I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 149

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Oracle Beasts Part 2

The Demon armies had an order to gain total control over various cities. Because of that several tens of thousands of battleships landed on the ground and the soldiers that came out of those ships began their invasion.

Their purpose was to gain slaves which would become their arms and legs, without suffering any damages. Furthermore the invasion also had the purpose of securing energy.

That is why the battleships close to land in China’s Southeast part as the cities there had a high population.

And in order to secure energy the Demons needed to set up a device that allowed them to dig down to a star’s core and change the heat coming out from it into energy.

The battleship that was carrying the said device landed on the ground and escort ships surrounded it so as to protect it.

From within the escort ships armored vehicles and large sized tiger like mechanical beasts came out. Several hundreds of thousands of soldiers, carrying weapons, got into formations and began their march as well.

[We’re done with the preparations. The civilians on the enemy side are retreating. There doesn’t appear to be any resistance. I believe we will gain full control over the city in half a day.]

[And the excavation?]

[It’s expected to take around half a day as well.]

The Demon charged with this squad Ziminiar wasn’t at all worrier about this invasion. He would just carry out the task that he was given, that was it.

However, Ziminiar would later end up regretting landing his ships on the ground.

[A pillar of light appeared Northwest of here!]

[A pillar of light?]

Ziminiar didn’t know what was happening, it wasn’t until news from the ground units came in that he realized how dire the situation was.

[A DISASTER! The g-ground, i-it turned into magma!]

[Magma? What’s this about?]

From the other side of the broadcast screams could be heard coming from behind the soldier informing Ziminiar’s ship about the situation. It was easy for anyone to imagine that a terrible thing was happening outside.

[What the… Just what in the world is happening!?]

[HELP! A G-giant, a giant came out of the pillar!!]

Ziminiar focused his eyes on the monitor displaying the scene only to see a giant of unbelievable size. Its body spewed forth magma and each of its steps shook the earth.

[It can’t be… An Oracle Beast!?]

[It’s coming at us. What should we do Ziminiar!?]

Ziminiar froze for a moment, however he couldn’t retreat as that would go against his King’s order. No matter what he had to maintain the ground forces.

[Contact all ships! We’ll attack that giant all at once!!]

The ships bombarded the 300-meter-tall giant. The attacks from over 500 ships collided and exploded at once creating an explosion that created a curtain of dust big enough to cover the whole giant.

[Did we beat it?]

Ziminiar hoped that the giant would have fallen, however it appeared with a leisure walk from out of the smoke curtain as if nothing had happened.

The giant stuck his hand in a pool of magma that had formed on the ground and from within it, it took out an enormous axe.

Drops of magma continued dripping from the bright red axe as it was being raised. The heat of the magma was so intense that it even caused steam to rise up. The giant then began walking to the gathered up battleships.

[It’s coming towards us! Should we retreat!?]

[We won’t make it! And there’s no way I will ever go against the King’s orders. Stop that giant no matter the cost!!]

The ships that had landed on the ground and the escort ships began firing off everything they had at the giant. However, the giant’s legs still didn’t stop and when it got close enough it raised its axe.


The giant brought down its axe causing the ground to explode.

The magma that was brought forth from the impact flew out with speed of up to several kilometres per hour and collided with the battleships that had landed on the ground as well as those ships that were standing by in mid-air, taking several tens of thousands of them down.

The command line between the remaining ships became a mess and they couldn’t do anything.

The giant then scooped up a handful of magma with his enormous hand and threw it at the ships still standing by in mid-air. The magma scattered in mid-air, with some pieces of it colliding with the floating battleships.

It easily pierced through the ship’s barriers and brought down several hundreds of them.

The giant then repeated the same throwing motion several times and as if finally having had enough he turned his gaze at the landed battleships.


[Mongolia Ulaanbaatar]

[Oi oi… Is this for real?]

The Divine General Hephaestus was shocked by the strange appearance of the monster before his eyes. No matter how many times they attacked it, it would have no effect and the swords that the monster used only continued to increase in number.

After the King had given his order Hephaestus’ squad ended up invading the closest town to them, however just before they could do that this black golem had appeared before them.

The black golem was a lump of black metal that could produce countless swords in a small range around it.

It flew around the air and sank their battleships and fighter aircrafts one after the other. Hephaestus hadn’t been able to bear not doing anything about it so he had jumped out of his ship and had challenged the black golem, however it didn’t look like he could win against it.

The black golem spawned forth even more swords. In total there were 30 swords that were circling around it.

[You must be kidding me…]

The great swords came lightning fast at Hephaestus in waves. Hephaestus tried blocking the great swords with his sword but each single attack was heavy and he was forced to focus completely on defense.

He was finally able to find a gap in the golem’s defense which he didn’t miss, however his sword was repelled just as it struck. It was obvious that slashes wouldn’t work on the golem.

Hephaestus pulled back and readied his sword once more.

The black golem spawned forth 20 new swords. The 50 swords casually floated in mid-air while heading for Hephaestus.

[I ended up taking quite the troublesome task…]

It didn’t take a lot of time for the swords to cut up their prey.

After the annoyance had been taken care of the black golem flew higher up in the air and produced another 50 new swords. The 100 swords then assaulted the ships on the ground as well as those floating in mid-air.

That day the Demon forces found themselves powerless at the overwhelming violence that had befallen them.

They that were once superior were now the ones being chased down. Hephaestus’ squad was engulfed by the despair and fear and in the end it was wiped out.


[South China Sea]

[What the? What is that pillar of light?]

The Demon Ubar, who had been entrusted with 100,000 for Earth’s invasion was currently dumbfounded by the light pillar that suddenly appeared on the sea’s surface.

Something like this hadn’t been included in their strategy.

[Does anyone know what’s going on?]

[We don’t know. We’ll investigate it imme–]

Suddenly all of the ships that had landed on the sea’s surface shook. A number of the personnel inside were even thrown off from their seats.

[Wh-what happened!?]

Looking up at the monitor Ubar saw that the pillar of light had already disappeared and its place a black mountain like thing had appeared. Furious waves sprung forth and a number of the battleships collided with each other, bursting forth into flames.

They didn’t know what this mountain was, but gladly for them the whole thing could be seen from the ships that had been left on standby up in the air.

The so-called mountain was a huge insect.

It was something that you wouldn’t expect to see in this world. It had 6 legs which were all embedded deep into the sea and its giant torso was floating on top of the sea’s surface.

Ubar and all his crew members had their jaws drop when they saw the image that was sent to them from the ships that were standing by in mid-air.

[An Oracle Beast…] were the words of some and it was precisely what Ubar had been thinking as well.

They were monsters with power that exceeded one’s imagination and were even called Messengers of God. They were a legendary existence that was said to keep the world’s peace.

There were also speculations that they were created in order to bring an end to the Demons…

Due to such a legendary monster appearing before them all of the Demon army was put into a state of chaos. And then…

[What the!? There’s some kind of smoke…]

Smoke was coming off from the monster’s body. At first they didn’t know what it was but later when that smoke reached their ship a change occurred.

The battleship’s armor quickly began melting and in an instant the smoke made its way to the engine room and wheelhouse. It was also then that the smoke touched Ubar’s hand…


The outside of Ubar’s hand was melted in an instant and his bones became visible. All of the other personnel ended up being surrounded by the smoke and with shrieks of pain they perished.

The smoke then spread in the area, sinking over ten thousand battleships. The smoke even reached land, where it continued to take the lives of the enemies that were moving around there.


The appearance of the monster was made known to people around the world with the help of videos taken by the Chinese Military and ordinary people that were living around the sea’s coast.

They were once again faced with the sight of the insect that had once before appeared in France, sowing the seeds of fear in all of humanity.

No one knew why this monster had appeared once more. Something else didn’t know was why did this monster appear like it was attacking their enemies.

With the ships on the sea’s surface being sunk, the number of humans who praised the monster as their ally increased.


Vishnu noticed that there were some annoying things floating up in mid-air. It didn’t even bother to notice what was going on around its feet.

Vishnu then looked up and opened its mouth.


It let out an ultrasonic wave that no one could hear. All of the battleships and fighter aircraft that stood in the way of the ultrasonic wave ended up exploding.

Over ten thousand battleships began dropping in the sea and on the ground.

The remaining battleships tried to commit an all-out attack against Vishnu, however due to Vishnu’s massive frame most of the attacks had no effect.

Vishnu once again opened its mouth and let out another destructive ultrasonic wave. The battleships’ magic barriers proved useless and another thousands of ships were destroyed.

The monster that brought forth destruction suddenly began moving its enormous body, taking a step forward. With just the movement of its leg it created a tsunami.

Vishnu then proceeded to move its abdomen up and down. Upon doing so the eggs that were attached to its back began hatching and monsters came out of them.

Over ten thousand Killer Bees appeared and began flying at high speed at the battleships and fighter aircrafts.

[What in the world is going on!? Something is chasing us!]

The fighter aircrafts’ pilots saw the Killer Bees that were heading towards them.

Before they could even respond the Killer Bees were already clinging to the aircrafts’ windows and pierced through them with their needless, which needless, then let out a liquid that could melt anything.


The liquid melted the fighter aircraft alongside the pilot that was inside it, bringing both of them down to the ground.

The larger battleships took several tens of Killer Bees to take down, however that would only take minutes before the battleships ended up on the ground.

Vishnu once again moved its giant body, giving birth to another batch of Killer Bees, that was as numerous as the first one.

Continuing this unending cycle of hatching, several hundreds of thousands of Killer Bees ended up covering the skies.

Faced with that sight the Demon armies could do nothing but despair.

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