When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 52

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Really fierce

After listening to the conditions of Kongbao, Kong Wuying looks at him. “What are you betting?”

Kongbao blinks. “If I lose, I will never mention that your twelve sons have a crush on you, willingly admitting that you are all purely father and son.”

After listening to Kongbao’s words, there’s no change in expression. But if it could make Kongbao shut up …

Kong Wuying hums. “Kongbao!”

Kongbao looks at him with anticipation. “Yes?”

“Do you think I am mentally retarded?”

Kongbao: “…”

Kong Wuying smiles passive-aggressively. “What do you mean if you never mention it? You don’t mention it.”

What’s the point of making him shut up?

Things are not decided by the will of Kongbao. It’s not that Kongbao likes it if he likes it, or he doesn’t like it if he doesn’t like it. The fact is there, and it won’t change.

When Kongbao sees his master refuse to take the bait, he turns to the stubborn method. “Master, you dare not bet? Even with your precious third child, you are not at ease?”

“Nothing to worry about! It’s absolutely impossible for the third!”

“Then bet!” Kongbao demands.

Kong Wuying: “… don’t want to.”

“There’s nothing to worry about with the third child!”

Kong Wuying: “…”

Seven days later, Kong Wuying and his soul puppet reach the main domain of Ruthless Realm currently under the jurisdiction of Kong San.

Since the Yeying lord’s death, his twelve sons have fought with each other, each occupying a site and doing their own thing. Among the princes, the Ruthless Realm occupied by Kong San is not the largest area, nor is it the richest, or even the strongest military force.

But it’s definitely the most organized.

Neat streets, people’s faces filled with happy smiles. When referring to His Royal Highness Kong San, there is no such thing as the disappointment and contempt of the youngest people, but full reverence.

It can be seen why Kong Wuying calls Kong San his favourite.

Kong Wuying is very satisfied. Compared with the previous ‘strangers’, it is simply incomparable. Naturally, Kong San cannot be the true murderer who stole his body.

Thinking of this, he can’t help turning his head and glancing at Kongbao, vowing to make this bastard say that Kong San was really an outstanding child.

Since Kongbao came to the unrequited realm, he changed to Xiao Ling Jiying’s pastel appearance. In his words, it is easy for the enemy to narrow the road if he encounters Kong San.

What kind of resentment is it?

At that time, Kongbao still asked with anticipation in his eyes, “If we fight, who will you help, master?”

Kong Wuying answered him without hesitation at the time: “My favourite.”

The ‘not you’ was implied.

The third child is a good child. If it’s Kongbao’s fault that the fight starts, then the perpetrator should take the blame. More so, the third child can’t beat Kongbao alone. Helping the weak is a duty for all.

Right now, Kongbao is still dimmed, the grievances circulating throughout his body, even if the conversation was a long time ago.

Feeling Kong Wuying’s eyes, Kongbao says sourly, “It’s abnormal here! Look at this street, how neat and orderly it is, look at the people here, how warm and friendly they look, master don’t you think there is a problem?”

Kong Wuying looks around. “What’s the problem with that?”

Kongbao tsks. “The problem is there is no problem! What is Yeying? Where is it? I see nothing. The evil, the grace of the Yeying lord, the treacherous and cunning to the extreme – I see nothing! They’re warm and kind here, it’s a disgrace!”

Suddenly, Kong Wuying’s face turns dark. “Treacherous your head! Are all of my people only evil and nothing else? Were you brainwashed in Mingguang for too long? What do you think of Mingguang, huh?”

Kongbao: “…”

Master, just wait and see. The third child is not the kind of good boy you imagine. Help Kongbao when fighting, ah!

At this time, large image stones on the street began to flash, and dozens of these tablets begin to broadcast the same picture.

Kong Wuying hears the people around him appear amazed.

“It’s His Royal Highness Kong San and Princess San!”

“No matter how many times I look at this picture, I feel right!”

“If my future husband is as good as His Royal Highness Kong San, even if I die instantly after, I will be happy!”

“If you want an excellent husband like His Royal Highness Kong San, you must be as gentle and beautiful as Princess San.”

Ignoring the gossip of the people around him, Kong Wuying looks curiously at the screens just as two people step into sight.

A man’s black hair and clear black eyes, a light blue brocade, gorgeous and elegant both. The nose is very tall, the lips are thin, with a smile like a spring breeze on his face – extremely warm as if the smile can thaw ice, revive everything, and the flame of it instantly becomes a paradise on earth.

Noble and elegant, compassionate, and unlike common men in the world.

This is Kong Wuying’s third child.

In terms of appearance, Kong San is not the most exquisite as some of the other sons, but his smile is born to be attractive. It’s not the kind of attractive that lures in people, but the kind of attractive that warms the heart and nourishes the heart.

Standing beside him is a slim woman, wearing a long lilac dress adorned with pink shredded flowers, the design complicated and elegant, while her face is as beautiful as the moon and the sky.

Flawless, the first daughter-in-law of Kong Wuying’s family.

When she met Kong San, the girl was already a beautiful woman with a good reputation in Yeying. She was the only daughter of Kong Wuying’s teacher, and she had a gentle temperament like water. A perfect match with the third of Kong Wuying’s family.

The narration from the stone screens comes in a gentle voice.

“The Qixi Festival, His Royal Highness and the Princess will share a lingering night with you.”

The image changes into a pink perfume bottle.

The voice continues: “A night of nostalgia.”


It’s actually a perfume advertisement. Kong Wuying is a little speechless. The third child is really approachable. This kind of advertisement is also accepted apparently.

The crowd murmurs;

“It’s a pity. His Royal Highness Kong San has been so loving and unparalleled, so happy even with the princess having such a strange disease.”

“Strange disease?” Kongbao hurriedly asks.

“You are new to the city, then? The princess suddenly suffered from a strange disease a few months ago, and has been bedridden so far. His Highness has sought out famous doctors. Such things, I don’t know how he must be feeling…”

It’s obvious that the woman talking only cares about whether Kong San is sad.

Upon hearing that, Kongbao pokes at his master further. “Oh! How awful. Tell me more.”

After a quarter of an hour, Kong Wuying and Kongbao come to the palace gate.

Kongbao, acting as a normal servant, raises his head and says, “My master has traveled from afar! He has heard of the princess’ illness and has come to offer his healing.”

The guard at the door looks like a low lackey. “Your … master? Is he famous? I suggest you go back without a name, don’t waste His Royal Highness and the princess’ time.”

Kong San was always compassionate, and even the doctors who failed to treat the Princess were treated with courtesy. So many scammers came and over time, their review process became more stringent.

“Famous?” Kongbao straightens his chest high, a look that seems to be greatly insulted. “My master is Yeying’s greatest doctor. He also treated Yeying Lord’s hemorrhoids! Ask if there are moles on the Lord’s bottom, the master will answer it all! You dare to say that my master is an unknown!?”

The face of the gatekeeper immediately changes. “Forgive me for being clumsy, please, we welcome the doctor!”

Kong Wuying is standing blankly with no expression, pretending to be cold, but in fact he wants to choke Kongbao to death.

There are no hemorrhoids! There are no moles on the butt!

Although Kongbao is talking nonsense, it’s a reliable kind of bullshit and soon, Kong Wuying is led to Kong San.

Kong San sits on the throne. Probably because of the princess’ illness, he looks a little embarrassed, almost distressed when he looks at Kong Wuying.

“This way,” Kong San says after they bow, and leads them to the princess.

On the way up, Kongbao quietly hisses in Kong Wuying’s ear. “I said it was Kong San. I smell it. He smells like master, although it is very light, but it definitely is! I will say it is him!”

“I do not believe you,” Kong Wuying grits out.

Kongbao hears the heartache in the words. “Master, when have I lied to you?”


“I have never lied to you about this!”

“So you have lied to me a few times before?”


They separate when they arrive at the princess’ room. Kong Wuying steps in and observes his daughter-in-law’s face carefully. Her face is as pale as paper, and when he checks her pulse, the veins look strange.

Even Kong Wuying isn’t sure of what’s happening. 

He turns to ask Kongbao next to him. “What do you think?”

Kongbao’s face has been strange ever since he first saw the princess but snaps out of it when Kong Wuying nudges him.

Kongbao quickly pulls Kong Wuying aside. “Master, it was me who made the mistake. The real murderer was not Kong San, but the princess. Your smell on her is so strong and pungent! The smell of Kong San is far less.”

Kong Wuying scoffs at him. “Before, you said that Kong San stole my body because of a secret crush on me, so why did the youngest wife steal my body? She also had a crush on me?”

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