeying again.

Just wait, until he has conquered Yeying by force.

He had never realised the bad minds of his godsons before, not because he was too slow, but because they were hiding too well. Now that he has lost his strength and status, he is being bullied by his sons. 

When he uses force to conquer Yeying and dominates the world, he’d like to see them dare to be so arrogant!

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