When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 54

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The most disgusting person in the world

There must be a look on Kongbao’s face, hit him!

The problem is that this young wife is too frightening. Is it really the murderer who stole his body? Why did you to steal the body? Kong Wuying doesn’t feel like she had a crush on him before?

However, Kong Wuying also had never felt that any of his children had a crush on him before either.

The princess lifts the white skirt shaped like a lotus, takes a few steps forward, and presses a very inconspicuous switch on the wall. The wall slides open, exposing the small compartment inside.

The princess’s soft smile grows wider, turns into longing. She walks with light steps.

Kong Wuying quickly pulls in Kongbao as they rush towards the door and manage to jump inside before the door closes with a swish.

There is only one thing inside, an ice-blue ice coffin. With the wave of the princess’s hand, the ice coffin opens.

Lying alone in the ice coffin … long black hair slightly messy, spread over the pillow like spilled ink, a touch of golden flame pattern on the forehead with a strange and faint spirit inside.

His facial features are perfect. It is not a delicate perfection like Kongbao, but a symbol of strength and vastness that makes people feel it’s irresistible.

Although the head is a little bigger than normal people, it doesn’t look awkward at all. Instead, it is harmonious and perfect, as if this is the best structure of the human body.

His eyes are closed tightly, his long eyelashes swept over his cheeks, his sleep peacefully and a faint smile on his lips as if he could wake up any second. 

The smile on the face of the princess is tender when she sees the man in the coffin. Her white, verdant fingers land on the man’s pale blue lips, and sighs. “My lord.” 

Then she lowers her head, almost greedily sucks away the fading breath of the body. “My lord, you will always belong to me.”

On the sidelines, Kong Wuying is feeling very awkward, seeing for himself that other people are crazy about his body. He just watched his daughter-in-law kiss his dead body with his own eyes …

Not to mention how awkward it is, goosebumps are running up his arms from how creepy this sight is. The development of things is really far beyond the tolerance of Kong Wuying.

“Enough!” Kongbao roars, unable to withstand his master being defiled like this. If he wasn’t scared of harming either of his master’s bodies, he would start a fight right here.

“It’s you!” The third princess is startled by the sudden appearance after the stlethc drops. Then she looks at Kongbao carefully and immediately recognized him. Isn’t that one of the doctors who healed her?

Their medical skills were so good that her strategy of faking death was almost impossible. She could only act decisively and take fake pills to blame the two so she can successfully deceive Kong San!

But now…

She frowns. “Why are you here?”

Kong Wuying sighs and looks at his body in the coffin. “Why do you do this kind of thing?”

“Oh.” The princess sneers. “You mean the corpse of the monarch? If I am able to, why can’t I?”

… what the fuck is this for?! Just give a reasonable explanation, Kong Wuying need an answer!

Kong Wuying is embarrassed and angry. “But you are the daughter-in-law! Don’t you feel sorry for him when you do this kind of thing?” Unconsciously, he’s ashamed to put a green hat on his son.

(^ green hat = cheated on) 

The princess laughs wildly. “I am willing to marry Kong San, what else is there to be dissatisfied with? If not for the lord, why would I marry Kong San?” Her voice is full of contempt.

This … what a woman! How has Kong San married this kind of person? How can Kong Wuying have a soft spot for such a woman?

The princess tsks. “You guys, you’re from Kong San? He found that I faked the illness and my death? I won’t – I refuse to! The days and nights of being married him were like hell to me! He was so stupid and impassive – and he thought I would be moved by that? No, it was disgusting!”

The princess is getting riled up. “I thought he was the son of the monarch, my dearest lord, that Kong San would be more or less similar to the monarch too. But in the end I found that I was wrong – the one I picked was raised and raised, for so long, but I couldn’t even make him a substitute!” With harsh and vicious words in her mouth, she turns away to caress the cold face of the corpse, and the hatred on her face quickly turns into obsession.

Kong Wuying feels nothing but disgust and anger. This woman … how dare she? How dare she treat the third child in Kong Wuying’s family like this. That gentle child would be so anxious if he heard such words!

Kong San can never realise it.

Kong Wuying glances sideways at Kongbao, eyes narrowed. “Kill her!”

Kongbao has spent too long watching this woman touch his master and he’s impatient. As soon as he gets the order, he raises his finger and a pale flame flies at the princess, neatly avoiding the corpse next to her but swallowing her instantly.

The princess collapses to the ground softly. Not a scratch or bruise on her but her soul is burned up, leaving the body empty.

Kong Wuying closed his eyes slightly. “Burn my body.”

Since it is a dead person, it is time to return to the dust, and most importantly – he really can’t stand the strange things that these people always do to his body!

After listening to this command, Kongbao, who always obeyes his master’s full commands, hesitates. “Master…”

Kong Wuying snaps, “Hurry up!” 

Kongbao widens his eyes and looks earnest. “Master, can I kiss first before burning?”

The dead woman must have kissed more than once, and KOngbao hasn’t had any!



“Say it again, if you want to die.”


After burning the body, Kongbao asks Kong Wuying, “Master, what are we going to do next?”

Kong Wuying sighs. “Let’s leave here.”

Let all the secrets come to an end with the woman’s death and their departure. Kong San is at most trapped in the hatred of his wife’s death, and does not have to suffer the pain of being trampled on by his wife’s full-hearted affection for his father.

Kongbao’s expression says he thinks otherwise but he says nothing.

In the dormitory.

The palace lady bows and reports to Kong San: “They left after they killed the princess.”

“Xiaoxi, is she dead? It’s so pitiful.” Kong San sighs with a grieving smile on his face, his voice full of sympathy. 

Somewhat like hearing of a distant neighbour’s unfortunate accident.

“But …” the palace lady pauses. “The two thieves also burned the monarch’s body.”

“What?” Kong San is startled but calms down soon after. “It doesn’t matter, it’s just father’s body, it can be burnt.” 

A gentle smile appears on his face, but it’s strange…

“However,” Kong San’s slender fingers gently tap on the table, pondering. “Who are these two people? Why kill the princess? And father’s body was burned again … if it was someone from another brother, I could understand killing Xiaoxi in order to vent his anger, but my brothers wouldn’t have burned father’s body, they should have taken it away.”

Kong San hums. “And … for some reason, I feel that these two people are very familiar, as if I’ve met them somewhere. But those two faces, I really saw them for the first time here.”

“Master, here.” The place lady takes out a diamond-shaped recording tablet. “This is the recorder placed with the monarch. It has already recorded everything that happened, I ask the master to read it.”

Kong San takes the flat rock and infuses it with spirit to start it up. When he hears the words of the princess, he laughs out loud.

When he sees the doctor ordering the servant to kill, he can’t help but feel a little surprised. It was for him …

Why did they kill the princess for Kong San? What’s going on with this absurdity?

Then he sees the servant’s reaction after being ordered to burn the body.


“Hurry up!” 

“Master, can I kiss first before burning?”



“Say it again, if you want to die.”

The palace lady waiting by the side flinches back when the master actually crushes the recording tablet. Frightened, she immediately kneels down.

Kong San grits out in fury. “The most disgusting person in the world.”

Kong Wuying doesn’t have to look back to imagine the expression of Kongbao next to him.

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