The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – Chapter 34

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Katariona Tells the Story of her Past Life to Leon and Marie Section 2

TL: This is the second part. It’s a little confusing as the first part was split into two parts. So, I guess this is section 2. Also, we get to go back to our fluffy elements in this chapter~ yippee!

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Charlotte stood up and looked down at me with utter contempt.

“Why? Because I hate you.”

“I don’t recall having ever done anything to make you resent me.”

Charlotte chuckled meaningfully. However, I still can’t put my finger on it. My contact with her has been very limited.

“Do you remember? Rick and I were in the same group as you during the magic training session.”

“Yes. It was supposed to have been training, but we encountered an actual demon.”

“Yes. I had prepared that demon. I wanted to create the perfect setting to show off my capabilities to him, but you got in the way.”

“What!? Setting up a demon, are you insane!? What were you going to do if something had happened to the Crown Prince?”

Charlotte glared at me with a burning hatred in her eyes.

“Then, it can’t be helped. I had already weakened the demon. So all I had to do was give the finishing blow, but you insulted my magic by stealing what was supposed to be MY meritorious achievement.”

Did I insult Charlotte’s magic ability? That wasn’t an insult. The strength of Charlotte’s light magic is too weak to stun demons. So, for that reason, I made the call to take over for her. 

Did that insult her? Isn’t that just being paranoid? 

“Even if that wasn’t the case, your mere presence is annoying! You, the daughter of a great nobleman and the fiancée of the Crown Prince. Your best friend is the princess, and you’re surrounded by multiple friends. On top of that, you’re beautiful with excellent grades. Do you understand the feeling of being constantly compared to you, even though we share the same light magic attribute!?” 

Is Charlotte jealous of me?

“Haven’t you already captured the Crown Prince’s heart? You didn’t have to do all this. I was already planning on stepping aside…”

“Rick still has you in his heart! He told me that he was planning to make you his first wife, and asked, ‘Will you be my second wife?’ Me, his second wife!”

You’re lying. His heart has long moved on from me. Because, if so, why had he just taken Charlotte for her word? Why wasn’t he willing to listen to what I had to say? So, in the end, he chose to betray me and choose Charlotte.

It was shocking to hear that he intended to have us both be his queen. As he had previously told me, “I will only have one queen.” Certainly, Findalia allows for the king to take two wives; however, it was a precautionary measure, which was taken to prevent the unlikely event of the King not having an heir. His Majesty the current King on the throne only has one wife, but…

“The possessor of Light Magic and Crown Princess of His Highness the Crown Prince can only be one person. Therefore, I’ve decided to get rid of your existence. In the end, I’ve won.”

Her expression warped into one of triumph and contempt as if she was already the winner. It drove me crazy. Charlotte’s crazy. 

“No way…… just because of that, my family was involved, how could you do that!? You’re insane!”

“You’re very close to your family, huh. Well then, why don’t you just go join them in heaven? Oops, you’re a little too late, though.”

With her face towards the ceiling, Charlotte burst into laughter causing the fury within me to swell up. I glared at her with a burning hatred.

“What a nice face you’re making. It’s much better than your prim and proper, ladylike facade you usually wear.”


I lunged at her, trying to grab her, but she sidestepped from me. I felt my strength failing and ended up falling to the floor in an unsightly heap. 

“Well then, goodbye. Lady Katariona. Have a nice trip to heaven~! If there is a heaven,…… that is.”

Charlotte curtsied and closed the door. 

God! If there is a god out there somewhere, please, please bestow your divine wrath and punish that horrid woman!

It was the appointed day of my execution. The day before, I had cried and cried until my voice could no longer be heard. I’m so exhausted and have no more energy to continue. I don’t care anymore. If there is a heaven, I hope to see my family again. If there is a reincarnation, I hope to be reincarnated into the same family. I don’t care if we’re poor, I only hope to be together, together with my family, that’s all that matters.  

The executioner asked if I had any last words to say. I nodded and sent a message directed to Charlotte.

“I will be judged innocent and will return to God’s embrace. May God’s judgment descend onto the foolish people who have framed me!”

Staring at Charlotte, I saw her mocking smile transform into a fleeting look of hatred. Dying in such a way would be very unpleasant. So, instead, I will give her a smile, a laugh.

Looking at the Crown Prince, his blue eyes were filled with sorrow. Do you regret it? Well, stop. I’m sure you won’t end up in heaven, so we won’t meet again. And, if I were to be reborn, I don’t wish to ever see you again.  

After the priest had finished his prayer, I went to the decapitation table myself. 

You will witness the very last person in the Marquis de Grandeur family die. And, I shall die proudly with my head hanging high. 

Father, Mother, Brother, Marianne, Head Butler, Marie. I’m coming to join you soon.

“Thereupon, I lost consciousness and reawakened as my 7-year olf self who was running a fever and groaning.”  

When I had finished speaking, Flare-sama, who had been there for some time, was weeping, with tears streaming down her face. Daaku-sama, too, had his face turned away with shaking shoulders. Is he crying?

“You did well! Rio is a strong person!”

Flare-sama came to hug me. Huh? Is this some kind of déjà vu?

“At any rate, that woman is unforgivable. Let’s go to Baron Campbell’s right now and poison her.”

“Wherever Marie goes, I’ll go, too.”

Marie’s vein was bulging, creating a blue streak on her forehead. She was really angry. 

“No! You can’t do that. You can’t let Marie get her hands dirty…Daaku-sama mustn’t agree to that!”

“Milady…… how kind….”

Daaku-sama wiped Marie’s tears with a handkerchief. 

“In your previous life, didn’t Rio wish for god’s judgment to be brought upon her? Can I bring her to justice now?” 

”Not you either, Flare-sama! At this point in time, Charlotte is just a child. I’m not going to do anything to her.”

 I could hear a wild and rough snort, and turning around, I saw Leon in his lion form. 


“Rio, why don’t you want to take revenge on that girl? She’s the girl who framed you and killed your family.”

Are you angry? Is a god angry on my behalf? 

“That… I’ve thought about it more than once when I first came back in time. I mean, if it was just me, I certainly wouldn’t have forgiven her for taking my family to their graves along with me.”

“If that’s the case! If Rio wants me to, I’ll help you.”

I shake my head. 

“But you know. Charlotte also thought that if I didn’t have the attributes of light magic……if I wasn’t the Crown Prince’s fiancée…she might not have gone crazy.”

With a sigh, Leon reverted to his small beast form. 

“How can you be so kind, gentle, and strong? Aren’t human beings creatures that live according to their emotions, like that Charlotte girl?”

“Not all humans are like that, you know.”

Leon’s eyes widen, and his pair of different colored eyes looked sad. 

“……that kindness of yours will someday come to haunt you.”

“Don’t worry. Leon will protect me, right?”

I picked Leon up and smiled at him, looking him in the eyes. 

“Of course!”

“I will protect you, too!”

Flare-sama raised her hand saying, “Yes, me too!” 

“Of course, I will too!”

“If Marie decides to protect you, I will too.”

“Yes! I’m counting on you all.”

That night, I slept in bed with Leon, Marie, Flare-sama, and Daaku-sama. The bed was king-sized, but the gods had all taken their beastly form. 

Marie had said she would return to her room, but Daaku-sama followed her, so I decided to keep her here and force her to sleep with me. Even though he is a god, it’s still a problem for them, one man and woman, to be in the same room together. 

Leon? Well, Leon is a tiny beast. So, it’s okay! I’m also still a child. I’ll think about that issue when I’m older.

Leon was in his usual small beast form, Flare-sama wasn’t a golden bird, but rather a cute brown cat with fur that was almost golden to compete with Leon, and Daaku-sama was a small black wolf. 

The gods were so cute in their beastly forms cuddling around us as Marie and I got our fill of fluff. 

““Oh, healed.””

“Why are you guys sleeping in the same bed as Rio? Sleep on the couch. You can also sleep outside if you want, it doesn’t matter.”

“Leon is being mean! I love Rio, too. Leon, you’re being unfair!” 

Huffing and puffing, their hair seemed to stand on end. It seems as though a white long-haired cat and a golden cat are having a battle for territory.

“Marie has brushed me already. I will allow you to hold me.”

Daaku-sama, in his black wolf form, was sitting on the ground. When I picked him up, his fur was fluffier than before.

“Fufu. You’re very fluffy, Daaku-sama.”

“Rio, don’t keep it to yourself for too long.”

“Yes. I’m going to tell my family about it soon.” 

“I see. You can also have a favor or request from god. You can rely on us, you know.”

It’s encouraging to know that I can rely entirely on god. However, just as Leon has said, I think some things can only be solved by human beings.

“Thank you, Daaku-sama.”

“Oi! Daaku! Why are you in Rio’s arms? That’s my place!”

Well, he was just…fighting with Flare-sama in a territorial battle. Now, he is glaring at Daaku-sama. 

“Well, because you and sis were arguing so happily, while Rio seemed lonely.”

Daaku-sama leaped into Marie’s arms, snugly fitting into the space between her arms and her chest.

“This is gonna be my spot.”

“You can’t just make this Leon’s place! This is my place, too! And, call me sister!”

The night of the fluffy party, not pajama party, happily passed by with lots of fun.

TL: Phew~ we’ve finally made it guys. I hope you enjoyed the chapter~ and thank you for reading!



  1. The chapter is greatly appreciated!!! Also when will we get a perspective from the other timeline after Rios death?

    1. Ahh~ I also want to know. I can tell you it isn’t in Volume 1. Hopefully it’ll be in volume 2.

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