Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 5 – Chapter 7

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Disenchantment and Healing

“The warlock who cast the curse on me had two huge horns protruding from both sides of his head. His skin was tan-colored.”

“…Is that so.”

My conviction strengthened with the king’s words.

It was about the warlock I had restrained immediately after I arrived at Vestier.

So he was the warlock who cast the curse on the king of the beastkin.

I created birds using wind magic to patrol the borders of the kingdom until I reached the royal palace.

These wind birds were also automated, just like the flaming knights.

One of them discovered the place where the king of the beastkin and the warlock evidently fought.

The wavelength of mana residue observed in the area matched the mana of the warlock I captured.

The physical traits described by the beastkin king also matched.

In other words, I was able to obtain the key to break the king’s curse right after I set foot in this country.

With this, there was no need to destroy the beastkin king’s body with holy magic.

I didn’t have to cut his finger, either.

I rescinded the magic I prepared in my hands, and then I faced the place where we teleported earlier in the outskirts of the capital.

“Hm? What happened?”

The king asked in astonishment.

“Please pardon me. There is no need to cut Your Majesty’s finger anymore.”


I stretched my arm towards the location of the ice pillar, trapping the warlock—I clenched my fists with great force.

I felt the tactile sensation of ice breaking on my palm.

This much should be fine, I guess.

I turned around to face the king of the beastkin.

“T, this is… the curse is vanishing!”

The black pattern on the beastkin king’s entire body steadily disappeared.

Great, it’s a success.

“It is alright now.”

“What did you do?”

“I defeated the warlock.”


The beastkin king’s jaw dropped as he stood dumbstruck.

The king of the beastkin had the appearance of a ginormous lion but seeing that fearsome figure standing with mouth wide-opened in mute amazement was quite hilarious.

“Halt, how did this happen, meow?”

“There was a guy who attacked Merdie and me right after we came to this country? That was the warlock who cast the curse on His Majesty.”

“Eh, so the guy you restrained was a warlock, meow?”

When the warlock confronted us, I hid Merdie behind me and protected her with a magical barrier.

Maybe she didn’t hear my conversation with the warlock.


“You guys encountered a warlock?”

“R, restrained the warlock, they said!?”

“It’s the enemy that His Majesty and the Beastkin Soldiers struggled to defeat!!”

“There’s no way they can do that—”

“Silence. My curse is disappearing even at this very minute. I dare say Master Halt defeated the warlock.”

The ministers said a lot of things about me, but the beastkin king restrained them.

The way he addressed me also became polite.

Ignoring the protests of the physicians, he tried to get up. 

“Ah, please wait for a moment.”

I opened the small bottle containing the elixir and sprinkled the wounds from his lost arm and his body.


White foam bubbled from the stump of the beastkin king’s arm that was lopped off, and it formed into the shape of an arm.

After a few seconds, the beastkin king’s arm was fully restored.

“With this, the curse is lifted, and the wounds have been treated.”

“What the, not only the curse but even the arm and the wounds in the entire body…”

The beastkin king rose up from the bed.

Wow, he’s really huge.

He was twice my height when he stood up.

“Master Halt, you have my utmost gratitude for lifting the curse.”

“Please raise your head. I just granted Merdie’s request.”

“Oh, now that you mention it, Master Halt desired my daughter, indeed.”

Eh? I don’t desire her, though…

What I wanted was the privilege to touch her paw pads. 

“However, this is Vestier, the kingdom of beastkin. Only the strongest can impose his will. My life was saved thanks to you, so I recognize that you are strong. However, if you want to marry my beloved daughter, then you have to get the approval of my daughter herself and the citizens, as well.”

Hmm, so in short, I had to obtain the permission of the kingdom’s citizens so I could touch Merdie’s paw pads? How should I do that?

“Your Majesty, Martial God’s Warrior Tournament will be held soon. How about letting Master Halt join the competition?”

One of the ministers made a proposal.

In this country, the one who wins the competition called Martial God’s Warrior Tournament will become king.

Afterward, if the citizens doubted the strength of that king, then regardless of the duration of his reign, a warrior tournament would then be held, and a new king would be chosen, it seemed.

The beastkin king had recovered safely, but the citizens perceived him as someone who lost against a warlock, so it was determined that the Martial God’s Warrior Tournament would be held anew.

“That is good. Please do participate by all means. You defeated the warlock that I lost to. I am sure that you will give us an extremely exciting hot battle!!”

The king’s eyes were sparkling.

It was the eyes of someone delighted to discover his prey.

He himself could not evade joining the tournament, with his throne possibly taken away from him, but he didn’t seem to mind it one bit.

He must be one of those so-called battle maniacs.

I wonder why.

I have a feeling I entered a battle with a princess at stake last year…

Well, this year’s aim is the princess paw pads, though.

“Father, I also want to join this year, meow!”


Unexpectedly, Merdie is also participating in the Martial God’s Warrior Tournament.

The overall meaning of the tournament changed from that of last year.

“Merdie, it’s fine if you want to join the tournament, but just like always, you cannot use any other magic except body-strengthening spells, right?”


I was shocked by being informed suddenly about such facts.

Apparently, the Martial God’s Warrior Tournament forbids magic.

No, I’m a Sage, though…

‘It’ll be fine, meow! Even with just body-strengthening magic, I have become stronger to the point I can beat you black and blue, Father, meow!”

Sparks flew between the two of them.

The girl who said she would do anything just to save her father now declared she would viciously beat him the moment he recovered.

And the father who received such words…

“So Her Highness Merdie will also participate. I am looking forward to the tournament!”

Among the ministers, there were also aggressive beastkin who were heavily breathing in excitement.

I felt like I saw the carnivorous nature of the beastkin…

Everyone loved battles, huh.

“Well then, I will be the one to submit Halt-sama, Merdie-sama, and Your Majesty’s applications for participation in the Marital God’s Warrior Tournament.

“Alright, I leave it to you.”

“Take care of me, meow!”


In an instant, it was decided that I would also join.

But I didn’t say I would, though…



 ‘What I wanted was the privilege to touch her paw pads.’ (T/N: then why don’t you say that aloud so Merdie would have a chance with other guys,-a chef, or a gourmet, perhaps?)

“However, if you want to MARRY my beloved daughter blah, blah…”

‘Hmm, so in short, I had to obtain the permission of the kingdom’s citizens so I could touch Merdie’s paw pads? How should I do that?’ (T/N: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻)

Anyway, I’m glad the plot is moving away from fire knights, and the different talents and skills of Halt are being showcased now. I’m actually excited to see what else he has in store. And I admit, I’m curious about the other countries and tribes as well, particularly the dragonoids.

I imagine His Majesty’s appearance as being the combination of these pics 😀

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