I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 141

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Ground Battle

[Mongolia’s Sky・Within Europe’s Transportation Aircraft・Leo Garcia――]

“We’ll arrive soon. If we get too close, we’ll get shot down so we’ll land in a place a bit further away from our destination.”

Me, Freya, Carlo and the rest of the battle capable Sanctuary Knights members were within one of the aircrafts, while the Gojo’s students were in another.

I felt bad bringing kids to a dangerous battlefield, however their strength would prove to be of great help to us.

“What is the enemy’s position? I heard they’re in the process of building something strange but…”

“Carlo’s right, it’s best if we know about it beforehand.”

Being encouraged by Carlo and Freya I took out a big sheet of paper that had a map drawn on it, and spread it out.

“This is our current position. The enemy mother ships are located in these four spots surrounding this spot. Inside that surrounded area there are apparently a great number of enemy soldiers that are tasked with guarding it.”

“Is it impossible to attack from the air?”

“There’s a powerful magic barrier so let alone attacks from the air, not even ranged attacks from the ground can break through it. The only choice we have is to directly get close to the centre.”

“Couldn’t the military break through?” asked Luke while adjusting his bow.

“They’ve apparently broken through the defense line numerous times and have also tried to take down the device in the middle, however they were defeated each time.”

“Does that mean the enemy soldiers are quite strong?”

“No… Apparently there are humans amongst the enemy ranks which can use special abilities.”

“Basically that world’s ability users huh.”

“Yea. It’s best to think that there are guys similar to the Black Knight.”

“Still if they’re defending it that strictly then that thing must be quite important. Do we have any idea what it is?” asked Luke, which raised the curiosity of everyone inside the aircraft.

“We don’t know for certain, however headquarters speculates that it’s either a device that is used to block our communications or something that will be used to summon magic beasts. It’s best to think that we don’t have any time.”

“Won’t it be better if we all break through from the same spot?”

“I thought of that, however if all of us end up defeated we will lose a lot of time, the risk is way too big. I’m planning on dividing us into four groups, with each group breaking through the defense line from a different spot and heading directly for the middle. If we’re even able to destroy the device then that will be great.”

“Guess you’re right. It’s not like the enemy will have spread out their forces equally as well. If we end up meeting the strongest ones, we’ll probably get wiped out.” said Carlo casually.

“So, what are the groups?”

“Freya, I’d like you to go and join up with Wan and Suzaku. They should already be here as well… I also have an idea about the remaining groups. Everyone get ready.”


[Switzerland・ Geneva・ United Nations Headquarters]

“It appears that The Sanctuary Knights and Suzaku have joined up and are diving up in an attempt to invade.”

“I see…”

The UN Forces Supreme Commander Matthew Wade was calmly analysing the current situation. Currently the UN Forces, NATO Military and the European Military’s Chain of Command were joining hands in order to devise a plan.

And the one in charge of that enormous army was none other than Matthew.

“Is there a change to the situation in Antarctica?”

“No. There haven’t been any changes since Gojo last entered through the cave’s entrance.”

“So we can’t rely on Gojo’s strength… How is the situation with the ground squads?”

“It’s dire. We received reports that humans, wielding special abilities, are blocking all of our attempts.”

“Ability users huh… We’ll let the ability users take care of the ability users then. We’ve got no choice than to entrust this to Leo Garcia’s team. Order the ground squads to retreat for now!”

Matthew didn’t have any particular prejudices towards the ability users, rather he believed that they were this world’s hope.


[Tokyo・ Media Centre]

“What’s going on! We haven’t gotten a single piece of decent news!”

“There’s no point telling that to me!”

Most of the people involved with Japan’s media were currently gathered in Tokyo’s Media Centre. They were in charge of summing up the information given to the Japanese Government by the United Nations and releasing it to the public.

Matsuda from the Yoshimoto Newspaper Company was also here, however he was currently voicing his complaints about not getting any important information.

“Something fishy… It doesn’t seem like they are panicking, it’s rather that they’re intentionally hiding something from us.”

“Aren’t you just overthinking it?”

“Then why is there still no information on Gojo! Usually when the enemies appear the hero is the one that charges in first!”

“Mr. Matsuda, you’re way too hung up on Gojo.”

“Shut up!”

It wasn’t just Matsuda that was interested in news about Gojo, the same went for the other reporters as well, however the government didn’t give any precise answers on that matter.


[Mongolia・Southwest Battleship――]

In a place a bit separated from where the Mother Ship’s garrison had gotten off I was crossing my hands with my eyes closed, why leaning my back against the Mother Ship’s hull.

Even though it was the King’s life at stake it was just a simple guard job. And on top of that this world’s  soldiers couldn’t even break through our commonplace guards.

Just as I was getting fed up with the boredom, the gunshots from the front line, that could be heard up until now, suddenly stopped and everything went quiet.

‘Did the humans give up on attacking?

What useless fellows…’ just as I thought that I saw a single man walking in the distance.

He was wearing a suit of armor and holding his sword in one hand.

He wasn’t the same as all the other soldiers before him. He was a knight that had the strength to defeat our soldiers in an instant. I could feel my mouth’s corners twisting up with excitement.

I began walking towards that knight.


[To think that someone would come here alone. You sure surprised me.]

A man with long black hair, wearing a full suit or armor suddenly spoke to me.

“You can speak our language?”

[This is a skill known as Telepathy. It’s not like I’m actually talking.]

“I don’t quite get it, but you must be this defense line’s boss, right?”

[You could call it that. So, why did you come alone? Wouldn’t it have been more likely to break through here and head for the centre if you had come with more people?]

“It might… However, there was also the danger of meeting a strong enemy and being stopped. We just decided to lower the risk.”

[Hahaha, a wise decision. It’s true that if you had gathered your forces you would have all perished.] said the man with a laugh that showed his confidence. 

‘It doesn’t seem like he’s bluffing.’

“Are you the strongest ability user that came?”

[That’s right, out of all the ones that came I’m the strongest.]

“I see… Well it won’t be a problem if I’m the only one that dies then.”

[You sure are brave. Let me hear your name.]

“It’s Leo. Leo Garcia. And you?”

[Cronus… It’s the name given to me by my King.]

I pulled out Durandal from its scabbard.

“It’s a waste to just sit here and do nothing right?”

[I guess you’re right.]

Cronus also pulled out his sword. 

‘I don’t know how much I’ll be able to do, but I’ll give it my best.’

I brought forth a fierce wind which stole the enemy’s vision, allowing me to slash at him.

However, Cronus precisely blocked my sword with his, preventing my blade from getting close. I took several of Cronus’ attacks, each one of which was tremendously fast and powerful.

‘If I let my guard down for just an instant I’ll get overwhelmed.’

[You’re better than I expected. You must be one of the stronger ones in this world.]

“Well thank you, however there’s always someone better you see.”

I repelled Cronus’ sword with my Magic Sword, that was donned in Wind Magic. To which Cronus stumbled slightly.

‘I’ll finish it here.’

Using Wind Magic, I created a strong gust of wind behind me and shot it forward. It prevented Cronus from regaining his balance and at the same time accelerated me, helping me to close the distance between us.

I raised my sword and slashed down.

[Don’t get cocky.]

Suddenly a sword, invisible to Cronus’ eyes, slashed my body in two.


My body swayed in the air and disappeared. It was a spell that manipulated the air’s density and bent the light rays in order to create an illusion. I called it――

“Wind Magic Ghost Mirage!”

Cronus stooped over and I waited for him to swing his sword. When the opportunity showed itself I pierced my sword at his flank.

His armor broke and my sword buried itself deep into Cronus’ body. I even felt a good amount of resistance.


[Impressive. To think that you’d be this strong…]

I was assured of my victory when suddenly my memory started going fuzzy. When I looked over I saw that Cronus’ sword had pierced my flank.


I had just pierced him, yet Cronus was unwounded.


[I rewound time back by 0.5 seconds and then stopped it. It seems like you can’t comprehend what just happened.]


Cronus pulled out his sword and a huge amount of blood flowed out from my mouth as well as my wound. ‘What did he do to me!?’

Looking up I could see Cronus smiling daringly.

Divine General Cronus

Demon Lv 4428

[Unique Skill]

Time and Space Domination

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  1. i always wondered why gojo never experimented with slowing down or rewinding time. guess that’s what this guy can do. i hope gojo can claim the complete version of that ability eventually

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