When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 51

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Kong Wuying glares. “I warned you long ago, I am not a person you can treat that way. Since you disobeyed your master, you need to accept punishment.”

“What punishment?” Kongbao is lying on the bed naked, looking at the condescending master with a gaze like ice. Kongbao’s brain suddenly seems to be struck by lightning, and thinks of a possibility: “Do you want to … sleep with me?”

This is absolutely impossible, but why is there a little excitement in his heart?

Kong Wuying has an expression like rain clouds. “… it seems I built you with a hollow head.”

The kid’s mind is full of ridiculous stuff from day to night.

Kong Wuying snorts and kicks Kong Si, who’s asleep. The beating swelled him into a pig’s head and he hums as he wakes up.

Kongbao is completely frightened. “Master you … what do you want to do?”

Kong Wuying has a very cruel face right now. “Aren’t you very fond of taking off your pants? How can you not share such an interesting hobby? Let the master call you a few more people!”

“Master!” Kongbao cries. “I was wrong, I really knew it wrong! This baby will never dare again. In the future, whatever you say, it’s done. Please forgive your baby this time! Don’t do this to me, any punishment is accepted, just not this.”

It doesn’t matter if it is seen by the master, by an outsider? More so, the disgusting Kong Si! 

“Master, master!” 

Kongbao sobs, but Kong Wuying remains unmoved, and still kicks Kong Si, one after another, until he wakes up.

Although Kong Si fainted, under Kong Wuying’s perseverance, he finally wakes up blearily. As soon as he wakes up, he feels the crying of someone around him and mutters, “Father …”

Kong Wuying prompts him, “Look to the right.”

On the right, it is the direction of the bed and the direction of Kongbao. Feeling the motion of Kong Si, Kongbao stops with the crocodile tears and sneers at the fourth son. 

How humiliating, he actually … to the point where he is today.

Kong Si turns his head and widens his eyes, trying to see the hazy image in front of him. However, his eyes are so swollen. The more he widened, the more blurred it is. “… what?”

Kong Wuying chuckles and then nudges Kong Si with a foot. “It’s okay, go back to sleep now.”

Kong Si passes out again, almost before Kong Wuying finishes talking.

Kong Wuying approaches the bed, his lips are smiling, and his actions gentle as he wipes away Kongbao’s tears. “Now, now, don’t cry.” Kong Wuying leans closer. “Try me again, I’ll wake up Kong Si.”

Obviously a poisonous evil wolf, but at this moment Kongbao is pitiful like a little squirrel. 

Kong Wuying pats him. “You can’t tell that you are so thick-skinned, with all the tears, how two-faced. It’s not like you wanted to strip me as well or anything.”

Kongbao puffs up and yells, “No one except the master can see!”

Kong Wuying: “… I don’t want to look.”

Kongbao does not speak, and continues to huff.

The effect of the is achieved, and pats Kong Wuying him again, in a good mood. “Do you know what you did wrong?”


“Dare to do it again?”


“What do you mean by that pause?”




“Okay, you put on your pants!” Kong Wuying commands and the soul puppet commandment is released.

Kongbao immediately moves, pulls up his pants like lightning, and blinks. Looking at Kong Wuying.

Kong Wuying ignores him. He also ignores the drowsy Kong Si and calls in the injured girl puppet Li Bing to heal her. He inquires, “Is there any special collection room here?”

Did Kong Si steal Kong Wuying’s body?

After hearing the request, Li Bing thinks about it slowly before answering. “The owner likes to collect, so there are countless secret rooms. If you count carefully, there should be 1,564?”

What the hell.

More than a thousand rooms, is this Kong Si crazy? Is there more than a thousand places for his body to be? It’ll take a whole year to search.

Seeing the heartless face of Kong Wuying, Kongbao solves the problem for the master. “It should not be him. He doesn’t have the master’s previous body, and he hasn’t approached it for at least three months.”

Kong Wuying pauses. “… you can smell it. What if he just collects it, but doesn’t get close?”

Kongbao glances at him, and says carefully, “If I were him, I would not be able to keep the master’s body for three months without getting close.”

Kong Wuying: “…”

That makes sense, but why does my heart hurt? 

Now that it is determined that it is not Kong Si, there is nothing worth remembering here. Kong Wuying is ready to leave. Before leaving, he decides to teach a good lesson.

What? He already taught one? 

That’s the lesson for Kongbao.

Since the trick is effective for Kongbao, it must be effective for Kong Si. In treating Kong Si, Kong Wuying is even more cruel.

With the help of Li Bing, he directly hung the dangling Kong Si on the wall of his city. Let him be admired by his people. Let him lose all face, and from now on, he will look shameless!

After doing everything, Kong Wuying left town with Kongbao. On the way out, he stopped to see the effect of the punishment.

However, he seems to have miscalculated. He calculated so many things, but he can’t calculate that the lower limit of Kong Si is so low!

Kong Si is not awake and so hasn’t left, and his subordinates did not pull him down, and the people recognized that this was the prince.

However, their response was not surprise, nor disdain, but … calm. Taken for granted.

The reason can be seen from their conversation.

“Fuck! His Highness is here again, this is the first time this month! It’s so blinding, I don’t understand. What a wonderful hobby…”

“Don’t you think it’s still pleasing?”

“Pleasing to his head! He’s not a big-chested girl, I don’t want to look at him! Can’t he give us some mercy once in a while?”

“Prince Si wasn’t born to the Lord of Yeying, he was picked up and raised. It is said that the Lord couldn’t do anything to teach him well and he became like this.”

Yeying people have always been very straightforward.

Kong Wuying: “…” 

He turns his head to the side and faces Kongbao. He educates; “Look at these people, and then look at you.”

Kong Si has developed it into a hobby, but taking off your pants seems to kill you.

Kongbao insists, “No one except the master! No!”

Leaving the City of Kings, next, Kong Wuying starts thinking about where to look.

“It must be the third child,” Kongbao says. “It must be. Let’s go and find the third child.”

Kong Wuying frowns. “Why are you so prejudiced against the third child? The most unlikely one is him.”

The third child, that is one of Kong Wuying’s pride and joy. The moral character is by no means comparable to the Kong Er and Kong Si, the high IQ is not comparable to the Kong Qi and Kong Shiyi.

It is absolutely impossible for Kong San to do things that offend Kong Wuying, this darling third child! What’s more, Kong Wuying has a daughter-in-law! Moreover, he deeply loves his daughter-in-law, and the love between the couple is famous throughout Yeying.

An exemplary couple. How could Kong San steal a body because he has bad thoughts about Kong Wuying? It’s impossible!

Unwilling to believe in Kong Wuying’s certainty, Kongbao just sneers. “Master, believe me, the third child is nothing good. When did I lie to you? At that time, I said they all liked you, but there are fakes!”

“All can’t be like that!” Kong Wuying protests. “That’s just Kong Si and Kong Shiyi. These two are perverted and their brains are abnormal. How can they be examples of all the rest?”

At present, there is still a Kong Er, but Kong Wuying can’t tell Kongbao, otherwise the soul puppet will be even more firm in his judgment!

The smile on Kongbao’s lips deepen. “Master, don’t you believe it? Would you like to bet on it?”

There is hesitation for a moment. Then Kong Wuying sees the expression on the face of Kongbao and suddenly becomes angry.

Recalling his pride and joy, the third child, Kong Wuying once again strengthens his confidence. “What’s the bet?”

Kongbao’s black eyes are full of smiles. “Master, if you lose, you will be with me. Forever, until we die. How about it?”

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