Becoming a Sniper Who Enjoys Playing Games

A Story About an Old Man Who Is a Company Slave Becoming a Sniper Who Enjoys Playing Games of PKing and PKed Chapter 9

Translator: IceCherry

Editor: Firebi

The Sniper, Getting Results

I PKed. 

The first thing that comes to my mind isn’t guilt or regret, but a sense of accomplishment. 

Next is satisfaction. 

What is this? I just sniped in the game. 

It’s fun. Very fun. 

This wasn’t the same as defeating monsters mechanically.

Joy rises from the back of my chest.

Is this a feeling of satisfaction? 

I have never felt this kind of feeling since I became a company slave.

I’m having a lot of fun right now. 



But when I think about it, I wonder if I’m a little jerk for enjoying PKing. 

Hmm… Oh well. This is just a game.

The point is, as long as I don’t behave badly in real life, there’s nothing wrong with it. 

But now that I have calmed down, I remember that I forgot to check something out. That is an important confirmation. 

What do I get from PKing?

How has my status changed?

All I need is information. 

I touch the panel in the air and open the status window. Nothing has changed.

I’ve killed three of them, but I’m not gaining any skill points, and my gold doesn’t seem to be increasing too.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with PKing… 

Hmm? Huh? 

There is an item I don’t remember buying in the item section.

Originally, I thought I only had movement speed potions, but now I have two more items. 

One is an HP potion.

And the second one is… Ring of Hit +2? 

There were three players I just killed.

The increased number of items is two. 

I see, if you get PKed, there’s a chance that one of your items will drop.

This is profitable. 

But it’s only a probability drop, so it’s not too profitable.

It could be said that it is an exquisite balance. If it was a confirmed drop, it would be an end of century debauchery game full of PK.

There’s always the possibility of taking a risk and getting nothing for it.

That’s probably why PKs are not prevalent.

Well… there might be some other penalty for PKing, but I don’t know what it is now.

I’ll look into it later. 

It’s a ring that hits +2.

I put it on my finger and equip it. 


The passive skill [Hit] increases by 2.  


This is good! Really great!

This is an item that I want so badly right now. 

This is a good start.

PK isn’t something to dislike.

At least for me, it’s an aggressive play.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Today’s PK is definitely lucky. 

The three targeted players were completely unfamiliar with PKing, and there was no counterattack.

I guess they have lived a peaceful life, only hunting monsters.

Well… So I warn myself. 

If I’m going to continue PKing in the future, I’ll definitely meet players who are used to PKing.

The point is how to get around that moment.

If I let them counterattack, this weak sniper will be killed in one hit.

All right! For now, Let’s keep up the good work, my partner (rifle)!

I sling the sniper rifle back on my shoulder.

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