I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 144

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Japan Ground Self-Defense Force’s 16th Brigade

[Mongolia’s Eastern Sky――]

“The transportation aircraft that Sakamoto is on is coming, we’re going to cover them!”


The flight squad with Shimizu in the lead got into formation in order to take care of all the enemies that stood in the Self-Defense Force’s Transportation Aircraft’s way.


“Did you get the signal?”

“Yes, it came from a place, close to where one of the battleships has landed. But it’s right in the middle of the battlefield. What should we do Major General Sakamoto?”

We were a little bit late but we had finally managed to get to Mongolia’s sky.

I had given Noah a location device beforehand so I knew exactly where they were.

“Do not mind the incoming enemies. It will be fine as long as we leave them to Shimizu.”

And just as I had guessed, Shimizu’s flight squad was taking down the enemies while protecting our two transportation aircrafts.

‘It seems like the improved fighters are doing great.’

“Be ready for combat as soon as we land. Don’t slack off!”


[Carlo Bandis――]

The soldiers that got off from the transportation aircrafts came towards us with a slight jog. Still even with the increase in normal soldiers wouldn’t affect our fighting power that much.

‘Noah seems to have high hopes for them though.’

“Mr. Carlo, can you hold the beastman down for a bit? I need to go and talk with the soldiers.”

“No problem.”

Hearing me say that Noah quickly ran to where the Self-Defense Force soldiers had landed. 

‘It seems like he has a plan… Guess I’ll need to hold off the beast bastard somehow.’

“Come forth! Amon!!”

I used Amon in order to hold back the giant enemy.


“Noah! Sorry for being late.”

“Don’t worry about it, we’re glad to have you here. We’re in the middle of a really tough fight so I’d be grateful if you could help us out.”

“All of the ammo is here. Will it really work?”

“We won’t know until we give it a shot.”

Sakamoto and the others saw Ares and then immediately got into a position so as to surround him.

[Hm?  This world’s common fodder huh… Even if several tens of… rather hundreds of thousands of you show up it won’t matter!]

“Everyone, get into positions!”

All of the over 40 Self-Defense Force soldiers aimed their 5.56 mm machine guns at Ares. Even so Ares still continued walking without batting them an eye.


All of the guns shot simultaneously.

The bullets landed on Ares, stopping him in his tracks. Ares guarded his face with his thick arms, striking a daunting pose in the stop he was standing at.

They were able to stop him, however it didn’t seem like they were able to cause him any damage.

“Noah are you out of your mind!? Aren’t normal bullets not supposed to work on him?”

“Those are not your ordinary bullets.”

Hearing Noah say that Carlo once again turned to look at Ares.

Carlo was left dumbfounded by the sight of Ares being stuck in a defensive stance, despite up until now rushing forward without a care in the world.

“He’s desperately guarding. What’s going on?”

“Those are Orichalcum Bullets that we made. Mr. Gojo applied God Slayer to them before he left for Antarctica.”

“So you had something like that prepared…”

“We have more than 50,000 of them.”


Carlo was left in shock by the sheer number of the bullets. It was evident that only Gojo, with his unlimited amount of MP, could have made something like that possible.

The Self-Defense Force soldiers who ran out of ammo would retreat for a bit in order to stock up. And the hole created by them would be filled in by other soldiers, creating an unending rain of bullets.

Ares was withstanding the bombardment with an unpleasant look on his face.

“Like this we might just win…”

Looking at the Ares, who was currently completely stuck due to the Self-Defense Force’s attacks, the fire of hope began to burn within Carlo.


‘What are these bullets… They’re abnormally powerful. If it wasn’t for Unparalleled Under the Heavens I would look like Swiss cheese right about now. How did the humans of this world manage to get a hold of such a weapon? Oh well it doesn’t matter, as long as I stick to defense they’ll eventually run out of ammo. And after that I’ll slaughter every single last one of them.Hold onto your hope while you still can.’


[Noah Smith――]

“Noah, we’ll help as well!” 

Luke readied his bow and arrow and aimed at the enemy.

“Please wait. It’s still too early to attack.”

Carlo and Luke were left surprised by my words.

“What do you mean Noah? We should use the chance that he’s guarding!”

“I agree with Luke. Still could it be that you have some kind of plan?”

“Mr. Gojo told me this before. The stronger a skill, the more mana it drains. And I don’t think that that man’s defensive abilities or physical strength is only due to his body.”

“So you mean to say that it’s a skill?”

“Correct. And as long as it’s a skill he should run out of mana if he continues using it. And it’s precisely when he runs out of mana that we attack at once.”

‘The 50,000 bullets that Mr. Sakamoto and the others brought should be enough to drain his mana.’

“The real fight starts when we run out of ammo. Be ready for that.”


[Japan Air Self-Defense Force Major General Sakamoto――]

‘How can he withstand so many bullets? Even if we couldn’t win I still thought that we’d be able to cause him some damage but…’ 

I couldn’t see quite clearly, however it seemed like the man hadn’t suffered even a single scratch.

“Major General Sakamoto! We ran out of ammo!”

“I know.”

‘Noah told me to just exhaust him but can we really exhaust this thing?’  

A number of the soldiers ran out of bullets.

As soon as the rain of bullets began to weaken the monster resumed his charge with his guard up.

“Everyone! Keep shooting while retreating!”

One by one the soldiers began running out of ammo while on the other hand the monster’s opened up his guard a bit, revealing his smile.


When the last soldier ran out of ammo Ares triumphantly lowered his guard.

[HAHAHA was that it? Well then I guess it’s my turn now!]

Ares kicked the ground and charged at the Self-Defense Force vanguard. It was then that――

A gun shot was heard and blood began dripping down from Ares’ head. Sakamoto turned back to see Noah holding his gun.

“We’ll take care of the rest. Everyone please fall back!”


[Noah Smith――]

“That bastard got wounded just as you said Noah. His defense and physical strength were due to a skill after all.”

Mr. Carlo moved Amon to the vanguard, ordering him to take on a fighting stance.


“Luke, Anna! Surround him. Elias, use Protection in front of us. The rest of you create some distance and attack the bastard!!”

Following Mr. Carlo’s instructions The Sanctuary Knights as well as Suzaku members began circling the giant man.

‘We should keep up as well’

“Sara, Chloe, Victor. Support us with long-ranged attacks! Arthur and Louise, you both stand by for now. I want you to finish him off in the end.”


“Got it!”

‘He should probably still have some MP left. However, he shouldn’t be able to withstand our attack.’

I merged the two pistols that I held into a single rifle. 

‘It was the right call to gather our fighting power to this place.’

“Watch out!”


[Carlo Bandis――]

“Go Amon! Venom!!”

A poisonous flame burst forth from Amon’s mouth and landed directly on the beastman, upon which the flame turned black and spread in the area.

Without a moment’s delay Luke shot off three arrows and Anna cast Fire Magic.

However, the enemy just shun off everything with a swing of his arm.

He was still able to use his skill. He also didn’t even bat an eye at any of Suzaku’s arrows that landed on him.

‘From here on out it’s a test of endurance.’

“Don’t stop attacking! Make it so that he doesn’t even have the time to counter-attack!!”


[These insects…!!]

It was at that moment when a shadow was cast on the ground. Looking up I saw that Chloe was looking down at us, while standing on top of one of three dragons that she had summoned.

“Everyone get back!”

The three Dragons opened their mouths and shot forth a scorching flame that was aimed at the beastman.


Standing on top of the Dragons besides Chloe there were two others. They were Anna and Victor. Both of them held a staff which they raised high up.

“Lightning Magic Roaring Thunder!!”

“Combination Magic Blazing Thunder!!”

A fierce flash of lightning as well as a red lightning collided with the beastman.


‘It’s working. He’s not able to maintain his skill at all times.’

“Everyone, attack as one!”

Magic and arrows coming from a certain distance began raining down. The beastman was able to block some but he wasn’t able to block all of them and suffered wounds throughout his body.



Amon appeared from underground and clutched himself on to the beastman’s right arm. A black flame began surging forth from Amon’s body and even he himself turned into flames.

[What the!? THIS IS!]

Amon looked like he was smiling and then blew himself up. Black flames spread to the surroundings and a crater appeared where Amon had blown up.


The beastman screamed as he lost his right arm. He wasn’t able to use his skill any more.


The Dragons soaring in the air once again shot off flames. The beastman was somehow able to withstand the flames and appear from them, however what awaited him beyond the flames was Sara and Victor’s magic.

Luke’s arrow landed on his right shoulder and exploded. Anna and Elias’ attacks also landed on him.

A number of Suzaku’s arrows pierced his body as well.

[I WON’T FALL IN A PLACE LIKE THIS!!] yelled out Ares while charging at me but…


A bullet shot from Noah’s rifle landed directly onto Ares’ right eye and blood began flowing from it.

I waved my hand, sending a signal.


Those that held swords, spears or were even skilled in Martial Arts dashed in all at once. Ares was waving his remaining left arm to try and block them but he was way too outnumbered.

Anna’s Magic Sword pierced Ares’ abdomen and Arthur’s sword buried itself deep into his neck, creating a fountain of blood.

Louise and Suzaku’s Fighters attacked his vitals and the spear squad created some distance and attacked from there.

Ares was wounded all over――

It was just a matter of time now. Luke shot off three arrows which landed on Ares’ chest and exploded, bringing his giant body to the ground.

The ground shook and a cloud of dust rose up and Ares didn’t move any more.

“We did it…”

Even though we had defeated the enemy, our side was quite drained as well. 

‘We must hurry to the centre…’

“Mr. Carlo we did it!”

“It was thanks to  you the Self-Defense Force as well as everyone here.”

Our companions were currently checking whether Ares was dead or not. I went nearby Ares and everyone, including the Self-Defense Force gathered.

“Luke, how is it?”

“He’s not breathing. He’s dead.”

“I see…”

I let out a sigh and turned around. Just then I heard a loud sound behind me.

I hurriedly turned back to see Ares charging towards us with Luke skewered on his left arm.

He was charging straight at Noah.

‘This is bad! Noah already put down his weapon. He’s currently defenseless…’ 

I dashed forth with all of my might in order to try and cover him.

‘Noah is one of the precious children that Gojo entrusted to us. He played a central role in this battle. I can’t let him die.’

Thinking that I put out my hand, however it didn’t reach him.

In the next instant a man appeared to stand in front of Noah. The man was pushed down by Ares but he was still able to put his pistol inside Ares’ mouth and pull the trigger.

A number of gunshots were heard after which Ares completely stopped moving.

This time he was dead for sure.

“Mr. Sakamoto!”

“My pistol has Orichalcum Bullets as well. Still there only a few left…”

“Are you okay?”

“Yea, that was quite reckless for my age… It seems like I broke a few bones when I was pushed down.”

‘So one of the Self-Defense Force members. that just came, ended up saving Noah… In the end the battle was settled not by us ability users, but rather by a completely ordinary Self-Defense Force member.’

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