Becoming a Sniper Who Enjoys Playing Games

A Story About an Old Man Who Is a Company Slave Becoming a Sniper Who Enjoys Playing Games of PKing and PKed Chapter 6

Translator: IceCherry

Editor: Firebi

The Sniper Seeking Efficiency

I immediately use my movement speed potion to extend my distance. I have a feeling that my walking speed has increased by about 1.2 times its normal speed. 

This is good

Right now I’m in the field in the middle of the mountain.

In particular, this is a geographically easy field to shoot and target enemies from a distance. Besides that, there are also lots of big rocks here, so this is a great hiding place.

And it’s probably an intermediate to advanced field that no beginner player should ever enter. 

For some reason, there are bears, even bigger than the one that gave me my first death-defying experience, wandering around there. 

I’d be killed instantly by a mere scratch of a claw. But that’s okay…

Because that’s a monster with a higher-ranked rank. I’ll probably get a lot of skill points.

And there’s one more thing that works for me. In this terrain, I can lie on my stomach and fight in what I call a full-fledged sniper style. It’s just me shooting one way, but that’s how a sniper fights. 

Well, I move to the shade of a suitable rock and lie down on my stomach.

Then I set my sniper rifle on the ground.

Yeah, this is not bad. It’s my specialty.

I look through the scope.

I can see a big bear up close.

Thanks to the scope, it looks so close, because in reality, it’s much further away. The big bear doesn’t even notice me. 

I still have plenty of time. I take my time to set my aim and pull the trigger. 


I hit the head of the big bear.

Its HP gauge is reduced by 50%. 

This is amazing.

I got a perfect headshot, but I can only reduce the HP by 50%?

Truly a monster of a higher-ranked. 

The bear rushes toward me, but it’s far away.

The rifle’s normal attack has a cool time of a few seconds, but even with that, I can still get a second shot off in time.

I calmly set my aim again. 


Another headshot, and the body of the big bear bursts into a particle of light. 

I knew it! It’s just as I calculated.

The monsters that can be defeated with a single blow are not so higher-ranked.

That means I can’t earn money efficiently. 

Getting two headshots in a row is usually a difficult task, but if I have enough distance and can aim calmly, it’s not that difficult.

I’m just guessing, but if it’s this far away, bows and magic skills won’t reach it either.

In other words, as long as I can decide the game with a single shot, the sniper rifle is probably the strongest. 

No… it’s too early to think about that.

It’s not too late to get more familiar with this game. 



The sound of rifles echo over and over in the middle of the mountain.

After all, hunting higher-ranked monsters seems to be efficient, and I get quite a few skill points.

I immediately raise the passive skill [Range] to 10. 


The sniping​ now can reach the targets that are no longer visible to the eyes.

This is great!

But a problem also arises.

If I’m too far away, and my headshot hit rate drops.

Apparently there is quite a difference in power between a torso and a headshot, especially if you have a play style like mine, you always have to get a headshot.

However, there are limits to manual aiming. 

In the future, it might be better to give points to [Hit] as well.

Unlike in the real world, in this game, I can compensate for my hit points with skills to some extent. 

The more useful something is, the more it should be used. 

In the end, this is how my skills turned out today. 

[Range: 10]

[Hit: 1]

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