When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 50

Translator: Azo

Editor: Diya

Master, what are you going to do?

Kong Wuying is very angry. An unprecedented anger surges through him.

For the first time in his life, he was treated like this! Hey, no… it seems to be the second time, the last time was Kongbao.

But Kongbao is different!

Wait… it doesn’t seem to be any different. 

But this is really the first time that his son has treated him like this! Anger can no longer describe how he feels at this moment. He just wants to catch Kong Si and beat him ten times. No, beat him a hundred times!

But he couldn’t. Of course not because it would distress his son, but mainly because someone has already done it for him.

Kongbao, with silver hair and purple eyes, is enraged. He grabs Kong Si’s collar with one hand and slaps Kong Si so hard the man is startled awake.

Another slap and Kong Si passes out!

Another one and he wakes up!

Kong Wuying also wants to hit a little bit, but he’s too slow and Kongbao does it all. There is no patch of skin that’s not black or blue. 

Kong Si is hard-hearted and determined. When being beaten by Kongbao, he grits his teeth. He doesn’t say anything, but when he sees Kong Wuying looking at him, Kong Si’s pretty eyes can’t help showing some misery. “Father… I’m wrong… daddy…”

In the end, it is Kong Wuying’s son, and it’s a bit unbearable to see him so sad. “Kongbao!”

Kongbao: “Huh?”

“Hit harder, he can still speak!”

Kong Si: “…” He was just abandoned by the iron-hearted dad. If he keeps being hit, he doesn’t know if he’d be able to wake up again.

Later, Kongbao throws him on the ground like a sack, and looks up at the master. Seeing the master actually dressed like this, there’s a flash of anger in his purple eyes.

This bastard, Kong Si… fortunately Kongbao got here early, or else it was unthinkable. Damn it, how could the master be treated like this. 

…I want to eat … I want to eat.

As soon as Kongbao thinks about it, he’s slapped on the forehead.

“If you think about it, you’ll be killed!” When Kong Wuying looks at this man, he knows what Kongbao’s thinking just from that expression. 


The voice is very imposing. But now, dressed like this, and facing off against a wolf cub that has been hungry for thousands of years – this is clearly a silent invitation, telling Kongbao; come and eat me, come and eat me.

Kongbao’s purple eyes turn red. He lowers his voice and says, “Master, sorry, I never meant to offend you.”

“Don’t do it again…” And before the words fall out, he’s thrown onto the big bed again.

The red-eyed wolf cub says: “But I can’t stand it. The smell that bastard left on you, I have to cover it.” Then he kisses down from Kong Wuying’s forehead.

Immediately out of the tiger’s den and then into the wolf’s den, Kong Wuying becomes furious: “Kongbao!”

Kong Wuying uppercuts Kongbao in the ribs before Kongbao manages to get him into a proper hold, but the angle of the punch was bad and Kongbao acts like he didn’t feel anything.

Kongbao kisses his eyes lightly. “Ah Wuying, be nice.”

(^ Ah = term of endearment)

He is no longer called the master, but it’s changed to Ah Wuying. The change of title also symbolizes the change of identity. At this moment, Kongbao is no longer the obedient soul puppet, but the man who vows to conquer Kong Wuying!

Kongbao, Ling Jiying, kisses downwards. He carefully avoids Kong Wuying’s lips. It’s not that he doesn’t want to kiss, because the owner’s lips are definitely the place he wants to taste at the moment, but for the sake of small life, don’t kiss there anymore.

He has two forms; that of dark-haired Kongbao and silver-haired Ling Jiying. In fact, these forms are splitting hairs. The most important difference lies in the master.

As Ling Jiying, he’s not the master’s soul puppet, and his every move isn’t controlled by the master. Whatever he did, he did willingly. 

But when he is Kongbao, he is the absolute slave of his master, and must follow the commands even if he doesn’t want to do it. 

These two forms can change at any time as long as his consciousness moves.

However, if the master arrives, it will be under Kong Wuying’s control of which form he appears as, and it will take at least a day and a night if he wants to change back to another.

So if it is changed by the owner at this point, don’t say that you will continue to be a relative – you may be killed.

To be honest, he doesn’t want to move so quickly, but he can’t help it. The master is so tempting.

Moreover, the number of romantic rivals will only grow as the master travels deeper and deeper into Yeying. Is it possible to wait for the master to run away? Of course not.

Kongbao, who has made up his mind to break the jar and take the cookies, pulls back for only a moment before opening his mouth and taking a gentle bite. Then takes another bite, and then another bite.

Kong Wuying’s body begins to tremble, but Ling Jiying doesn’t know if it’s because of pain or anger, or both.


The taste of the master is good. Ling Jiying’s residual brain power can only think that he wants to stay in this moment and never wake up.

Although the mouth keeps moving, Ling Jiying’s hands are never idle, and the hands continue the unfinished business of Kong Si.


The clothes on Kong Wuying’s body are specially made. It’s originally very convenient to undress. Now it is for the experience of Kongbao. He takes off the silky clothes, and his fingers find something even smoother – lingering on the master’s skin.

He’s so embarrassed that he has to peek up at Kong Wuying. 

The master is completely expressionless, staring at Ling Jiying as if looking at a piece of furniture that might have a stain on it. 

The villain Ling Jiying smiles as he eats up his love, the smile so refreshing that it’s beautiful. He stretches his slender fingers out to his master’s lips without fear of being bitten.

Ling Jiying strokes his master’s lips and says softly, “Ah Wuying, don’t be afraid, it won’t hurt.”

Kong Wuying sneers at this dumbass. Although he’s been put into this kind of situation, his eyes are proud and clear. “Do you have a soul puppet?”

Ling Jiying pauses. “What?” How could he have a soul puppet? He is a soul puppet himself.

Kong Wuying continues, “Do you know how painful it is to be stabbed by someone’s soul puppet from behind?”


Because yes, Ling Jiying was just stabbed from behind.

Ling Jiying doesn’t know that Kong Si, who had been turned into a pig by this time, got the same treatment not long ago.

Li Bing, this good girl!

However, in the end, Ling Jiying wasn’t Kong Si. Although he was attacked with a knife, his instinctual response made his body slip slightly, and he avoided the deadly knife with great precision.

At the same time, he kicks back at the puppet’s abdomen behind him, causing her to fly across the room with only one blow. The whole process takes less than half a second!

However, this is more than long enough.

Kong Wuying raises his head with extreme strength, giving the distracted Ling Jiying a beautiful look!

And then…

Is there no more then?

Not at all!

The situation reverses instantaneously, and Kong Wuying gains the initiative. After ordering Kongbao to release him, Kong Wuying began to ponder how to deal with this daring Kongbao!

Kongbao, you must really want to go… tired of life, huh? Impatient to see the afterlife? Master can help you.

Today is a day of special significance to Kong Wuying. This day, he was almost bullied by two people. If this anger is not vented properly, he can never be happy again!

But he thinks in vain. 

Have Kongbao make him a meal? Doesn’t seem to be vengeful enough.

Beaten half to death? No, Kong Wuying will get too tired. 

Make a hundred meals? Actually, he’s getting too distracted by food. He’s kind of hungry. 

Punish Kongbao to stay away? This can’t work, what if a lunatic like Kong Si appears again?

Since this doesn’t work, that doesn’t work either, then…

Kong Wuying glances at Kongbao with dark eyes and a soft voice. “Take off your pants.”

Kongbao blink and it’s difficult to restrain his inner thrill. What is the master trying to do? Why take off his pants? Although he’s very excited and his mind wanders off, in reality his body moves by itself. 

The instinct that fills his body makes him unfasten his pants automatically, and he even kicks off his underwear, facing Kong Wuying smoothly.

Kong Wuying isn’t affected by the scene. Kongbao, just like all his puppets, hand-crafted by Kong Wuying, and every part of their bodies, he knows it well. 


Kong Wuying’s face is overcast. “Kongbao.”

Kongbao swallows, looking intently at his master. Wow, even from this perspective, the master still looks impeccable. 

Kongbao, who was acting foolish at the wrong time, then hears the next sentence;

“You are brave. This is not the first time. You are offending this lord one after another. Is it a game? Do you want to die?”

Kongbao shakes his head sincerely.

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