Becoming a Sniper Who Enjoys Playing Games

A Story About an Old Man Who Is a Company Slave Becoming a Sniper Who Enjoys Playing Games of PKing and PKed Chapter 5

Translator: IceCherry

Editor: Firebi

The Sniper, Shopping

I was killed by a bear and returned to the Town of Beginnings. 

That damn bear, the next time I see him, I’ll make him into a bear pot…

Anyway, it’s the town.

There are as many people as ever. 

I thought there would be an overwhelming number of male players in this kind of game, but surprisingly, there are some female players as well. 

It seems that there are plenty of life skills such as cooking, sewing, and blacksmithing, so maybe that’s what’s catching people’s interest. 

There are so many hair and eye colors.

I guess blue is popular because it’s cool and cute. I have black hair and eyes because I kept it real, but maybe that’s more rare here. 


Life skills, eh?

I’ve just allocated the combat skills, so let’s take a look at the life skills.

I touch the word [Skill] in the air and select [Life].

Cooking, fishing, sewing, mining, blacksmithing, logging, building, and farming. 

I see, if I were to make my own new sniper rifle, would I improve my smithing?

Well I have no intention of making it myself. I plan to put all my skills into combat. 

Anyway, now that I’m back in the town, let’s take a look around.

I’ve got some money from killing all those dog wolves. 

“Oh, welcome.” 

A rugged voice sounds as I enter the weapons store. The old man with a beard seems to be the storekeeper—probably an NPC. 

I take my time to look around the store.

I’m looking for a sniper rifle, of course. 

Hmm… They’re all very expensive for their abilities. It’s not something I can afford, and it’s not something I’ll want to buy at a high price in the first place. 


So a good weapon should be made by players using their blacksmithing skills?

So I guess I should find a blacksmith with good blacksmithing skills instead of a weapon shop. 

That’s still a long way off. With the money I have, I won’t be able to buy new weapons yet. 


At the alchemy store, I’m greeted by a beautiful big sister NPC. How is the assortment? 

☆HP potions.

☆MP potions.

☆Attack power potions.

☆Defense potions.

☆Agility potions. 

There’s a line of potions with easily recognizable names. 

I can buy something for the sake of it, but if I get attacked, I’ll die almost instantly, and I don’t need HP potions. Snipers should try to position themselves so that they don’t get hit. And since I don’t have any active skills, I don’t consume MP, so MP potions are useless. So, maybe an attack power potion? But then again… 


What’s a movement speed potion (non-combat)?

Oh, it increases your movement speed in the non-combat situations. 

In short, it makes you walk faster. 



*Ding ding*

[You have bought a couple of movement speed potions.]

I might think it’s useless if I can’t use it in battle, but it isn’t. Actually, that is something I need right now.

As a company employee, I can’t log in for hours every day. The time I spend moving from one place to another should be reduced as much as possible.

Besides, I’m a sniper. I need to find the best hunting grounds where I can efficiently hunt higher-ranked monsters without moving too much. 

In other words, I walk around to explore the field, so these potions are of great help.

For the time being, I’ll use this potion to find good spots that players are less aware of and gain skill points efficiently.

After that, I take a walk around town and get to know the geography. It wouldn’t be efficient if I get lost every time I come back to life or go shopping.

My current goal is to earn skill points, and then find a blacksmith.

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