I want to be friends with you

I Want to Be Friends With You – Chapter 14

Translator: LazyBee

Editor: Wahnsinniger Herrscher

Big Red Envelope

Uncle Hua still hadn’t returned home by dinnertime. Aunt Hua called him to ask about his whereabouts, but the person who answered the phone was a member of the hospital staff, who stated that Uncle Hua was still performing an operation.

Aunt Hua hummed in acknowledgement and hung up the phone.

Little Miaomiao watched her from the side. Aunt Hua noticed Little Miaomiao’s sidelong look and squatted down near her, “Uncle is busy saving people.”

Then, she picked Little Miaomiao up and settled her into her high chair and said, “Tonight, it will just be the two of us who will be eating together. Uncle will return later.”

As soon as Aunt Hua left her side, Little Miaomiao got off her stool and went into the kitchen. She observed Aunt Hua washing the vegetables. Little Miaomiao was about the same height as the kitchen counter. She glanced at the counter, before walking out of the kitchen.

Immediately afterwards, Aunt Hua saw Little Miaomiao carrying a small stool. She placed it next to Aunt Hua.

Afterwards, Little Miaomiao placed her hands onto the stool. Then, she clambered up the stool and slowly stood on it. Afterwards, she squeezed herself into Aunt Hua’s arms and began to assist Aunt Hua with washing the vegetables.

At first, Aunt Hua wanted to see what she was doing. When she saw this scene unfold, a feeling of effusive warmth filled her heart, “Miaomiao is so good!”

Since Little Miaomiao didn’t have to attend school for the next two days, Aunt Hua didn’t hurry to take her to bed, until Little Miaomiao felt sleepy.

Today, she chose to sleep together with Little Miaomiao on her little bed.

Previously, Little Miaomiao couldn’t fall asleep when another person was next to her. But today was different, as Little Miaomiao quickly drifted off to a deep slumber with her aunt next to her.

Looking at her little daughter’s sleeping face, Aunt Hua couldn’t sleep anymore.

In the past, a lot of people tried to persuade her to raise a child. At the time, she couldn’t understand why. But now, she couldn’t wait to see what her daughter will do next.

Aunt Hua planted a kiss on her little cheek. Whatever happens in the future, she will always be her mother.

Early the next morning, Little Miaomiao woke up and realized that Aunt Hua wasn’t sleeping beside her anymore. She slipped out of her pajamas and put on a shirt and jacket, just like how Aunt Hua had dressed her.

She remembered what her teacher had said, “Children should learn how to do their chores at home. They should also do their own work.”

As soon as she opened her bedroom door, she heard the voices of Aunt Hua and Uncle Hua coming out of the kitchen.

Aunt Hua was conversing on the phone and didn’t realize that Little Miaomiao woke up. After hanging up the phone, she whispered to Uncle Hua, “I won’t allow that spoiled brat to stay here for two days.”

Uncle Hua concurred, “Don’t worry, I have already turned down their request. I also don’t like that kid.”

Of course, Uncle Hua didn’t like that kid. During last year’s Chinese New Year’s celebrations, Uncle Hua took Aunt Hua to his hometown, but that spoiled brat ruined everything. He was an irritating troublemaker. He even placed a firecracker into Aunt Hua’s hat as a prank. Although Aunt Hua didn’t receive any injuries, she was still frightened to tears. His elder brother even had the audacity to request that they drop the matter because Aunt Hua wasn’t injured. Additionally, he stated that the child was still young and only played a harmless prank.

Uncle Hua and Aunt Hua were so angry that they left without any dinner or exchanging their goodbyes.

Just the thought of this incident drove Aunt Hua to tremble with anger and resentment, “You can visit your hometown alone for this year’s Chinese New Year’s celebrations. Miaomiao will accompany me to my mom’s house. My mother and grandmother also want to see Miaomiao.”

Aunt Hua’s grandmother was in her nineties and also lived in the same home as Aunt Hua’s mother.

Noticing the smoldering anger on his wife’s face, Uncle Hua didn’t object and said, “Then, I’ll send you to the home of Miaomiao’s grandmother first…”

Aunt Hua was stunned, “My mother often complains that no one calls her grandma. But now, there is someone who could address her as such.”

Aunt Hua’s mother had ailing legs. Additionally, her old mother was around, so she doesn’t depart her home very much. Instead, she spends most of her asking about Miaomiao through WeChat.

At first, Miaomiao’s condition was abysmal; therefore, she didn’t grant her grandmother the opportunity to speak with Miaomiao on the phone.

“How about you send a photo of Miaomiao? Or we could also do some kind of video chat, to get them acquainted with each other,” Uncle Hua articulated.

“My grandmother has hearing problems. She also speaks loudly; therefore, I’m afraid that this will scare Miaomiao.” Aunt Hua said with tinctures of concern in her voice.

“Then, just let her converse with your mom via video chat. We can do the same with your grandmother later.”

Little Miaomiao eavesdropped on their conversation. She realized that she shouldn’t allow fear and uncertainty to overtake her. She was mother’s mother; therefore, she shouldn’t be afraid of her.

After finishing breakfast, Aunt Hua held Little Miaomiao and sat on the sofa. She took out a tablet.

Before making a call, Aunt Hua asked Little Miaomiao, “Does Little Miaomiao know what a grandma is?”

Little Miaomiao nodded her head. She wouldn’t allow fear to consume her.

“The dress, which was embroidered with flower designs on it, was a gift from grandma for Little Miaomiao. You wore it last time. She also bought some walnut milk for Miaomiao.”

Cautiously, Aunt Hua then asked, “Does Little Miaomiao want to see grandma?”

Remembering the conversation that she overheard in the morning, Little Miaomiao nodded and said, “Yes.”

Seeing her ready agreement to this, Aunt Hua was surprised. She clicked on the video chat icon and after a few more clicks, the other party picked up the call.

Little Miaomiao saw an old woman appear on the screen.

“Is this Little Miaomiao? You greatly resemble your aunt when she was a child. So cute!” Grandma said with a warm smile.

Little Miaomiao silently practiced her greetings in her heart.

Good morning, grandma; good morning, grandma; good morning, grandma

Be sure to say it out loud! It’s just like greeting Zhou Yuan at school.

“Good morning, grandma…” Little Miaomiao lowered her head and spoke in a soft voice tinctured with timidity.

But, whether it was grandma on the phone or Aunt Hua beside her, they both heard her clearly.

After uttering those words, Little Miaomiao realized that it wasn’t an arduous task, so she raised her head. Noticing that Little Miaomiao was fine, Grandma and Aunt Hua were relaxed.

Grandma continued to speak, “Little Miaomiao is so well-behaved! Grandma will buy some candy for you to eat…”

Aunt Hua heard a notification bell.

When she minimized the video, she saw five red envelopes appear in the chat box.

Aunt Hua said to Little Miaomiao, “Grandma gifted you a red envelope. Click here to open it.”

Under Aunt Hua’s instructions, Little Miaomiao clicked on the red envelope. She didn’t know how much money grandma sent. When Aunt Hua saw that her mother sent one thousand yuan, she thought that she should send back some money later.

Aunt Hua maximized the video again, and grandma reappeared on the tablet.

Although Little Miaomiao didn’t understand much, she still learned her basic etiquette and decorum from school. After practicing several times silently in her heart, she uttered, “Thank you, Grandma.”

During this time, a loud, sonorous voice erupted from the phone, “Yulan, why are you hiding in the bathroom?”

Aunt Hua hurriedly placed a hand on Little Miaomiao’s shoulders and comforted her, “Don’t be afraid, that’s great-grandma. She is grandma’s mother.”

Little Miaomiao blinked her eyes. In fact, she wasn’t afraid at all. She already was aware of it. When someone spoke loudly, it didn’t mean that they would hit people.


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