Becoming a Sniper Who Enjoys Playing Games

A Story About an Old Man Who Is a Company Slave Becoming a Sniper Who Enjoys Playing Games of PKing and PKed Chapter 10

Translator: IceCherry

Editor: Firebi

 Bulletin Board Part 2

441 Name: Anonymous player

Well, let me tell you what happened today. I was hunting bears on Bear Mountain, and my HP gauge suddenly dropped to zero! 

442 Name: Anonymous player

Well, you were killed by a bear. Lol 

443 Name: Anonymous player

No, you’re wrong!

The next thing I know, my HP gauge suddenly went from full to zero, and I died. 

444 Name: Anonymous player

That’s an area too early for you.

Go to lower ranked hunting grounds. 

445 Name: Anonymous player

I told you, it wasn’t a bear.

Hey, is there a bug where your HP will suddenly drop to zero?

And I just lost my hit ring, that sucks. 

446 Name: Anonymous player

There is no bug like that.

If you dropped the item, you must have been PKed. 

447 Name: Anonymous player

But there was no one else around.

And then all of a sudden, my HP gauge dropped to zero.  

448 Name: Anonymous player

But the only time you’ll drop items is when you’re PK’d.

I’m guessing you were taken by surprise with the dagger’s stealth skills or something. 

449 Name: Anonymous player

I wonder if that’s true? It didn’t seem like that. 

450 Name: Anonymous player

If you were shot from a distance, it might’ve been possible. Well, only sniper rifles have that kind of super range. 

451 Name: Anonymous player

That’s impossible, because no one uses such a trash weapon. Lol…

452 Name: Anonymous player

Theoretically, that weapon is strong. I assume he’s a skilled shooter who can reliably perform headshots from a great distance. 

453 Name: Anonymous player

The compensation for the [Hit] skill is actually not that great. It’s a complete trap skill. 

454 Name: Anonymous player

They call it a piece of junk because you need to be a real good shot to use it.

I don’t think there is anyone who’s good at using it. 

455 Name: Anonymous player

Oh, didn’t someone say they saw a novice with a rifle a while ago? 

456 Name: Anonymous player

Oh, I did say that.

But I rarely see him around town, and he’s never at any well-known hunting grounds.

I guess he’s recreated his character, huh? 

457 Name: Anonymous player

Well, there’s no way he can last long with a sniper rifle. I don’t care if he’s a loner who likes to play solo.

458 Name: Anonymous player

It’s more efficient to play in a party.

There are dungeons that can only be entered by a party in the first place.

Playing alone in this game is a disadvantage anyway. 

459 Name: Anonymous player

Oh, My hit ring…

I finally found it after defeating a wyvern, it’s a rare item…… 

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  1. Meta Slaves… I can’t believe most of the author turn all the players besides the MC into Meta Slaves just for the sake of plot.

    1. Hmm, I agree the plot only focusing on the MC basically because he is the MC, but there will be a charcter development later

  2. I don’t think NO ONE uses the sniper, the sniper is simply is not a good weapon in a farming game (a sniper in a fantasy game is weird in the first place). the sniper would probably have like a 2 second cooldown and if you don’t have high [hit] it would take like 3 bullets too kill ONE monster, that is if you hit all your shots. So the sniper is completely useless in the game apart for PKing (its actually still stupid for PK since you HAVE to hit your shots before they come near)

    So if you think about it a sniper in a farming (not to mention fantasy game) is stupid in the first place, so you should just stop thinking about it if you want to enjoy the novel xD

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