Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 5 – Chapter 4

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Magical Suit

I enveloped myself with a soft type of magical power.

This was to protect my own body.

My defense power was fixed to 10 points, so my fist might get hurt if I were to punch it with full force.

Speaking of, I don’t remember feeling pain that much since I was reincarnated, so to tell the truth, I am uncertain.

Alright, the problem starts here—the target that looked battered.

Most probably, a lot of challengers attempted to destroy it.

The target’s surface was tattered, but it was still firmly standing there.

I expected it to have a sturdy build.

However, our strength would not be recognized, and we could not enter the capital unless we managed to destroy this.

I had to somehow annihilate it using a high-level powered attack.

Since my physical attack power was also at 10 points, I could only rely on magic to raise the power of physical attacks, such as punching and kicking.

There is body-strengthening magic, such as [Physical Up], which raises the physical attack power, and [Speed Up], which raises the speed of attacks. They consume a fixed amount of mana, and they are a kind of magic wherein one’s status can be easily raised by chanting spells.

Body-strengthening magic consumes less than 10 points if it’s to strengthen one part of the body—like only the arm or only the feet—so even I can use it.

I will use it.

However, because of the curse that fixes my status, even if I use body-strengthening magic, I can not elevate my status.

In other words, it’s useless for me to use body-strengthening magic.

I realized it soon after I reincarnated, and I was a bit bummed out because of this.

I wanted to try enhancing my fist and smashing a huge boulder, or increasing my velocity and running at a speed that I never experienced in my previous world.

Since I transferred to another world, I thought I might as well do things I could not do in my former world.

And so, I did not give up.

Through trial and error, I discovered something.

When mana is compressed into a high-density mass, it will attain a physical form. In addition, it’s possible to adjust its hardness according to the method of compression.

Also, one can freely manipulate the solidified mana the way he controls its original form.

It became easier since I discovered that.

I watched all the movies where Ir*nman appeared, so I was able to imagine it easily.

And so, anything you could imagine can relatively be recreated using mana in this world.

I created a power suit using mana.

Its purpose is to support my movements and to compensate for my power and speed.

It will release the attacks I couldn’t actualize with my 10-point physical attack power.

I call this powered suit ‘Mai’ (T/N: magic suit).

By the way, if I applied elemental magic, such as fire and water, into this basic mana suit. Thus, its ability will be enhanced further.

If I applied the fire attribute, be it attack or defense, it would turn into an excellent armor of flames.

If I use lightning and wind attributes, it will become a magic suit that can make me move with lightning speed.

However, if I do that, the crystal balls will probably react, so I will stop here.

If it’s just the normal magic suit, it won’t be noticeable for those who can’t use magical perception since it is transparent and colorless.

Apparently, I only had one chance, so as a precaution, I made the magic suit thicker as I will be using it for attacks.

I wore the hard attack magic suit over the soft defense magic suit.

By relying on the magic suit, I can launch powerful attacks, but it will be meaningless if I can’t destroy the target. Therefore, I decided to go all out.

Let’s execute the “Strong Punching Method” I had watched on Y*utube and practiced uselessly.

Probably, there are also a lot of guys out there who practiced punches just like me.

…There are, right?

I stood in front of the target, planted my feet at shoulder width, and then I drew my dominant foot half a step backward.

I was in a half-body stance, with only my face facing straight ahead.

I exhaled deeply.

I relaxed and slightly clenched my fist.

I slightly raised the heel of my hind leg and flexed my knee.

I checked the condition of the magic suit.

High-density mana diffused all over my body.

Alright, I can do this!

I pushed on the ground, then using the toes of my rear leg as axis, I turned my heel outwards while turning my knees inward, similar to being pigeon-toed, and then I also rotated my hips.

Along with the rotation of my hips, I also rotated my shoulders, and I projected my fist as if pushing my right arm forward.

I then transferred the mana in my entire body and focused it on my fist.

I used my front foot as a brake, placed my entire body weight and mana on my fist, then—


I punched the target.


The target I hit scattered fragments as it blew away.

Unfortunately, it was not blown off the training grounds.

I should have gambled a bit more…

Well, at least I smashed it, so I guess it’s fine.

“Wha— Eh! Huh!?”

I turned around, and the dog beastkin dropped her jaw in shock.

“So Halt’s also formidable when it comes to physical attacks, meow… Well, it’s no longer a surprise at this time, meow.”

Merdie sounded a bit exasperated.

I wanted to surprise her even for a bit, though.

I did my best, after all.

“What’s wrong!? What happened!? Wait! The Unbeatable Target was knocked down!?”

The deer beastkin, who was at the checkpoint earlier, came.

A deafening crash resounded, so he came to check on us. He then saw the target I had smashed and was also shocked.

Yes, that’s it—that’s the proper reaction, right!

“I-is this perhaps, your doing!?”

“Yeah, the test was to destroy the target, right? I did it properly.”

“Did you use magic? Hey, how did this happen!?”

The deer beastkin pressed the dog beastkin for an answer.

“A-as far as I know, he did not show any behavior of using magic. I also checked the magic detection crystal balls, and there was no record of magical wavelengths.”

Whoa, that’s a relief.

Apparently, those magic detecting crystal balls do not react to normal magic suits.

“So, can we enter the capital now?”

“A-ah— No, yes. You may now enter without any problems. You knocked down the Unbeatable Target, after all.”

The deer beastkin became polite all of a sudden.

“From herewith, you are now guests of Vestier. Should you have any requests, please feel free to inform us.”

“Anything? Then, I want to enter the capital with this child.”

Merdie attacks powerfully by strengthening her body with magic.

However, magic was forbidden in this target destruction test.

Of course, Merdie is strong even without magic.

However, I doubt her strength is on a level that she can destroy that target without magic. So, if they were to grant my request, then I would like to enter the capital together.

“I understand. This way, please.”

And just like this, the deer beastkin escorted us, and we safely entered the capital.


T/N: Yep, I guess you all know who Ir*nman is and what Y*utube means. Japanese tend to omit one or more letters in order to avoid copyright issues, I think. J Or, they change one letter (think Wacdonald, this one frequently appeared in some manga I read as a kid) 😀 

Here are the photos of the moves Halt did for better visualization 🙂

Credits to google and https://www.thekaratelifestyle.com/list-of-karate-stances/

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