I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 150

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Red Lightning

[India New Delhi]

[What’s going on!]

The Demon Pithius who had invaded this city was furious at the situation unfolding before him.

The human’s opposition was no big deal, but suddenly lightning had started pouring down like rain, taking down their battleships and fighter aircrafts.

The lightning definitely hadn’t been a natural phenomenon.

It was a magic attack. When Pithius came to the same thought he ordered one of his subordinates to search for the culprit behind the attack, it was then that they noticed a single monster, carrying a strangely shaped sword, on the surface.

They didn’t know why a monster was attacking them, but even so Pithius ordered a concentrated fire on the monster.

However, a powerful magic barrier was deployed around the monster, and the Demon Army’s attacks didn’t work at all.

On the other hand, the Demon’s battleships were attacked by all sorts of magic. Thinking they were the monster’s companions, Pithius tried to get a better look at the flying objects that were attacking them.

It turned out that those flying objects were in fact arms.

The arms were flying by themselves and were using various kinds of magic. They were bringing down battleships by using Fire, Water, Lighting and Darkness Magic.

[Kill that monster no matter what!]

When Pithius ordered the attack, Ravana was already gone. Just when they were about to look for him, they noticed that he had appeared on top of one of the arms flying in the air and was right above their battleship.

Ravana jumped off from the arm and with the help of his sword, covered in lighting, she slashed down at the battleship.

The lightning flew forth from the sword and the battleship exploded in various places. With a miserable shriek Pithius died alongside his battleship.

The over 50,000 Demon forces that were dispatched to India were there completely annihilated by lighting attacks and the numerous flying arms.


[Pakistan Islamabad]

“Keep firing! Don’t let him inside!!”

Brigadier General Kareem, who was part of the Pakistan Special Forces Squad SSG, was trying to somehow stop the invading ground forces.

However, faced with the overwhelming number, Pakistan’s forces were on the brink of destruction.

“Brigadier General. The North-eastern front has been breached! We won’t last as well!”

“I know. Still, if we lose this place we’re done for. We must protect this place with our lives!”

Just as the Pakistan forces were being overwhelmed a sudden powerful light blinded Kareem’s vision. He struggled to somehow open his eyes and when he did so he saw a Giant standing before him.

The Giant was 30 meters tall and was made of steel. Even though it was his first time seeing one, Kareem recognized it. It was the monster that had appeared in America before.

“…Guess this is it for us…”

Just as hopeless thoughts began popping up into the soldier’s minds a strange thing happened.

The Giant turned its back at them and headed towards the enemies. And not just that, the enemies while raising their voices also began attacking the Giant.

With a speed that didn’t suit its giant body, the Giant ran kicking the enemy forces and throwing their armored vehicles.

“I-is it an ally…?!”

Kareem was struggling to comprehend the situation, but even so he knew that he couldn’t miss this opportunity.

“Follow the Giant! Attack alongside him!!”

The Pakistan forces that were on the defensive until now finally began attacking. With just a sweep of his arm the Giant blew off over ten of the enemy soldiers.

The tiger like mechanical beasts rushed at it, but the Giant just grabbed them and slammed them on the ground. The Pakistan soldiers followed behind the Giant and shot at the enemy soldiers.

Because the enemy soldiers would die when shot with normal bullets, Kareem and the others rushed in without hesitation.

A loud sound was heard and with it the Giant’s charge was stopped.

Kareem looked to see what had happened to witness a single man standing on the way of the Giant’s fist. The man was different from the other soldiers. He had a large build and wore silver armor.

[… Don’t get cocky!]

The man grabbed the Giant’s fist and threw him.

With a tremendous impact, the Giant landed on the ground with his back. After falling the Giant didn’t move for a bit which meant that it must have suffered quite a bit of damage.

The armored man then rose his hand and the battleships that were standing behind him began firing. When the shots landed on the Giant they exploded, completely stopping him in his tracks.

[Listen here you humans! I’m Divine General Epimetheus. I’ve been tasked with this land’s subjugation. I’m still willing to spare you. Stop your resistance and surrender!!]

The armored man’s voice echoed directly inside everyone’s heads.

The morale of Pakistan soldiers was drastically lowered; however, it was then that screams could be heard coming from the enemy’s back line. Following which the enemy soldiers were blown up in waves.

[What’s with the ruckus?!]

When Epimetheus turned around a shadow was cast over him. A huge blue ogre was standing before his eyes. The ogre held a thick metal rod and had an imposing stance.

[What’s this?]

Seeing the ogre bring down its rod Epimetheus laughed. He found it ridiculous that the ogre would dare to challenge him to a strength contest. After all, within the Divine Generals his physical strength was only second to that of Ares’.

Epimetheus stopped the metal rod with his hammer. In the next instant though he found his legs buried in the ground and the metal rod had also buried itself into his shoulder.


Epimetheus couldn’t believe that the blue ogre had overwhelmed him with just one arm, while he had used both of his to block the attack.

He desperately struggled, but the ogre grabbed his head with its left hand.

The ogre brought Epimetheus up. He tried to struggle and flapped his legs, but he wasn’t able to shake himself free. As that was happening the metal Giant managed to get up, and once again began kicking out the enemy soldiers.


Faced with the struggling Epimetheus, the ogre simply smiled. It then slowly began putting force into its grip…

[A-r-argh…S-st-STOP IT……!]

In the next instant Epimetheus’ head was crushed.

The ogre, as if having lost all interest, didn’t even look at the dead Epimetheus’ body. It then headed towards the Giant in order to help him annihilate the remaining Demon forces.

The Pakistan soldiers that witnessed that sight, with fear clinching their hearts, followed behind the Giant and the ogre in attacking the now disordered enemy forces.

With that the Pakistan forces somehow managed to win the ground battle.


[Hm? Where am I?]

[Who’s this bastard?! He suddenly appeared out of the light!]

[Oh my, so much food!]

Agaliarept, who had been summoned right in the middle of the ground enemy forces in Mongolia, was delighted to see a crowd of people.

[Aaahhh… I’m finally out. It seems like I’ll also be able to eat my fill… I didn’t believe it but seems like I might have to thank the gods.]


A curtain of bullets headed towards him, however Agaliarept didn’t care at all. Rather it felt like a pleasant stimulus.

He lightly waved his hand and the heads of close to several hundred people in the area flew off.

The headless bodies then fell to the ground, creating a sea of blood.

[HYAHAHAHAHA! So fun, it’s so much fun.]

While preying on his fallen victims Agaliarept then set his sight on the other ground forces. Whenever he swung his sword made of blood the enemy armored vehicles and mechanical beasts were split in two.

In the middle of his playful killing session Agaliarept felt something.

[What a delightful aroma…]

Agaliarept approached the battleship in the front. The resistance was frightening, however it didn’t bother him at all.

After killing everyone he also turned the battleship into pieces.

[So it really is here…]

Within the ship there was a single Demon. The Demon was covered with blood from head to toes, but even despite that he still held his sword and tried to resist.


While the Demon was talking Agaliarept stretched out his blood threads and sucked the opponent’s body dry.

[T-th…. this can’t……]

The Demon quickly withered up and lost his life in just mere moments.

[Aahhh, Demon blood is so freaking good!]

After taking care of the ground forces Agaliarept set his eyes to the sky.

[Seems like there’s a lot of food just floating there. It’s just enough to fill me up.]

Agaliarept then gently floated up and began flying at high speed.

With just a light swing of his sword he split a battleship that was floating several hundred meters away from him. He then continued to split battleships and fighter aircrafts one after the other.

A red mist was beginning to form around Agaliarept.

[What is that?]

If one were to look at it from the battleships’ point of view, it looked like a red lighting was soaring through the sky, making the other battleships in the surrounding explode.

No one knew what it was and there was also no way to stop it.

When Agaliarept caught sight of a dozen or so fighter aircrafts coming towards him he joyfully turned towards them and fired off Fire Magic.

The sky was covered in deep crimson and the fighter aircraft blew up due to overheating from the heat.

The countless battleships rapidly began dwindling. If there was a Demon inside the ship Agaliarept would drag him out and eat him.

He viewed that as nothing more but a type of entertainment.

Just as Agaliarept was about to head towards another ship he suddenly bumped into something.

[Ah? What’s this?]

Looking closely, he noticed something akin to a transparent membrane that was blocking his path. There was a man on top of the deck of the battleship that he was heading towards.

Agaliarept knew that man.

[Ahhhh, this is so nostalgic. Oceanus, you’re still alive!]

[Why did you come here, you immortal bastard!]

There was a huge amount of water floating on top of the battleship. Using water from that huge cluster about the battleship, Oceanus had been able to form a water magic barrier.

[I cannot let you go any further.]

[Huh? Are you scared of letting me meet the Demon Lord?]

[Ridiculous! It will be the same no matter how many times you challenge the King. You should know that the best.]

[I won’t know until I try!!]

Agaliarept tried to forcefully break through the barrier. However a large amount of water flew down from the water mass above the battleship and tried to drown the struggling Agaliarept.

It formed a huge bubble with him in the centre, creating an inescapable jail.

[It’s futile. Even you won’t be able to escape from a cage made with my Ocean Current Manipulation! Just stay there quietly.]

Just when Oceanus was assured of his victory Agaliarept laughed from inside of the water jail. The surrounding water was dyed in red and began boiling.

It exploded and from the inside Agaliarept came out covered in flames.

[WHAT…… It can’t be?!]

[Hahahaha!  What’s wrong? Is that all you’ve got?]

[That fire power… You bastard! You took Hyperion’s Flame Emperor’s Favor?!]

[I wonder; I can’t be bothered to remember the name of every insect that I’ve eaten.]

[You’re a disgrace to Demons…]

When Oceanus raised his hand numerous water spears formed from the water whirlpool in the air.

The water spears pierced Agaliarept however he turned into a red fog and didn’t sustain any damage.

He then completely hid himself into the red fog.

[You bastard… WHERE DID YOU GO?!]

Oceanus then suddenly felt a shock run through him so he looked down. He saw a deep red arm sticking through his stomach.

[…gh?! … You bas… tard…!]

[What’s wrong? It turned out to be a splendid hole. Hyahahaha.]

Numerous red threads then made their way into Oceanus’ body and began sucking away his blood. Oceanus originally looked as an old man, however now he seemed to have aged even more.

[Ar… gh…]

[I’ll gladly take your ability as well.]

Oceanus’ body crumbled up turning into ash that was scattered by the wind.

[Well then… Where is my sweetheart I wonder.]

Agaliarept once again turned into a red lighting as he soared the sky.


A single man was quietly standing on top of the massive floating fortress.

He was looking down at the ground, seeing as the Demon forces were slowly dwindling. It was something that he hadn’t expected.

But even so, the man donned in golden armor just laughed with joy.

[Fufu… This is certainly fun.]

Demon Lord Ezekiel Uranus

Demon Lv 11,281

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