Exiled Magic Swordsman

The Exiled Jack-of-all-trades Magic Swordsman Becomes The Princess Instructor Chapter 50

Translator: Ataru

Editor: Ray

The Dual-Swordsman Carly’s Thoughts

Along with Notora the summoner’s shout, six demons appeared from the ground. The demons looked like beasts with muddy and rotting bodies. Each of them had a silver key-like ornament attached to its body, a tool in controlling them. 

Normally, it would be dangerous to use demons, the enemy of the human race. The demons must be on the side of their own race and it would become a problem if they rebelled or escaped.

That was why the silver key-shaped tools called the “King’s Key” were attached to the demons’ bodies. It was a tool from the ancient kingdom, created by the last king. It has been improved many times and become an effective tool in controlling the demons.

Furthermore, if you were a summoner, you could use this key at the same time of the summoning. It could be said that the key was an indispensable tool for the summoners.

“The non-executives members will be fighting against us. Solon-dono and Sophia-sama should concentrate on fighting with the two executives.”

“I understand, Notora. Thanks for the help.”

“This is a cheap price to pay,” Notora answered lightly and took a book out of his pocket. I heard that a magic book was as important to the summoner as the wand and the “King’s Key”. This was because the book could strengthen and control the summoned demons.

“Then let’s do this! My servants!”

Along with Notora’s command, six demons rushed towards the other members at once.

I stood in front of Saint Sophia. Acting as the vanguard, I would protect her. Saint Sophia had overwhelming power, but she couldn’t protect herself. So I’d protect her while she concentrated on the attacks.

“I’ll rely on you, Sophia.”

“Please protect me too, Solon-kun.”

We spoke to each other and held our weapons.

As for the enemy, the dual-swordsman Carly would be the vanguard and Sage Arte would be in charge of the attacks. Being the executives of The Knights of Saint Sophia, they were indeed strong enemies.

But we were the former captain and the vice-captain of The Knights of Saint Sophia, so we should be able to face them properly. If I could properly act as a vanguard, and Saint Sophia could use all of her power, we would definitely win.

And even if we couldn’t win, as long as we could delay them, my backup plan should work. The barriers weren’t the only ones.

The dual-swordsman Carly held two treasure swords in her hands and pointed them straight at me. Her swords were the azure treasure swords, Logos and Pathos. Both of them were swords Cleon had used in the past. The one Cleon used now was the Holy Sword we got from conquering the great ruins in the north of the Imperial Capital.

After that, the treasure swords Logos and Pathos were handed over by Cleon to Carly. Both swords were not as valuable as the Holy Sword. But if a skillful swordsman like her used them, she should be able to cut off the scales of a black dragon easily.

Besides, those swords had another special meaning for Carly. It was a gift from Cleon whom she respected and favored. I heard Carly really cherished those two swords. 

“Let’s settle this, magic swordsman Solon! We’ll prove that the knight order will be safe, even when you’re not there, as long as we have the Holy Knight Cleon.”

The next moment, Carly was right in front of me. She probably received Sage Arte’s support so her speed increased. Her two swords were coming for my left side. I managed to block her attack. Swinging the treasure sword Tetracorde and fighting back, I said, “I want to ask you, Carly. Why didn’t Cleon himself come to persuade Saint Sophia?”

“Because Cleon-sama is busy! He had a meeting with an important figure of the third section of the Imperial Government’s Secretary for the plan’s realization.”

The third section of the Imperial Government’s Secretary? It should be a secret law enforcement organization under the emperor’s direct control. I didn’t know why the vice-leader of The Knights of Saint Sophia would have a business with the secret organization. 

Besides, I didn’t think that was more important than bringing back Saint Sophia. There might be some other reasons as to why Cleon didn’t come here, I could feel that. 

I said, “Leaving the task of bringing his fiancee back to Carly, huh? Isn’t that a terrible thing for him to do?”

The moment I said that, Carly’s swords trembled a little. Perhaps Carly, who liked Cleon, would have mixed feelings towards Cleon’s so-called fiancee, Sophia.

Even if Sophia didn’t care about Cleon at all, at the very least Cleon showed that he needed to get Sophia back. Cleon was doing something quite cruel, making someone with one-sided feelings towards him bring his fiancee back.

Carly swung down her azure treasure sword Logos powerfully and I blocked it.

“I won’t forgive you if you say something bad about Cleon-sama! I have adored him even before joining the knight order.”

“Cleon has some good traits, but he also has many bad ones.”

“Even if you have known Cleon-sama for a long time, don’t talk like you know everything about him! I hate that.”

“You couldn’t make Cleon like you back if you only adored him,” I said calmly to Carly who was clearly upset, swinging the treasure sword Tetracorde. In addition to a slash, fire magic was also aimed at Carly’s feet. I was inferior to Carly in swordsman skills and far inferior to Arte in terms of magic. But unlike those two, I could use both of them. Carly was distracted by the fire aimed at her feet and lost her stance avoiding it.

I attacked her with the treasure swords Tetracorde at that time, but it didn’t reach her. It was because Arte had set up a magic barrier in front of Carly. Arte, who was quite far away from me, smiled and held her hair.

“No matter how strong Saint-sama is, as long as Senpai is still a fourth-rate, you can’t beat us.”

Sage Arte swung her willow wand.

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