I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 148

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Oracle Beasts Part 1

[Switzerland・Geneva・United Nations Headquarters]

“What is this light!?”

“We don’t know. It just suddenly appeared in the sky.”

While Matthew and the rest of the military personnel were left in shock, most of the twelve rings of lights disappeared.

Only three of them were left and from those rings something began crawling out.

“That is… It can’t be!?”

“I-It’s a DRAGON! A red and a black dragon… There’s also a flaming bird that came out of one of the rings. The Dragons are the same as the ones Gojo Masakado summoned before in France!!”

“He came!”

“Light pillars appearing in different locations! There’s something coming out from them!”

“So the rings that were in the sky were projected onto the ground?”

Matthew didn’t know what meaning all of this had, however he knew that within his heart full of despair a slight glimmer of hope was starting to burn once more.


Within one of the Demons’ battleships the Demon Corson, charged with leading the whole army, was happy about their overwhelming advantage.

He hadn’t known how large this world’s military force was, however with the information he had gotten from the vanguard units he was able to judge that this world’s forces didn’t amount to even a 10th of theirs.

‘I shouldn’t have brought this many soldiers.’

Just as Corson thought that a strong light shone above their battleship.

[What was that? Was it an enemy attack!?]

[We don’t know. It doesn’t seem to have been an attack…] 

Corson calmed down hearing that it hadn’t been a direct attack, however in the next moment he witnessed something that left him speechless.

From within the light a black dragon appeared and from its three heads it shot forth breaths of light.

The light stretched far off into the distance and when the dragon moved its heads the light’s trajectory changed as well. Corson wasn’t able to comprehend what had happened in that instant…

However all of the battleships and fighter aircraft that crossed that light were all brought down.


[We lost over 20,000 of our battleships!!]


Corson was confused. He had just lost over 20,000 with just a single flash of that light. 

‘Our battleships have magic barriers surrounding them, they shouldn’t be taken down this easily.’

The black dragon once again fired light from its mouths.

[We lost another 10,000 ships! WE CAN’T STOP IT!!]


While Corson was left dumbfounded. It was then that a crew member brought in even more news.

[I have news from Warship 13, they say that a red dragon has appeared!]

[What was that!?]

[We’re switching to the image.]

The sight of a red dragon could be seen on the floating monitor. The dragon fired off a fireball from its mouth and that fireball collided with a battleship.

In the next instant a blinding light covered the screen and when the light subsided the whole sky was painted deep red. A huge explosion had occurred just now and thousands of battleships had been caught in it.

The red dragon fired off fireballs in all four directions, bringing down tens of thousands of battleships and fighter aircrafts. Corson couldn’t stop trembling because of the enormous losses.

Losing the army that the King had entrusted him meant certain death.

[Focus our attacks on those two dragons! Bring them down no matter the cost!!]

The battleships’ shelling and the fighter aircrafts guns were both focused on the black dragon, however none of them had any effect. The red dragon’s body also seemed to be covered in flames, which made it so that our attacks, which were mostly created from Fire Magic Power, had no effect.

When Corson and the others were only focusing on the two dragons something else happened…

[S-something else is coming our way!]

[Something else!?]

What came was a lump of flames. When those flames collided with the battleship they easily went in from one side and pierced through, exiting from the opposite side.

After a while the whole battleship was set on fire and exploded, crashing down.

The lump of flames spread out its wings. It turned out that the lump of flames had been a firebird all along. The firebird continued to pierce through numerous battleships and when fighter aircrafts tried to intercept it, it shot countless fireballs from its wings at them.

Even if they tried firing at the firebird all of the bullets just went right past it.

And when a fighter aircraft exploded with flames the fire bird sucked in those flames and grew bigger.

[What the… these monsters… they can’t be Oracle Beasts!?]

[The bird t-the fire bird is coming at us!!]

[WHAT!? E-evade it! Move out of its way!!]

[We won’t make it!!]

The fire bird collided with the battleship that Corson was on and went through it. The inside of the battleship was wrapped in scorching flames and starting with Corson all of the crew members were burnt to a crisp.

The fire bird flew out of the ship as if nothing had happened and flew up gracefully while the battleship behind it exploded and crashed.


The people around the world began noticing the change. Just minutes ago the enemy battleships that had been overwhelming them were currently being set ablaze one after the other.

The people didn’t know what was going on, however it was clear to anyone that the situation was beginning to change.

And then a single camera captured footage of one of the dragons…

[Osaka・Prime Minister’s Official Residence]

“That’s one of the dragons that Gojo summoned before!”

Hearing the Minister of Defense’s words Prime Minister Tada felt his strength leaving his body.

“So he made it…”

“The enemy’s battleships were just about to reach the Sea of Japan. It seems like he made it just in time.”

“He truly did.”

[Yoshimoto Newspaper Company]


Matsuda’s voice gathered all of his despaired colleagues to the TV. The enemy’s fighting power, which they had thought was impossible to overthrow, was slowly being dwindled.

“We might just win!”

“Gojo’s back.”

“Of course. The true fight starts now!”


[Leo Garcia]


My left arm flew into the air. The man before me, while wielding his sword covered in scorching flames, came at me with frightening swordsmanship.

[What’s wrong? Your friends are dying one by one you know.] 

Elias that was protecting us up until now fell. Luke also fell to a fierce attack. Over half of my comrades had already fallen.

‘Emily’s fighting against over 30 enemies, however her MP is already at her limits as well…’

Just as I thought that an arrow fired from far away pierced Emily’s chest.


Emily fell to her knees and dropped her staff on the ground. Seeing that an enemy cast Fire Magic at her. It was then that…


Noah protected Emily and received the fire ball with his back.


“I told you that I’d protect you Emily. Though I’m usually the one that ends up getting protected most of the time…”

Noah’s back continued to burn. It reached a point that couldn’t be healed anymore. Noah fell on top of Emily while covering her.

Wan had also fallen to her knees before the man that wielded his sword at godspeed. She was supporting her body on her blood covered rod. 

‘With the amount of blood that she’s lost it’s already…’

Freya was clashing swords with a woman donned in silver armor but…

She received her opponent’s blow and was slashed from her chest, down to her abdomen.


A great amount of blood poured out and after dropping her sword Freya fell as well.

[Weaklings… Did they really defeat Cronus and the others?]

[They’re already exhausted after all. Still, they did quite well for humans.]

‘It’s probably already impossible to run away from here. However, I cannot let myself be killed without fighting back.’ 

I tried slashing at the man standing before me.

However, the man easily stopped my sword.

[Spectacular… Not even a single nick despite clashing with my scorching sword… You have a nice sword. What do you say I take it after you die.]

He cut me lightly, however it was enough to leave me unable to move.

‘I don’t have any strength left…’ 

Just as I was despising my powerlessness I saw light shine in the sky. Looking up, from the gaps between the battleships I could see a strong light piercing through.

I didn’t know what that light was, however I was certain about one thing.

It was Gojo…. I didn’t have any proof, however I was certain it was him.

[What the? What was that light!]

[I wasn’t told anything.] 

While the man and woman in silver armor were conversing a magic circle appeared behind them. And it wasn’t just one. In a place a bit further away another magic circle appeared.

The two magic circles began shining with light and pillars of light shot up, breaking through the clouds.

[This is… Summoning Magic!?]

Suddenly a monkey appeared before the man donned in silver armor.

The monkey’s fur was bright red and it was wearing simple armor along with hand guards.

[What’s this monkey? Who summoned something like th-]

Before the man could finish saying his line the monkey had already buried its fist in the man’s abdomen.


The man’s body bent in the form of a boomerang and just like that he flew several tens of meters backwards. I hadn’t seen when the monkey had moved, however it was, without a doubt, ridiculously fast.

The man that was sent flying puked out a handful of blood and passed out.

[What the! What in the world is this scrawny magic beast!?]

The woman tried slashing at the monkey, however the monkey had already disappeared before she could slash it. It dodged to the woman’s side and brought down its hand in a slashing like motion at the woman’s arm.

The woman’s arm was easily sliced off and while she was trying to recover from the shock the monkey buried its elbow into her flank, letting out a sound that was akin to that of organs being crushed.

The woman fell to the ground and as she tried to stand up her legs cramped.

[….To think I-I’m going to lose… to such a monster…]

All of the comrades of the silver armored knights rushed towards the monkey at once. They fired off magic and arrows, yet none of it hit the monkey.

They tried getting close and slashing at it with axes and swords but…

The monkey jumped up and stretched its body, sending a kick and a back fist which broke the necks of two of the Demons. I was shocked by its frightening speed and as if responding to my shock the monkey proceeded to kill another three men in the span of an instant.

The monkey began punching the air in the direction of the surge of enemies.

An explosive wind was brought forth from its fists which blasted back all of the enemies that were trying to come close to it.

One of the soldiers in silver armor slashed its sword sideways at the monkey while getting up, however the monkey dodged the slash by jumping up and while in mid-air it kicked the air, charging back towards the said soldier with a counter-attack.

[Agrh! My f-face…]

The man gave off a pitiful shriek and began retreating, however there was no way that the monkey would let him escape. It chased after him and hit him with a spinning round kick, followed by another kick to the head, which led to a hit with its heel and in the end it finished it off with a fist strike for a spectacular combo.

The man in silver man continued getting hit without being able to do anything. His armor and body both turned into minced meat. It was obvious that he had already passed out in the middle of getting hit.

The woman in silver armor who had lost her arm tried to run away, however the monkey saw that and redirected all of the Aura spread around its body towards its hand. The hand donned in Aura stretched and grabbed the leg of the running woman.

It pulled its Aura covered hand once and the woman flew in the air, as if she was a fish that was being reeled in.


The monkey kicked the ground and flew up. It hit the woman, who was right above him, in the abdomen with its fist. The woman puked out a handful of blood and flew up even further up.

The woman fell from the air, only to collide with the ground and never get up again.

‘So this is one of Gojo’s summoned monsters…’

[Wan Xin Yi]

‘My body doesn’t want to move due to losing too much blood. My attacks don’t work on this frighteningly fast man… It’s the same as that time. The same as that time that I fought the BOSS back in China with Gojo…’

I ended up remembering old events. 

‘Is this what it feels like to have a flashback?’

While thinking that a magic circle appeared before my eyes. A pillar of light appeared from it and something came out from the inside.

I doubted my eyes when I saw the monster that came out.

It had a silver, mechanical l body and looked like a lion. Its fangs and claws also shined with a golden light. There was no doubt… This was the BOSS that Gojo defeated in China.

[What’s with this thing appearing out of nowhere, who do you think you are!] 

The man carelessly got close to the BOSS and in the next instant…

The man’s right arm disappeared.


Even with his speed the man couldn’t match up to the BOSS. 

‘It’s the real thing… Then does that mean that Gojo summoned it?’

The man donned in armor pulled out his sword with his left arm and grit his teeth at the BOSS.


The man and the BOSS began clashing at godspeed. It was hard to follow them with my eyes, but apparently the man’s sword wasn’t able to wound the BOSS. On the other hand…


The BOSS’ claws slashed at the man’s right eye. It was obvious that it was the stronger one of the two. The silver lion continued to slowly grind away at the man’s body, pushing him into a corner.

After a number of exchanges the man’s leg appeared in the BOSS’ mouth.


The BOSS spit out the man’s leg and when it once again disappeared the man’s shrieks stopped as well. In the place the man had just been there was a pool of blood, alongside pieces of meat.

The BOSS then proceeded to attack the enemies that had been attacking us from a distance. In an instant over ten bodies were split at the waist.

Following that only the screams of the enemies could be heard.

I could feel strength leaving my body. 

‘To think that even such a powerful enemy could become our ally. You really are reassuring…’

Having been freed from all the tension I fell to the ground and lost consciousness.

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