Becoming a Sniper Who Enjoys Playing Games

A Story About an Old Man Who Is a Company Slave Becoming a Sniper Who Enjoys Playing Games of PKing and PKed Chapter 12

Translator: IceCherry

Editor: Firebi

The Sniper Knows The PK Penalty

I finish my work and go home.

I eat dinner, take a shower, then lie down in bed. 

Now it’s time to play VR.

I put the headgear on my head and enter.

The words [Welcome to Earth World Online] spread out in front of me.

And my avatar, Kentaro, lands into the Town of Beginnings. 

After all, the whole town is packed at night. Well, most people have free time at that time.

I’ve already decided on my path. I’ll continue to hunt monsters to earn skill points and gold.

At the same time, I’m going to PK to get items. 

It would be fun if I could just PK, but then my character wouldn’t level up at all, and I would run out of gold sooner or later. But both are needed. 

That’s why I go to the alchemy store.

I need to replenish my movement speed potions. 


I’m greeted by the usual beautiful big sister NPC.


She’s not smiling today, is she? She has a somewhat flat expression on her face.

Can NPCs change their expressions? 

Well, I don’t care about that, so I choose a movement speed potion from the items on display. 

「This customer has killed a person. She won’t be able to sell the item for a while.」 


Eh? What happened? 

I hurriedly select the movement speed potion again. 

「This customer has killed a person. She won’t be able to sell the item for a while.」 

The exact same line comes back to me.

This is…

I try to select HP potions and MP potions as well. But the result is the same.

I can’t purchase them. 

I see… So that’s what’s happened. 

I thought that there would be no penalty for PK, but that is not the case.

So, this is a systemic penalty…

I didn’t expect that NPCs couldn’t sell items in the stores.

I only use movement speed potions, so I’m okay with that, but I’m sure it’s a big problem for front defence players who use HP potions all the time.

The reason why the world hasn’t become a place where PK is prevalent is because of these restrictions. 

But the NPC says she can’t sell the item for a while.

And by “a while,” she means that this penalty will probably be lifted with time.

Well, if I couldn’t buy the item forever, it would be too strict for the game. 

But… How long is a while?

One day? Three days? A week? 

I don’t know.

It’s bothersome, but I guess I’ll just have to go to the NPC store every day to check. 

I go to the weapon store as well, just to be sure. The result is the same: a burly old NPC says, “I don’t have any weapons to sell you.” 

Oh, shit…!

I have no choice but to leave the town without buying anything.

I don’t have many movement speed potions left, so I might as well save them. 

I pass through the gates of the Town of Beginnings and enter the outside area.

It’s a big, gorgeous gate, just like in a fantasy world. 


I turn around, feeling uncomfortable. 

Every time I left the gate, the soldiers on both sides of the gate always said, “Welcome.” to me in a stern, but warm voice.

But today, I feel that their voice is a bit sharp.

When I take a closer look at the gatekeeper’s face, I notice that the gatekeeper’s expression seems to have become even more flat… 


I have a bad feeling about this.

Will I be able to continue to PK like this?

Well, I will continue…

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    I thought the penalty will be heavier than this.
    If he couldn’t buy from the NPC shop, he could always go to the Player shop. He can buy potions and such, but I can’t say the same about weapons. Is there any Players who craft a sniper rifles?

    1. Thank you for reading! Regarding your question, that will be answered in advanced chapter soon 😄

    2. Well PK = “Murder” in Game world. But if a person plan to play just for fun without following any strategies. It would be safer to craft his own weapon, especially if he become a PK-er which meant Bounty + hostile relationship with both players, and systems.

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