All The Bigshots Love Me[Quick Transmigration]

All The Bigshots Love Me[Quick Transmigration] Chapter 4

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Eighty Soldiers 04

Are you moving your heart?

Zheng Bin took a light breath as he held the photo and said unexpectedly, “Lao Zhao, where did Auntie find such a beautiful girl for you? She’s no worse than the members of the Cultural Troupe!”

He knew that Zhao Nan was from the countryside. Although he did not mean to discriminate, however, in the general impression, rural girls have to work on the farm; are they not all tanned and skinny? The moment he saw such a fair and beautiful one, he was quite astonished.

“Look, look,” he shoved the picture in front of Zhao Nan’s eyes, “If there are such beautiful girls, why do you still resist? What’s not to like?”

Zhao Nan took the photo and looked at it, then picked up the letter that came with it and read it carefully.

The letter was dictated by Zhang Li Yun and written by Zhao Xi Xi on his behalf. The letter was to the effect that his family had met a very good girl for him and that he should, in any case, take a family leave to go home in the near future or at the end of the year, to meet with the girl and settle his life affairs. At the end of the letter, she said that if he didn’t do it, Zhang Li Yun would have to go to the army’s leader and ask him to care about his subordinates.

After reading the letter, a crease appeared between Zhao Nan’s eyebrows.

The last time he went home to visit his family, he rescued a woman from the reservoir, and when Zhang Li Yun learned about it, he tried it out, intentionally or not. He thought that this time, it was his undeterred mother who had sent the girl’s picture, but to his surprise, it was a photograph of the girl’s sister.  There was no hint of what had happened to the family in this short period of time for such a twist.

He put the photograph and the letter back into the envelope. The yellow envelope gradually covered the person in the picture; the image appeared to be in slow motion, from the curled lips to the swirling pearls, to the smiling eyebrows, until it was all gone.

Zheng Bin had been beside him, waiting for his reaction, but he put the letter away, only to pick up the document and resume reading it.

” Lao Zhao, don’t you feel anything at all? Aren’t you moved at all? Don’t be shy, talk to your old brother. I’ve been here before. Look at this; it’s all experience!” Zheng Bin said as he patted his chest.

Zheng Bin was unable to speak, choking and covering his chest, pointing a shaking hand at him, “Lao Zhao! That’s too much! What do you mean by resolve not to be at the bottom? Is my 3rd Battalion always at the bottom? Your 2nd Battalion’s soldiers are capable, but our 3rd Battalion is no less capable! Just wait and see. Sooner or later, we’ll beat the shit out of you!”

Zhao Nan listened, put down the paper in his hand, and looked at him solemnly, “I’ve been waiting to sit up and take notice*.”

Zheng Bin held his tongue, stomped twice heavily on the floor, pointed at him aggressively, stomped heavily twice again, and finally said nothing and walked out while covering his chest.

The hottest two months of the summer holidays were slowly ending, and school was about to start.

In these two days, Wang Tong Hua calculated  Du Bao Zhen’s tuition fees again, counting a few dollars short. The family did not have a momentary income, nor was ready to borrow from others, and could only wait for the beginning of the school year to go to the commune high school and ask the teacher to be lenient for some time. It was a good thing that this kind of thing was quite common in the countryside and the schools were tolerant.

The night before school started, Du Bao Zhen tossed and turned, unable to sleep. Now there were only two years of high school left, which meant that in less than a year, she would take the entrance exams. She couldn’t stop thinking about the city she would go to, the university she would attend, and the people she would meet again.

She suddenly turned on her side, facing Jiang Rui’s bed, and asked in a small voice, “Sister, are you asleep?”

“Not yet.” In the darkness, Jiang Rui’s voice came softly, “Why aren’t you sleeping yet? You’ll have to get up early tomorrow.”

“I know, but I just can’t sleep… Sister, talk to me.”

There was a rustling sound in the dark as Jiang Rui rolled over and laid on her side, her head resting on her arm, ” What’s to say?”

“Let’s just talk… about the future! Sis, have you ever thought about what it will be like in the future?”

“Later ah…” Jiang Rui opened her eyes and looked into the darkness. If the real Du Baoqin was still alive, what would it be like in the future? Maybe she would have married someone who wasn’t very good or very bad, given birth to two children who weren’t too smart or too stupid, lived a life that wasn’t rich but also wasn’t too hard to get by, and just grew old, plain and simple, with children and grandchildren.

But Du Bao Qin was gone.

She shook her head slightly, “Can’t think of anything.”

Du Bao Zhen let out a playful laugh and said excitedly, “I have it all figured out. I want to go to university, stay in the big city and be with the person I like!”

Jiang Rui nodded, “That’s good, work hard.”

“I will!” Du Baozhen happily agreed, “Sister, when I get a job in the city, I’ll pick you up and take you to have some fun! I heard that the big city is much bigger than Yang’an County, where four cars can run on the road at the same time, and buildings are more than ten stories high!”

Jiang Rui did not ask her who she had heard it from but only smiled and said softly, “Then I will wait for you.”

“Let’s say it’s a deal!” Du Bao Zhen said gleefully as if the scene had already appeared before her eyes.

She went to bed at midnight the previous night and still got up early to go to school the next day. In order to have more time to study for her homework, she applied for accommodation this term and only went home on weekends.

The room was much emptier and a little less cluttered as the books and clothes were removed. Jiang Rui finished her chores, but when she tidied up the house by herself, she found a letter from a desk drawer addressed to Han Wen Ke.

This man held a deep impression in Du Baoqin’s memory, second only to her family.

Han Wen Ke was a young man from the big city who was very different from the young people in the commune. He was very clean and well dressed, wore a pair of fine-framed glasses, had beautiful penmanship, played the harmonica and accordion, and even sang songs in Russian.

It could be said that back then, he took the whole Chaoyang Commune by storm, with at least half of the girls in the commune falling for him, including the two daughters of the Du family.

Du Bao Qin’s affection for Han Wenke had not gone unnoticed by anyone, and when she gave up her studies, she knew that he had become a luxury. When Han Wenke returned to the city last year, she completely buried the matter in her heart.

Du Bao Zhen also liked Han Wenke and even wanted to go to university for him. Du Bao Qin knew all about it. She watched as her sister set out on the same road that she had not been able to finish in the first place, getting closer and closer to the man at the end of it.

She, on the other hand, was left in the same place forever.

Jiang Rui didn’t touch the letter, just wiped the drawer once and put the letter back in its place.


老: prefix used before the surname of a person or a numeral indicating the order of birth of the children in a family or to indicate affection or familiarity / old (of people) / venerable (person)

大事:   major social event (wedding or funeral)

刮目相看: to sit up and take notice (of sb’s improved performance etc)


Du Family:

Wang Tong Hua: Bao Qin and Bao Zhen’s mother 

Du You Fu: Father of Bao Qin 

Du Bao Qiang: First son. Husband of Zhang Xiao Hua 

Du Bao Qin / Jiang Rui : Main character and First daughter 

Du Bao Zhen: Second daughter, third child

Zhao family:

Zhang Li Yun: Mother of Zhao Nan 

Zhao Nan : Male lead and second son of the Du family


Zheng Bin: Friend of Zhao Nan

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  1. I think its really sad that the old sister gave up her dreams of school and her crush just for her younger sister. I don’t think you should give up your lifelong happiness for anyone…even if it is family. Maybe I am just selfish? Idk.

    1. You’re right. Don’t give up ur happiness for people. It’s not selfish, if that was selfish then aren’t the people that accept u giving up ur happiness for them greedy?

  2. FYI, this is missing a paragraph: “The third camp training plan has been deployed? Are you resolved not to make it to the bottom of this exercise?” After a long time, Zhao Nan slowly raised his head from the file.

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