Yorozuya - The Spider Youkai

Yorozuya – The Spider Youkai Chapter 15

Translator: raggykoshka

Editor: raggykoshka

When they returned to the shrine office, the difference in temperature made Mutsu’s glasses fog up. She took them off and promptly slipped under the blanket of the kotatsu table, moving a kitsune who was curled up sleeping out of the way.

Sousuke made some hot tea, which she gratefully accepted and started sipping.

The paper doll had entered the shrine office with them and now went to fetch some dango from the kitchen. It brought them over to Mutsu, who started eating.

“Is it okay?”

Hiroto looked at the dango package presented to him before joining Mutsu. The last skewer was for Sousuke.

“As expected, tea is best served with sweets.”

Mutsu lied down, placing the ashtray and teacup on the floor next to her and started folding a few papers that the paper doll had brought.

The doll, who was the size of a human swiftly appeared from behind a door.

“What are you doing?”

“Letting it explore. It gets bored straight away when I release it though. Because it’s safe around here.”

“You’re able to do anything, aren’t you?”

Maybe it was because the place he hit when the fell was aching, but Hiroto lay down.

“Not really. For example, I’m scared of high places, like the roof from just now.”

Mutsu lit her cigarette and laughed as she breathed out the smoke.

“What I’ve learned today is that you are clumsy, Hiro-chan.”

Hiroto annoyedly waved away the smoke with his hand after it got into his face.

“I’m normal!! If anything, it’s you guys who have weird reflexes”

“Yeah, yeah, calm down now. There doesn’t seem to be anything more that we could do today, so let’s just go to sleep.”

“Sure. I want to take a bath.”

A kitsune showed its face into the empty dango packaging. It seemed like maybe nobody had shared with it.

“How about a shower instead?”

“What about the two of you?”

“After you maybe, Mutsu. There was no heating in the room, though”

Maybe they have a portable heater? With that thought Sousuke stood up and started looking through the closet.

Mutsu headed for the bathroom with a change of clothes, shampoo and a towel. They were indoors but it was still cold, maybe due to the fact that the building was old. Mutsu turned on the warm water before starting to undress, to warm up the place even a little. She took off her underwear, and her heavy breasts swayed as they were released from their restraints.

After moistening her hair, she Mutsu started washing it with shampoo. The damp hair was heavy so she raised her head as she rinsed it. The clean scent of soap permeated the bathroom.

When she was done with her hair, she picked up the body soap and lathered it. Then she started soaping herself up starting from her legs.

Then, she turned around. There, the kitsune that she thought had been sleeping was soaping itself up just like her.

“Wha-!! Hey! Are you fucking kidding me!”


Mutsu lowered the temperature to vigorously spray the kitsune with cold water.

The kitsune, with half of the body still unrinsed, was thrown out of the bathroom.

Sousuke, who came hurrying after hearing Mutsu shouting, found the kitsune covered in foam and gave it a slap on the head, before passing it a towel.


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