I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 145

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Offspring of Darkness

The appearance of the black battleships, as well as their fight with the militaries of various countries was being broadcasted around the whole world using news reports and videos.

The spreading of the news that the world’s fighting force, that was currently gathered in Mongolia, was doing well managed to calm the people.

However, it was still unknown whether Gojo was fighting with the others or not.

While still holding a sliver of uneasiness the people continued to pray that the world’s soldiers would push back the other-worldly invaders.

[Yoshimoto Newspaper Company]

A number of reporters were standing in front of a large TV.

“Battleships and aircraft carriers from various countries have been deployed to the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the South China Sea. The preparations to help out Mongolia in the fight are going strong.”

“At first I wondered what would happen when the enemies suddenly appeared in Mongolia but the world’s forces managed to handle the situation quite swiftly.”

“It’s an unprecedented war, however it seems like our side will be able to win.”

“Matsuda, what do you think?” said one of the reporters, asking Matsuda who was standing in the far back.

“I won’t end that easily. It definitely won’t…”

[Osaka・Prime Minister’s Official Residence]

“Prime Minister, the Maritime Self-Defense Force Escort Ship has arrived at the Sea of Japan. Anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles can be launched from the escort ship if instructed.”

“I see…”

“However, it seems like we won’t be needing them. When I first heard the Gojo wouldn’t be returning I got frightened but it seems like it will be fine.”

Even though Prime Minister Tada’s worry lightened a bit when he heard that the Japan Air Self-Defense Force’s squad had done well, he still couldn’t shake off the uneasiness that he felt in his heart.

He didn’t know whether that was because Gojo wasn’t here or because of some other reason.

Tada prayed that his worry would turn out to be just a matter of overthinking.


[Northeast Battleship]

[What in the world is she… She’s a monster!]

Demeter was looking down on the young girl, while floating in mid-air. A black aura was sprouting around the young girl’s body.

“…Excuse me but… can I ask you to come down?”

[This brat! Don’t get cocky.]

Demeter put out her hands and began gathering magic power. Light began to converge and then change into a ball of fire.

[Eat this!!]

The fireball shot off from Demeter’s hands and flew off with tremendous speed, colliding with Emily and exploding. A curtain of dust rose in the surrounding and the figure of the young girl couldn’t be seen anymore.

[How was that!?]

Demeter was hoping that Emily would have taken some damage from that but she fell into despair once the curtain of dusted lifted.

The young girl was unharmed, she hadn’t even suffered a scratch.

On top of that, the ominous black aura around the young girl had formed into three black dragons.

“Black Dragon!”

When Emily whispered that the three black dragons shot up towards the sky in wavy movements.


Demeter deployed a five-fold, violet colored barrier before herself.

The three dragons ended up colliding with the barrier. Even with their power, the black dragons were able to break through the violet barrier.

[Fufufu, even amongst the Demons my defense is known to be impregnable. A pipsqueak like you can’t hope to penetrate it!]

Seeing that Emily manifested a huge black ball in front of her.

The huge black ball split into countless smaller balls which began to float around Emily.

“Darkness Barrage!!”

The marble sized balls shot off as if being fired by a machine gun.


The marbles pierced through Demeter’s Protection as well as her Two Fold Barrier.

[It can’t be…] 

The black dragons bit a hole into the barrier and attacked Demeter. She was somehow able to dodge and could do nothing else but run.

While flying in mid-air she was narrowly dodging the dragons’ attacks.

However, Demeter knew that if she was too far away from Emily, her attacks wouldn’t reach as well. While flying she shot off a number of fireballs at Emily.

However, they were all blocked by the black aura.

“…I’ll hit you… this time…”

Even more marbles shot towards Demeter.

Demeter continued to somehow dodge the black marbles being shot off by Emily as well as dodge the dragons’ attacks.

It turned into a state in which Demetre would keep a certain distance away from Emily and for each fireball she shot at her, she would be welcomed with ten marbles shots.

[What is this!? WHY DO YOU HAVE SUCH AN POWER!?]

It was then the Demeter realized that she was standing between the young girl and the battleship.

[Oh no!]

The young girl’s black bullets missed her and headed straight for the battleship. Upon landing onto the battleship, after a moment, an enormous blinding explosion occurred which spread forth flames.

Demeter was left for words at the impact.

[She’s stronger than a Demon… If I fight her any longer I’ll get killed.]


‘To be honest I want to run right now, however if she passes through here she’ll head for the centre. I cannot do something that might endanger the King’s life.’

[It can’t be helped!]

‘This is my strongest defense magic, even this brat should be able to break through it…’


A globe shaped barrier of light appeared and began to surround me.

The three dragons as well as tens of black bullets came towards me but they were blocked by the barrier and I was left unscathed.

‘This spell raises my Defense and Magic Defense drastically.  It’s compatibility is perfect with Two Fold Barrier which also creates manifold barriers, which barriers’ strength is based on my Defense. Originally it’s a skill that can’t block close-range attacks but it allows me to block as kings of attacks, creating an impregnable defense. As long as she doesn’t realize that I cannot also attack from the inside then everything should be fine.’

[Fufufu, what do you say? Even you shouldn’t be able to break this! If you think I’m bluffing try attacking more.] 

‘With this if the brat attacks she will drain her MP and I’ll be able to win. Maintaining Aegis also takes up a lot of MP however I’d be damned if this brat has more MP than me.’

“I can’t help it as well I guess…”

The brat raised her right hand and an enormous magic circle, the likes of which I hadn’t seen until now, appeared on the ground.


From within it something bearing a disgusting presence began coming out.


‘I still can’t use it very well so I wanted to avoid using it but I don’t have any other way of breaking through her barrier…’

“Demon King Summon!”

From within the enormous magic circle, that had appeared on the ground, an enormous arm began appearing. The arm stopped after its elbow appeared.

I didn’t know who’s arm this was or where it was coming from.

Noah had told me that since the Class Skill was called Demon King Summon, then it should be the Demon King, but for starters I didn’t even know who this Demon King was supposed to be…

[What the!? WHAT IS THIS ARM!]

The woman tried to fly away from the arm but no one was able to escape from that arm.

After all the Demon King’s arm had a king of gravity that sucked in its opponents.


The woman got closer and closer to the arm until it grabbed a hold of her.

[Damn it! However, you still won’t be able to break Aegis. Hahaha, sucks for you!]

The Demon King’s hand slowly wrapped around the barrier and began to gradually apply force.


My barrier began making cracking noises.

[It can’t be…]

‘Aegis is an impregnable barrier that even a number of High Ranking Demons, attacking at once, can’t break. And even so… This brat might even turn out to be stronger than Cronus or Oceanus if they aren’t careful.’

With a tearing sound, cracks began appearing on the barrier. 

‘It’s over. It won’t last any longer… To think that I’d lose to such a brat…’

[That’s right… You must be this world’s trump card. How unfortunate though, even if it’s you, you won’t be able to defeat our King.]

“It’s not me…”


“There’s a person that’s way stronger than me… The King that you speak of, Mr. Gojo will definitely beat him…”

[A human stronger than you…!?]

With a bang the barrier broke down. 

‘I can’t die in a place like t…’


The Demon King’s hand crushed the barrier, alongside the woman. From within the hand’s gaps blood began dripping down. The arm went back to the magic circle that it had appeared from and just like that the magic circle disappeared.

‘I can only bring out an arm for now, however even so I was somehow able to win thanks to this power. And even after Noah told me not to use it…’

“…Well it couldn’t be helped this time…”

I hurriedly headed towards the centre.

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