When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 55

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I’m talking about IQ

The palace lady looks at her master in shock. This is the first time in her memory that the master is so disoriented.

Who is that Kongbao …?

She recalls recording the two people in the tablet, and unconsciously lights a candle for them in her heart. No matter who it is, being resented by His Royal Highness is worse than death.

Kong Wuying is walking on the road with Kongbao at this moment, and the search through the city by the guards, both of them changed their costumes again.

Kongbao proposes, “Master, don’t you want to see Yeying? I’ll go with you.” No matter what you do, it’s really nice to be with you, master.

“I’m not in the mood,” Kong Wuying sighs, lethargic. 

This Yeying trip was really uncomfortable. He knew so much now, but he didn’t ever want to know the truth in the first place.


Kong Wuying looks around, and the city is full of people who scold him.

“I heard the two quack doctors have killed thousands!”

“The princess, as gentle and noble as she is, how could they dare to kill her?”

“The two should be spies from other countries!”

“Absolutely! Otherwise, how could such a despondent thing be done?”

“Not only the princess? Now even His Highness Kong San … the Ruthless Realm is over, it is over.”

Kong Wuying’s footsteps stop. “Kong – uh, His Highness also … what happened?”

A man laments, “In the latest news, the two evildoers went to the Shuangfeng Desert in order to escape His Royal Highness’ pursuit. His Royal Highness and his men are caught in the vortex storm in the desert. How wicked!” In the end, his voice is fierce!

Kong Wuying doubts it. “It’s just a rumor. Being the master of a realm like this, how could it be possible for a few evildoers to harm him?” Kong Wuying and Kongbao are still here, how could there be news of the Shuangfeng Desert?

“This is the news that the whole city knows now! His Royal Highness’s affection for the princess is really so much that there is no limit to the mountains and the sea.” When the man finishes speaking, he shakes his head and leaves with worry.

Kong Wuying sends Kongbao to inquire about it. After a while, Kongbao comes back with a blank expression. “I asked several people and they said they never heard of it. Master, it must be just a rumor.”

Kong Wuying: “…”

Kongbao: “… Master, why do you look at me like this? Do I have something on my face?”

“Be honest, do you know?”

“… Of course, I have nothing else to say to the master!”

Kong Wuying is finally angry enough to snap. “You’re as honest as a ghost! I asked a few people just now, and the answer I got was different from you!”

Kongbao: “…”

Kong Wuying tsks. “Let’s go.” He didn’t expect that the third child would be so affectionate.

Kongbao says, “Master, in fact … Kong San was very good, very capable and very opinionated since he was a kid. He will definitely consider everything even when making the smallest of decisions. It will not be easy to take him out, so let’s wait for a while, maybe he’ll rescue himself!”

Don’t go, master! No point saving that disgusting Kong San!

Kong Wuying gently strokes Kongbao’s cheek and he smiled softly. “Baby, don’t make me angry.”

Kongbao immediately pulls up Kong Wuying and says, “Master, let’s set off quickly, I’m worried about Kong San!”

Double Wind Desert.

Here, indeed, it can be said to be a Yeying danger. The desert is surrounded by two types of sand.

As long as one does not pay attention, they may be dragged to the bottom of the desert by the wind and sand … unless you have the Yeying monarch’s ability to pass through the sky, otherwise you will never get out.

And the vortex is another trap of the Double Wind Desert. Those who fall into the vortex do not know where they will be drawn. It may be a desert not far from here, but it is more likely to be a desert that would take more than your lifetime to escape, throwing you into the desert mountains.

When the two arrive, desert soldiers are searching everywhere, all covered with sand and dust. Seeing from their tiredness, their search has been going on for a long time, but still no results.

From this perspective, the possibility of Kong San falling into the desert vortex is much more likely.

Kong Wuying asked Kongbao, “Can you sense where Kong San is?”

Kongbao is silent. “Master, I don’t have a dog’s nose, how can I sense him?”

Oh, so Kongbao’s sensing ability can only be directed towards the master then?

Kong Wuying stares him down.

“However,” Kongbao says quickly. “Based on the wind direction and terrain here, I can speculate about the position of Kong San unless he runs around.”

Kongbao closes his eyes and calculates for a while, and looks solemn. “It really is in the desert mountains.”

Kongbao turns to his master. “When the next whirlpool comes, I’ll enter. By the power of the whirlpool, I will find Kong San. You don’t need to go in, it’s too dangerous there. Wait for me here.” Kongbao pulls out another piece of ice-blue jade and hands it to Kong Wuying. “Same rules; crush it when you’re in danger.”

Kong Wuying takes the new jade. His last one, he can’t remember when it was lost, so he keeps a tighter hold of this new jade.

Kongbao smiles. “Relax, master, it’s a little whirlpool. If I can’t even conquer this, how can I deserve to be your soul puppet?”

“I’m not worried about you,” Kong Wuying says. “Don’t hit him.”

The third child is already miserable enough.

Kongbao clenches his jaw. Hit! Of course I have to hit! Hit until he dies!

They wait for another three hours before the whirlpool gradually forms. When the soldiers around it scramble around, Kongbao smiles at Kong Wuying before taking a running leap, swan diving into the vortex.

Kong Wuying is left holding the jade, waiting here, bored. He wait, waits, waits, and somehow faints dead away.

Kong San looks at the unconscious man held up by the two soldiers. He reaches out and pulls away the ice-blue jade from the man’s hand, then tucks it away into his own sleeve. 

Kong San turns to the soldiers. “Take him away.”

When Kong Wuying wakes up again, he’s slightly at a loss.

He’s sitting in a dark place at this moment, and the butter-thick candle with a thin flame flickers, putting off only a faint light. He tries to shift around but suddenly finds that his hands and feet are shackled by chains.

Behind him is a thick pillar. He seems to be locked to it. 

What happened?

Kong Wuying frowns. Wasn’t he waiting for the baby just now? Thinking of Kongbao, he subconsciously squeezes the jade in his hand, but finds that both hands are empty. 

“What are you looking for?” someone asks coldly.

This familiar voice …

Kong Wuying watches a shocking figure step out of the shadows, his eyes filled with hatred. It’s actually the third child who has been rumored to be caught in the whirlpool!

How did the third child appear here? Why is he looking at Kong Wuying with that expression?

Oh, right, Kong Wuying is still the murderer who killed Kong San’s beloved wife, this shouldn’t be so surprising.

Kong San tsks. “What are you thinking, father?” He is not without sarcasm.

Kong Wuying freezes.

Kong San … actually knows.

Kong Wuying quickly calms himself down. “What is this?” Why do this?

“What do you mean?” Kong San stretches out his hand to grab Kong Wuying’s chin. “You mean … what am I going to do to the person I hate the most?”

Feeling the intensity of the grip coming from his chin, Kong Wuying frowns. “You hate me … because you … your wife?”

Because she always sees Kong San as Kong Wuying’s substitute?

Upon hearing this, Kong San actually laughs. “You say Xiaoxi? It’s nothing to do with her, she is just an episode. Before you met her even, you were the person I hated most in my life!” He glares at Kong Wuying. “Because you killed my parents!”

Kong Wuying is really stunned. “Parents?”

Kong San shows a complex smile, bitter. “I just want to ask you, why don’t you have a son by yourself? Why do you want to pick up your sons? In that year, you successively accepted Kong Yi, Kong Er. Those in the family were panicked, you must have known that if they rose to the throne my family would have been over. But if I was chosen too … if my parents were dead … so they killed my parents!” 

Kong San sneers. “They thought I was young and didn’t know anything, but I just didn’t tell them. Later, I grew up, and got the right to end them all one by one. But what I hate most is you. The origin of all tragedies is you! It is you that made me lose my parents! However, it is ridiculous that I have to please you, because only you can give me the right to avenge them!” 

Kong San smiles wildly. “This kind of me is so ridiculous! Do you know how disgusting I feel every time I see your unruly concern for me? You … disgust me!”

Kong San’s grip on Kong Wuying’s face gets tighter and more painful, until Kong San finally just lowers his head and kisses Kong Wuying fiercely.

A Kong Wuying being foolishly kissed …

Makes you sick? Hate it? That’s how you treat … Do you hate people you hate?

Kong Wuying struggles, wrenching himself away. “I, your father, am not someone you can treat like this!”

Kong San sneers. “Don’t you want to tell me things like the difference in power is like heaven and earth?”

“No, what I mean is … our IQ.”

Kong San: “…”

Kong Wuying doesn’t have to look back to imagine the expression of Kongbao next to him.

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