When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 56

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I am just a passerby

With the sound of the phrase echoing through the room, Kong San feels his body getting rigid.

More precisely, his body is not listening.

Kong Wuying commands, “Untie me!”

Kong San’s body actually starts moving, out of his control. He takes the key from his belt and opens the lock. 

Kong Wuying is instantly relieved and he slumps against the pillar, panting slightly. 

Kong San struggles with his frozen body and only pauses when he remembers something. “The poison of the blue heart?” 

It’s also known as the poison of puppets, able to control the victim and moreover, doesn’t wear off. A person could be controlled for the rest of their life even if they get only one dose. 

“This is an improved version, and its effectiveness is not as strong as the full version.” Wu Moying rubs his red wrists lightly.

Hearing this, Kong San couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Then Kong Wuying says, “The medicinal effect can only last for decades. Oh, this is really too short. Barely a blink.”

Kong San: “…!!!”

Kong Wuying shakes out his numb limbs and says, rather indifferently. “You know, I try very hard, but I guess I’m just not a particularly good father. Raising sons like you…”

Kong San: “… !!!”

Kong Wuying is not a physically violent person, because that is exhausting and Kong Wuying doesn’t want to hurt his hands and feet beating someone up.

He has a new way of fighting.

Kong Wuying takes out a blue porcelain bottle from the space ring and empties all the powder inside Kong San’s obediently (unwilling) opened mouth.

Kong Wuying tsks. “So what if I make you sick? That sounds like your problem.”

This time it’s a red porcelain bottle.

“If you are not happy, you can do nothing anyway. I’m your father, your lord, your monarch.” 

This time it is a green porcelain bottle.

“Your father and mother are dead, but did I personally come by to end them? They were killed because of me? Why do I care, why should I have to take responsibility? If they’re stoned to death on the street, was it also my fault that a stone fell out of the sky because I didn’t manage Yeying infrastructure properly?”

This time it was a black porcelain bottle.

Kong San, with a stuffed stomach and mouth full of poisonous powder: “Guh …”

Maybe it’s the poison, or the other poison…or the other poison, but tears start welling up in his eyes. Tears slipped down his face, and from a certain angle, they seem like tears of regret.

As for what he regretted … it is unknown.

Patting his son’s face, Kong Wuying says, “Do you understand what daddy is saying?”

Kong San nods quickly.

Kong Wuying sighs, voice full of distress. “Since you know you’re in teh wrong, dad won’t embarrass you. I also feel bad to see you like this, come! Stand up and accept punishment!”

Kong San chokes. 

Not just those things, but also more punishment! Kong San has no idea what Kong Wuying fed him but he’s getting a hot stomach ache, itching all over his body, and a sore throat. 

Not only that, but he stood up staggeringly after hearing the orders.

Kong Wuying once again takes out a mystery pill from the space bag. This pill is obviously different from the other medicine powders. Kong Wuying isn’t directly stuffing it in, but was carefully feeding it to Kong San.

As soon as he ate it, Kong San’s eyes rolled back and he fainted.

Kong Wuying kicks Kong San on the ground. Relying on poison, he won a great victory, and leaves the place happily.

The long-lost, suffocating sound of the awakened system comes from the necklace. “Host, I am a symbol of light, great justice, and I was born to help everyone out of the shadows of disease and suffering, and move towards happiness and rebirth. You can’t use me to do poison …”

Kong Wuying suddenly realizes. “Oh, so this is the case, I’m sorry.”

The system accuses him, “So hypocritical! I did not tell you a joke, my purpose is to save people, not harm them. If you continue to do this, I may disappear.”

The Monarch of Yeying says earnestly, “I was also saving people just now – saved myself, saved others from my rude son. Who decides who gets to be saved? Can you say truthfully that only particular people deserve to be saved?”

The system quietens down for a long time before it puffs back up after some hard thinking. “I know you are just manipulating me and you don’t care about any of that!”

Lord Wuying, known for his evil, was not always whispered about in fearful reverence. A long time ago he was…

Alright, admittedly … the system is right. 

However, Kong Wuying doesn’t care. “What the fuck do you want? It’s my life, I just do what I love to do. You think I care about your opinion or the people I step on? If they don’t see me coming, that’s on them for getting flattened.”

System: “… ah. I-I thought about the host’s words carefully again and found that it really makes sense! I believe that you can use my power to save the world!”

A bit of a distance away, it was found that the so-called whirlpool disappearance was just a scam and Kongbao immediately rushes back, but only finds his own pendant buried under some sand. 

Kongbao rushes off to find his master and bursts through into Kong San’s hidden lair in the desert, only to pause. He looks at the unrecognizable and horrible man in front of him, and asks with some doubt: “Who are you? Where’s Kong San?”

But the main point is, what about his owner?

Kong San tries to talk but his tongue is swollen, and only grunts come out. 

Kong Wuying, who has been trekking in the desert for a long time, licks his lips and finally admits that this year … is pretty bad. It’s a long time before he sees people, and it should have made him happy, but when he sees the flag fluttering on the back of the caravan’s long chain of camels, he’s so angry he starts laughing.

Why is it this kid!  

Of the twelve godsons, the one who is best at doing business is rich in enemy countries. The point is not this, the point is … Kong Wuying has great resentment against him!

Kong Wuying starts to deviate quietly without a trace of footsteps. But it’s such a large convoy that he’s seen immediately and people split off to confront him. 

The soldiers pull out their weapons and shout, “Halt! Who goes there?”

Kong Wuying lowers his head to minimize the possibility of recognition. He’s extremely humble and says, “Just passing by, I see you are busy, please excuse me.” Then immediately withdraws.

The caravan’s people look at each other and confirm that Kong Wuying really has no suspicious business with them, so they put away their weapons and continue after Kong Wuying shuffles by.

They are carrying such a lot of things and have to be careful.

Sitting in the car with his eyes closed and relaxed, Kong Er discoveres a change and can’t help asking, “What happened?”

His subordinate replies, “Your Royal Highness, nothing is happening, just a passerby.”

Kong Er doesn’t even open his eyes. “Be careful.”


Half an hour later, Kong Wuying, who is walking in the other direction, is very pleased to discover that he sees people again. However, he takes a closer look.

Kong Wuying: “…”

Caravan crowd: “…”

Kong Wuying’s smile is a little stiff: “Just passing by, excuse me.” Then he continue to withdraw.

Can someone please tell him how he can walk in the opposite direction and yet still run into this caravan? 

Kong Er in the carriage asks again, “What happened?”

“Your Royal Highness, nothing is happening, it is a passersby,” the subordinate answers faithfully. 

“Hm. Be careful.”

After another hour, Kong Wuying: “…”

Caravan crowd: “…”

Kong Wuying purses his lips. “Just passing by …”

What luck is this!

Kong Er in the carriage asks, “What happened?”

“Your Royal Highness, it’s okay, just a passerby.”

“Why are so many people passing by today?” The Shuangfeng Desert is so dangerous that it is scarcely visited. Kong Er would not have come if he didn’t covet the ore below.

“Your Royal Highness, not many people at all. It’s the same person all three times.”

Kong Er’s eyes snap open. “Grab them!”

Is it a coincidence that someone passed his caravan three times in a row? Certainly not!

With the order of Kong Er, the mighty soldiers approach Kong Wuying. 

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  1. Kong San deserved his punishment. I don’t even feel bad for him, he shouldn’t have treated his father like that.
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