Becoming a Sniper Who Enjoys Playing Games

A Story About an Old Man Who Is a Company Slave Becoming a Sniper Who Enjoys Playing Games of PKing and PKed Chapter 11

Translator: IceCherry

Editor: Firebi

The Sniper is Just A Company Slave


I stretch in my chair at work.

I can’t help but feel my shoulders stiffen up when I’m on the computer for a long time. 

I am totally addicted to VR games, but in real life, I am Kentaro Tajima, just an ordinary corporate slave. I go to work every day and have to work to make a living.

I decide to take a short break and go to the office kitchenette. I put in some cheap instant coffee from the shelf. Steam rises from the cup, and the aroma of caffeine tickles my nostrils. 

After all, caffeine is soothing… 

“Oh, Senpai! Thank you for your hard work!” 

Suddenly, from behind me, I hear a clear and beautiful voice.

She’s a junior who has great people skills and can make others feel cheerful just from hearing her voice.

“Oh, good work. Is Riko-chan taking a break too?” 

“That’s right. My shoulders are so stiff.” 

Her nickname is Riko, the laughing junior. Her chestnut hair is trimmed neatly around her shoulders, and her round eyes give off a lively impression. And she’s just as upbeat as she sounds. 

She’s cute too, even though she’s a little baby faced. Of course, making a good impression also means someone’s chances of being popular at their workplace are high.

I wonder how old she is?

I think she is about ten years younger than me. Normally, there would be no connection between us, but since we share a common interest in games, sometimes we get excited. There aren’t many people who like games in this office… 

By the way, my boss is a typical stone age person who thinks that playing games makes you dumber. 

“Is this coffee okay?” 

“Oh, sorry! A little more sugar, please!” 


I make another cup of coffee and offer it to her. Riko takes it and smiles at me. 

“Your smile is as dazzling as ever.”

“Senpai still has the same bad eyesight.”

“Shut up!”


Riko-chan drinks coffee while chilling it. She doesn’t sound sarcastic even though she speaks harshly, probably because of her personality..

“By the way…” Riko-chan smirks. 

Oh, I know what she wants to hear. 

“How is it, Senpai?”

“Well, shucks. It was exactly what you said.” 

“Right? You are addicted, aren’t you?”

“It’s perfect. It’s a good stress reliever.”


Riko-chan is happy. So, this is the girl who recommended ‘Earth World Online’ to me. Even though Riko-chan looks like this, she’s quite a gamer. She seems to be a gamer who likes RPGs (including action games).

I still have a fresh memory of how she insisted to me that the childhood friend in a game should be made the waifu, not the rich girl.

If it were me, I would choose one in the first round, and the other in the second round. Honestly, I don’t have a fixed obsession about that.

Anyway, it seems that Riko-chan is also very much into VR games. 

“What job did you choose, Senpai? Did you choose the most popular swordsmen?”

“Swordsmen are popular?” 

“That’s right. Senpai, you didn’t look at any strategy sites before starting?”

“I had no idea.”

“I see. This site is easy to understand.” 

Riko-chan takes out her phone and shows me the strategy site. 

What is this

[Recommended jobs for novices.] 

[Recommended weapons.] 

[Recommended skill sets.]

[Recommended quests.]

[Recommended strategy routes.]

[Recommended way to defeat the boss.]



Hmm… Is this fun? 

Following a path that is easy to find and easy to follow. You will never get lost.

But in a VR game where freedom is the main selling point, is it fun to walk along the paths that others have carefully arranged for you?

Is it outdated to play a game where you go through it using trial and error, happy successes and sad failures, and gradually reach your goals? 

Well, maybe it’s just because I’m an old man in my thirties, and I’m being left behind by the times. I’m also not a good person to preach anything to others.

“It’s easy to understand, but I’ll play it my way without a strategy site.”

“Is that so?” Riko-chan tilts her head slightly. 

“Yeah. I think I’d enjoy it more if I could do it on my own, through trials and errors.”

“Oh…!” Riko-chan’s eyes sparkle for some reason.

“Senpai! I respect you!”  

“Eh, all of a sudden?!” 

“I think people who can enjoy that kind of fun are enjoying the game, but I think it’s just amazing! I respect you!” 

“Well, is that so?”

“That’s right.” 

I don’t know what tugged at Riko-chan’s heartstrings, but she seems to be praising me, so that’s a good thing. 

“Oh. Riko-chan?”


“I’ll buy you lunch tomorrow.”

“Oh really? What’s the reason for suddenly doing this?” 

“Thanks for recommending me a good stress reliever.” 

“Oh, yay! If you say so, then thanks for the treat!” 

Riko-chan is so happy.

She has a lot of expressions that I never get tired of watching her. 

“I’ll see you tomorrow at lunchtime. If I don’t finish my break soon, my boss will give me a hard time again.”

“Oh, I see. See you again!”


Riko-chan waves her hand lightly and turns to walk out of the office kitchenette. 



“I hope to see you in-game as well.”


Riko-chan smiles cheerfully and hurries away. 

Hmm, in-game…

As a sniper, I’m not a party player, and I personally prefer to play solo.

I don’t care if it’s just for meeting each other, but I don’t think it would be of any use to either of us being asked to form a party.

Well, I’ll think about it if she ever asks. 

Then, I guess I’ll go back to my gloomy desk.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Yup, if you play the game as a stress reliever, it’s better not to follow strategies, tutorials, etc…

    If it’s me, I’d better be randomly exploring games to my heart’s content. I would rather end up with what you might refer to as a ‘Trash’ build rather than following every single step ‘Recommended’ by others on the internet.

    I mean, doesn’t following the path other people tell you only make it more stressful?

    1. Thank you for reading! Yup If it me I would rather prefer my own style than following other’s play style. We can make our own unique style.

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