When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 53

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The princess is dead

Kongbao says, “Of course.”

“It was sarcastic, understand?!” Kong Wuying ignores the nonsensical Kongbao and focuses on the princess’ illness.

Although he can’t see the cause and can’t find a solution, it’s a little tricky to say that he could stabilize her condition.

Kong Wuying asks Kongbao to use his body to breathe through the princess’s extremities, helping her blood flow smoothly. After a few rounds of circulation, the princess’s breathing is significantly smoother.

Looking at the princess who has improved significantly after just a while, the people around the palace are very respectful to the two.

Incredible, no wonder this doctor was able to treat Yeying Lord’s hemorrhoids. This healing ability is really quite good.

Lucky, Kong Wuying doesn’t hear this.

After working hard for a few more days, the princess actually ‘snaps’ and wakes up.

Looking at the Kong Wuying and Kongbao close at hand, a little flash of confusion crosses her beautiful face. “I … what happened?”

“Xiaoxi!” It’s Kong San who arrived. He looks at his waking wife and his body begins to tremble. He rushes forward, hugging his wife into his arms. “Xiaoxi, you finally woke up. Do you know that you have been unconscious for half a month …” There’s a deep sorrow in his voice.

The princess blinks and seems a little confused, but soon the confusion quickly turns into a faint smile, and she raises her weak arms to hug her husband. “Don’t worry, I’m awake now.”

The couple is so in love, it’s touching all the palace people present. Including Kong Wuying.

Only Kongbao whispers secretly, “How funny.”

At dinner, since Kong Wuying healed the princess, they receive the best treatment in the royal palace, and Kong San personally hosts a banquet for them.

“Xiaoxi is not in good health and cannot come. To apologize to the two doctors, I toast you this glass of wine.”

Kong Wuying drinks without hesitation and with a smile. “Saving people is my duty, Your Highness doesn’t need to be so polite.”

After the greetings, Kong Wuying starts to eat, enjoying the food with a large smile. It is good to go home, and finally he can eat.

Kongbao next to him is the exact opposite. To love the enemy’s things is preposterous. He refuses to eat!

Kong San looks at Kongbao asks, “Why doesn’t this little brother move his chopsticks? The food doesn’t taste good?”

Kongbao says leisurely, “The person I’m looking at gives me no appetite.”

The blatant malicious manner leaves Kong San stunned slightly. “What?”

Kongbao impatiently says, “Do I need to repeat myself – ah!” 

Kong Wuying kicks him under the table and smiles at Kong San. “Xiao Ling is still thinking about how to heal the princess, this child is too dedicated.” He snaps his  chopsticks at Kongbao. “Don’t think about it so much, eat first.”

Kongbao looks down at the dishes in the bowl and starts picking at it.

While eating, suddenly a soldier in armor hurries in to Kong San. “Your Highness, the princess, she – she – she’s stunned!”

“What are you talking about! The princess was okay just now, how could it be …” Kong San glances subconsciously at the other two.

The Kong duo are also shocked. 

The soldier says, “Just now, the princess was suddenly out of breath, and then … Your Highness, these quack doctors must have poisoned the princess!”

Quacks who poisoned the princess: “…”

Kong San purses his lips until they become white. “Take a look first.” He takes a few steps and turns back, demanding; “Watch these two, if you let a fly out of this hall, you are the one to face the responsibility!” 

Kong San changes from an accessible Prince Charming to a decisive King!

“Yes!” is the thunderous response of the soldiers who answer him.

Kong San leaves.

There are two quack doctors imprisoned here now. 

Kongbao asks gleefully, “Master, if I fight with Kong San later, who will you help?”

Kong Wuying scowls. “Why are you so happy? Did you set this up just to ask that stupid question?”

Kongbao’s righteous counterargument is; “Am I that kind of person?”


“… Okay, I am really, but this time it’s not me. Master wants to save the princess, how can I harm her?”

“Who is it then?”

“Actually, I think it might be Kong San. Don’t you think this whole thing is weird? The smell on the princess, and this inexplicable disease. We obviously fixed it, but people are saying she’s dead. There must be a problem.”

Ignoring Kongbao’s statement against Kong San, Kong Wuying groana. “It is imperative now to look at the body and figure out what happened. Can you … figure out a way?”

“I will handle it.”

A minute later, Kong Wuying looks at the mess and falls into a deep silence. “Is this how you handle it?”

Kongbao insists, “Sometimes the roughest method is the easiest method!”

Princess’s rooms.

Kong San suddenly receives a report from his subordinates, “Your Royal Highness, these subordinates are guilty. The two sinners stunned the guards and fled!”

Kong San is silent.

An old woman dressed as a palace lady next to him suddenly gets furious. “Your Highness, these two clearly have ghosts in their hearts! Otherwise, why did they run away? The princess was definitely poisoned by them!”

Kong San’s right hand squeezes into a fist tightly and he yells, “Pass on the order – search through the whole city! Be sure to find the two people, dead or alive!”

The soldiers move out swiftly.

Kong San falls onto the edge of the bed, holding his wife, his face pale.

The palace lady wipes her tears and says, “The princess, ever since she got the disease, knew that time was short. She once told this old lady that her life had been the most beautiful. She didn’t want to be buried in the shadows after death, underground where she would gradually turn into dry bones. After she died, she wanted to be buried in the ice castle, to always keep her beautiful face.”

Kong San clenches his fists and strokes his wife’s beautiful face. “Since it is Xiaoxi’s last wish, she will be buried in the ice castle after the funeral.”

“Your Highness, you can’t wait!” The palace lady urges: “Her wish was to be buried when she was most alive, so that the princess could maintain her most beautiful appearance.”

“But … how can I … so quickly. It’s too soon.” Kong San chokes out.

Finally, he was urged on by the continuous pleading of the place lady. 

Putting the last kiss on the lips of his beloved wife, he orders people to send the princess’s coffin into the ice castle, and he himself goes after the two quacks with hatred!

He doesn’t notice that there are two men dressed as palace servants quietly following the funeral procession. 

Kong Wuying and Kongbao follow the team into the ice castle. The ice castle, as its name implies, is all carved out of ice. Many servants shiver as they step inside. 

The same goes for Kong Wuying, but as soon as he feels cold, he’s immediately embraced. The warmth of those arms immediately dispels the cold of KOng Wuying’s limbs. 

Kongbao’s voice is deep. “Don’t be afraid, master. I’m here with you.”

Kong Wuying deadpans, “Get off.”

Kongbao says: “Master is very cold here, I’m afraid you can’t stand it.”

Kong Wuying says, for the last time: “Get off.”

Seeing the master insist, Kongbao has to let go with a frown.

Then … he’s hugged.

Kong Wuying, holding Kongbao, is satisfied. “It’s warm.”

Kongbao: “…”

Although he’s very happy to be held by his master, why does he feel that he’s being used like a heater? He is furniture now?

The coffin is sent all the way to the deepest part of the ice chamber. 

The old palace lady that was responsible for taking care of the princess says sadly, “Go out first, I want to say a few last words to the princess.”

Everyone is too cold to say anything otherwise. They quickly nod and leave.

Kong Wuying and Kongbao follow, then Kongbao quietly sets himself and his master under a cloaked stealth technique, and instead hides.

The palace lady moves forward to open the coffin, takes out an elixir and stuffs it into the princess’ mouth. Then the ‘princess’ slowly crawls out of the coffin.

Is this … a faked death?

The palace lady whispers, “Master, are you okay?”

“How could I be okay!?” The princess looks annoyed. He straightens up and sighs, smiling softly. “This bastard Kong San has stuck around so tightly these days, I haven’t seen you in a long time, but I miss you so much.”

Kong Wuying really doesn’t know what to say.

Kong Wuying doesn’t have to look back to imagine the expression of Kongbao next to him.

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