The Falsely Executed Marquis' Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God

The Falsely Executed Marquis’ Daughter Wants to Live Peacefully with Fluffy God – Chapter 29.5

Translator: Jpkuroneko-chan

Editor: Pierrot

A Short Story, the Crown Prince’s Thoughts (Part) 2

I, Richard Allen Vin Findalia, have turned ten years old. I had finally reached the age where I would be judged on my magical attributes.

Tomorrow is the day I’ve been waiting for. Afterwards, I’m going to hold a tea party at the royal palace for the children and daughters of noblemen who have received their magic attribute test. I’ve already sent out the invitations.

I also invited the siblings of the Marquis de Grandeur to the tea party. Since I invited Katariona, who hadn’t turned ten yet, I also invited my younger sister Christina to attend. My sister Chris is the same age as Katariona. I thought it would be nice for Katariona to have a child her own age around, so she wouldn’t have to feel intimidated.

Chris is my younger sister from the same parents, but she’s a bit of a brat. When she was little, she used to say, “I want to study with my big brother,” and would follow me around, which was cute. Somewhere along the way, Chris developed a better talent than I did. Her studies and magical powers are both …….

I have the ” Appraisal’s Eye,” and when I appraised Chris, I got the result that she had ” Magic Attributes: Earth and Wind.” So Chris has the same two magical attributes as me. I told Chris the result.

Let’s tease her a little. I wonder if she’ll cry. “Tinkering in the dirt suits you.” 

I thought she might cry, but instead she smiled at me.

“That’s good. I like to tinker in the dirt these days. I’ve started to grow some plants that were offered to us from a distant country in the East. If I can use earth magic, the plants will grow well. Thank you for telling me. Brother.”

I had intended to be sarcastic, but I hadn’t expected to be thanked. 

It’s a seed that was offered to us from a distant country in the east, I don’t know what kind of plant it is. It is said that the country excels in pharmacology, but what if it is a strange plant?

On the day of the magic attribute test, my name was the first to be called.

I held up my hand to the magic judgment ball and let the magic power pass through, and two colors appeared: red for fire and blue for wind. The red of the fire attribute was especially bright as if it was burning. I knew my own attributes, but was my fire attribute stronger?

I glanced at the balcony seats of the Marquis de Grandeur and saw Katariona applauding me. She seemed to have become more beautiful than when I had met her six months ago. Girls grow up fast, or so they say.

Next to me was Siegfried, the heir to the Marquis of Grandeur. He has a powerful wind attribute. The magic judgment ball was shining a bright blue. It seems that in the future he will be able to join a magic academy or a knighthood.

I’m not sure what to make of this. This year’s results were also a disappointment: …….

I was given a seat at the tea party at the royal palace with my sister Chris and the siblings of the Marquis de Grandeur.

I’m not sure if Katariona was nervous or not, but she was looking down, so I thought I’d say hello to her brother Siegfried or something.

“They were so beautiful that I asked for them to be displayed for everyone to see.”

Oh, that’s right. Rio is very kind.

They had set up a small tea party to welcome me, so I decided to accept. It”s well known in social circles that the Marchioness de Glandour has good taste.

I was shown to the terrace, which overlooked the garden and was bathed in a refreshing breeze and warm sunshine.

The tea and sweets prepared for us turned out to be delicious. Chris made fun of me for not being a good judge of taste, but I could at least tell that they were delicious.

When I told Chris that I was looking forward to the time two years from now when Chris and Rio would be judged on their magical attributes, Chris made an unnecessary remark.

” You don’t have to be modest about it, big brother. My brother don’t you have ‘Appraisal eyes’. Why don’t you just appraise Rio’s attributes like you appraised mine?”

Hearing that, I almost squirted out my tea.

“Does His Royal Highness the Crown Prince have an ‘Appraisal’s eye’? That’s amazing. Would you be able to appraise my daughter’s attributes?”

Even the Marquis of Grandeur looked at me expectantly.

“It’s best to save it for the …… magic attribute assessment.”

If I were to appraise her now, the excitement and anticipation would disappear. Besides, in two years’ time, your magical attributes may change. It’s rare, but it does happen.

“My goodness! Does His Royal Highness the Crown Prince have an Appraisal Eye? I would love to be appraised by you.”

Rio also asked me for my help, but I had to refuse …….

“No, it’s ……, but it’ …….”

“Is it no good?”

Ugh! Rio’s pose for asking is so cute. How can I refuse this?

“…… Okay, one time only, okay?

I’m not sure what to do. The result of the appraisal was still “magic attribute: earth attribute plant magic”. I thought Rio would be disappointed when I told her, but she expressed happiness because she had recently developed an interest in plants.

Oh, I see. So she was happy. Chris also declared that since she had Earth magic, she wanted to study it together with Rio when she entered the magic academy. 

Shall I ask to be included in that research? Maybe I should study plants starting from now on. ……

After that, the two of them left and went to Rio’s room. That’s not fair. Chris! I wanted to go to Rio’s room, too. I know it’ s not a good idea to visit Rio’s room, but …….

I’m being charmed by Rio. I have to admit it. I really hope that the lady with the light magic would not show up. I’m not sure what to make of this. If that was the case, I would immediately ask her to marry me.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter!!! Plz Light attribute lady show up, I don’t want this prince to just pull the card “I’m a prince and I shall name you as my bride” bs.

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