The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – Chapter 30

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Katariona Goes on a Date With Leon and Marie

TL Note: soirée = an evening party or gathering, typically in a private house, for conversation or music

Today, Leon, Marie and I are in the streets of the royal capital to do some shopping. This is the date we had planned for the three of us. After all, we’ve finally come to the royal capital. And, I wanted to have tea at one of Chris’s recommended cafes and do some shopping.

“Even though you’re the daughter of a noble, don’t you go into town a little too much?”

“Once I make my debut in society, I won’t have as much freedom. So, I want to broaden my horizons while I can.”

Nobles make their debut in society when they turn fifteen. Once they enter the social circle, they inevitably have to attend royal balls and soirées. The social season would be jam-packed with schedules, and so there would be no time to go out into the city like this.

Leon is currently accompanying me in the form of a child. As long as you don’t venture into the less protected areas, the capital is relatively safe.

“What are you looking for today, Miss?”

“Marie, you can just call me Rio while we’re out in the city.”

I had previously acquired some of Marie’s childhood clothes, so today I am in my town girl style.

“I need some wax for the sealing stamp Chris gave me and some paper for giving reports. I would also like to buy some souvenirs for Laura.”

“If you want sealing wax, you can ask the master or the mistress to give you some.”

“Yes, but I want to have my very own sealing wax.”

The most common colors for sealing wax are red and other dark colors, but there are many other types as well. I’m thinking of using a marble pattern to add a little bit of my own touch.

As I strolled around the city, I browsed through the stores’ windows and saw some cute writing utensils and stationery.

“Let’s go in here.”

“There are so many cute things here. It looks like the kind of store that Miss …… Rio would like.”

Marie started to say “Miss” and then rephrased it as “Rio”. It’s not easy to get used to, but keep up the good work. I’m sure you’ll be able to do it. 

In the store, there were various kinds of pens with cute patterns on the barrel and beautifully colored stationery.

“Since we’re here, why don’t we buy some new pens and stationery?”

A pen barrel with a picture of a bluebird holding a pink rose in its mouth caught my attention. I decided to buy it. I also need a few types of letter paper and normal white letter paper for correspondence. As for the sealing wax I wanted, I found a set of 24 colors and decided to buy it.

I searched the store to see if there was anything I could get for Laura as a souvenir. I found a beautiful set of pen nibs and nibs with red roses on them. I thought it would be perfect for Laura, who looks like a large rose, so I bought the set as a souvenir.

Marie helped me pay for it. The total cost was two silver coins. To be exact, it was two silver coins and three copper coins, but she gave me a discount for buying so many. It was surprisingly cheap.

“What a good purchase. It’s cute, reasonably priced, and the quality isn’t too bad.”

“For the young la…… Rio, despite being the daughter of an aristocrat, you are surprisingly thrifty, aren’t you? Even though the Marquis de Grandeur is a very wealthy family.”

“Why not? Being frugal is a great way to avoid any unnecessary expenses. By purchasing goods on your own, you can also broaden your perspective. It also helps improve your information gathering skills.”

Speaking of information gathering ability, I suddenly remembered something.

In my previous life, there was a year when the Kingdom of Findalia suffered from an unprecedented crop failure. For a period of time, the people did not have enough food to eat and the country plunged into a crisis. It was Chris who suggested that the country stockpile grains and other food that could be preserved in case of such a situation in the future.

Chris gathered information on the amount of grain harvested in each territory and called on the lords to deliver grain to the country for stockpiling. Since many of the nobles were from the princess’s faction, Chris’s plan was a success. Incidentally, the Marquis of Grandeur was the highest grain earner in the country, so we were able to contribute a lot.

I also helped Chris prepare the information. Seeing her skills, I thought that Chris was more qualified to be the monarch than His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.

As for the Crown Prince, he showered Charlotte with expensive gifts despite the current state of the country. I repeatedly admonished him, but he wouldn’t listen to me. Instead, he asked, “Are you jealous?”

“As I have said before, we shouldn’t be too extravagant, just in case of the unlikely event that something should go wrong.”

“His Royal Highness, the trash Crown Prince, himself, appraised you… …… and didn’t he confirm that your magic attribute is not light magic? There won’t be such a possibility.” 

That’s right. I’m sure the engagement flag has been broken by that. Maybe it’s okay.

Leon, who had been silent for a while, tilted his head. You can see the wrinkles between his eyebrows even through his glasses.

“I don’t know about that.”

“What do you mean? Leon.”

“You have to be on your guard. The possibility of Rio being chosen as the fiancé of the Crown Prince kid has not completely disappeared.”

Ehhh? Although it has been proven that my magical attribute is not light magic, the engagement flag still remains? 

“Is it possible to be the Crown Princess without having the light magic attribute?”

“No. However, the current queen can use three different types of magic: water, wind, and earth, and I’ve heard that the King took a liking to her and chose her as his wife.”

Leon crossed his arms pondering.

“In other words, even if you don’t possess light magic, there is a possibility of becoming the princess.”

“But I only have plant magic. The world thinks that I can only tinker with the earth.”

To be precise, it is creation magic, although you can also use sacred magic with your second mana.

“And although Daaku-sama says Charlotte has no attributes at the moment, in my previous life she was able to use light magic at the age of 15.”

“However, Flare-sama has no intention of giving the girl light magic. That means there is no one but Rio who can use light magic.”

“The second mana cannot be appraised by humans, right? In addition, if there is anyone other than the nobility who can use light magic, they will try to make her the Crown Princess even if she has to be adopted by a noble family.”

In the event that there are no aristocratic young ladies who can use light magic, but there are some common people who can use light magic or dark magic, the state will try to adopt the girl as a nobleman’s daughter to become the Crown Princess.

In the past, there have been similar cases, which means that the country attaches great importance to individuals who possess the rare attributes of light and dark.

“Suppose they don’t show up? Rio is the daughter of a prestigious Marquis family and the niece of the current Prime Minister. Wouldn’t that qualify you sufficiently to be the fiancée of the Crown Prince kid?”

“Does that mean that the Crown Prince is considering …… me as a potential fiancée?”

“It’s a possibility.”

That means I need to plan a getaway or consider going to a monastery. While I was pondering the matter, Leon caressed my head. 

“Don’t look so glum, there are plenty of ways to avoid an engagement. Besides, I’d rather……than to hand over Rio to that Crown Prince kid.”  

“Leon? What did you say?”

Leon suddenly looks away. His ears seem to be red.

“It’s …… nothing. We’re going to a cafe, right? Let’s go and take a break.”

“…… Yeah.”

What was Leon going to say? I’m really curious.

* * * * *

Chris recommended a cafe that was famous for its macaron tower. A macaron tower is a beautifully designed tower of colorful macarons.

Any leftover macarons can be packed up and taken away, so you don’t have to worry about leaving any behind. They also serve a wide variety of delicious teas.

Looking at the menu, you can see a picture of a macaron tower. Just by looking at the illustration, it looks delicious. There are also many kinds of cakes and teas.

“Which one should I choose? It is so hard to decide.”

“You don’t have to finish the whole macaron tower, remember? It looks like a lot of food, so we’ll just order one macaron tower.”

“I can eat them all by myself.”

Leon is a glutton, so I’m sure he’ll be able to finish it.

I ordered a cake with lots of melons and a cup of Assam milk tea. Assam is a very strong black tea, so it is delicious when made into milk tea.

The long-awaited “Macaron Tower” was carried in. It was a beautiful tower of pastel-colored macarons with rose-shaped sweets in some places.

“It looks so beautiful.”

“The macarons all look so delicious.”

“How are these macarons arranged into a tower?”

It would be a shame to destroy it, but I was curious to know how the macarons were stacked. We put the macarons on a plate and looked at the core of the tower.

The long conical core was covered with a layer of whipped cream. I see! So this is what the macarons are adhered to. The three of us nodded our heads in agreement.

“The person who came up with this idea is brilliant.”

“I’d like to try making it sometimes.”

Leon began to eat the macarons and cake in silence. He seemed satisfied with the way they were constructed.

Marie and I decide to have some as well. I love drinking tea while savoring macarons and cake. In the end, we ate all of the macarons without having to take them to go. More than half of the macarons were eaten by Leon. ……

* * * * *

Now that I’ve finished my shopping and enjoyed some delicious confections, I’m on my way home, walking with a full stomach.

“Mi …… Rio. That’s the Royal Capital branch of Sandorion.

Ultimately, Marie still remained hesitant to call me by my name. However, the letters in “Miss” are getting fewer and fewer.

When I looked at the store Marie pointed to, I saw that the exterior looked similar to the Sandorion store in our territory.

“Do you want to swing by and check it out?”

“Yes, I suppose we should. There may be some products that are only available in the capital.”

I wonder what kind of products, if any, are exclusive to the capital. I was about to walk towards the store but halted.

I was surprised to see someone walking into Sandorion. There was no way I would mistake that figure. Is that!?


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